Pavitra Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati gives Jugnu’s custody to Khurana family reluctantly

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Pavitra Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati says it means that Vardhan Bhaiya might be responsible behind Jugnu’s kidnapping. Reyansh says that’s what we must find out. They head to Vardhan’s room. Vardhan is happily humming to himself as they enter in his room. Reyansh says the daughter of this house has been kidnapped and you seem happy here. Vardhan asks him what he means. Pranati asks him if he let Jugnu use his credit card online. He nods. She wanted to play the game and I helped her. Who will play games if not kids? You (Reyansh) know it. Pranati stops himself. How could you teach my kid such things? Reyansh asks him how he can be so casual about this. Dadi asks him if he will question his elder brother now. Reyansh asks her if she wouldn’t like to know who is behind Jugnu’s kidnapping. Vardhan says I will tell her. He tells Dadi that Reyansh thinks I got Jugnu kidnapped. Are you mad or is this girl driving you crazy? Dadi reprimands Pranati for being so thankless. It is you who are careless yet you blame my grandson for it? Vardhan receives a video call and looks shocked. He shows the phone to everyone. Goon says Jugnu enjoys playing Paisa Jugaad. She has lost a lot of money. Give us 1 crore if you want her back. Pranati is in tears. Vardhan asks Reyansh if he trusts him now. Reyansh asks Dadi what they should do now. Dadi says I have a solution.

Dadi looks at the deed. I got them long ago but I had no idea that I will get to use them so soon. She tells Pranati she will pay the ransom money but she has a condition. She asks Pranati to sign the papers. Pranati asks her about the content. Dadi says no one gets water for free in this world. You better read it. Pranati starts reading it. Dadi asks her to read loudly so she can hear it too. Pranati speaks slowly yet again so Dadi tells her what’s in it. It says that you are giving Jugnu’s custody to Reyansh willingly and wont bother us ever again! Pranati is stunned. Dadi says Jugnu will come back if you will sign this agreement or you can forget Jugnu. Will you sign it?

Reyansh says they cannot even trace them till now. Vardhan says they are asking for ransom and are not kids. Reyansh says we are also Khurana’s. Don’t know who is playing this game with us! Vardhan says every dog has a day. It is theirs and they seem professionals. Reyansh suggests involving police but Vardhan advises him against it. Dadi will handle it.

Pranati says you very well know that I wont sign these papers. Dadi tells her there is no alternative. Don’t forget that you are from a middle class family. You will not be able to arrange this much money even if you spend your entire life working. Pranati says I know it is true but I do have feelings and humanity. Dadi isn’t interested in her lectures. Has your family ever seen that much money? Say something. Pranati says I will find some other way to help my daughter. I don’t need anyone’s help. Dadi reminds her that she is living a luxurious life because of her. you got that tuition because of me. Only I can save Jugnu right now! Pranati says it is because you got her kidnapped. Dadi advises her to focus on bringing Jugnu home instead of blaming her. stop being so self-righteous and sign these papers. Kidnappers are not going to wait forever. I dint kidnap Jugnu. I don’t have such a big heart that I will spend 1 crores to make you sign these papers. Even I want my granddaughter to come home. This just gave me a chance. Pranati says you call her your granddaughter yet you are trying to strike a deal with me here. You don’t seem to care at all! You are a mother. How can you take advantage of a mother in this situation? Dadi gets irked. Don’t waste my time. Sign asap or the kidnappers might harm Jugnu. Pranati warns her not to utter anything wrong for her Jugnu. Dadi tells her there is no lifeline left. Sign the papers quietly. Pranati cries as she holds the agreement letter. Dadi waits impatiently. Pranati signs them reluctantly. Dadi is ecstatic. You aren’t as dumb as I thought you will be. She calls out to Reyansh.

Jugnu looks at the kidnappers helplessly. I cannot sit quietly. I must find a way out of this. She gets an idea and starts to make noise. A kidnapper asks her what it is. She tells him she needs to go to bathroom. He refuses but she tells him that she isn’t allowed to do anything else. I will ask Bandar Papa to cut some money. He lets her use a bathroom.

Reyansh and Vardhan come to Dadi’s room. Dadi gives him 1 crore cash. Bring Jugnu home. Reyansh asks her about the papers. She tells him to ignore it. You can see it when you are back. Vardhan too tells Reyansh to hurry up. Reyansh agrees. It is important to bring Jugnu home safely. He looks at Pranati. We wont let anything happen to Jugnu. I will be back. Pranati wants to go with him. He calls it risky but she clearly tells him that she does not trust him. She looks at Dadi. I don’t trust anyone here. My daughter’s life is in danger so I will go with you. Dadi tells Reyansh to take her. Go now. What’s the problem? Vardhan says Reyansh is concerned about Pranati. Reyansh tells Pranati things can complicate if she goes there. The danger will increase for Jugnu. She replies that he is the one who will put Jugnu in risk. I will go there. Dadi asks Reyansh to return the money if this drama will continue any further. Reyansh shrugs her hand away. Vardhan calls it family drama. Dadi tells Reyansh she does not want this family drama, especially the one that includes Pranati. Pranati asks Reyansh if they can leave. My daughter is waiting for me. They leave. Dadi thinks that Reyansh has changed drastically since Pranati and Jugnu have come in his life. I dint like it that he was concerned for them just now. I wont bear him changing like this. Khurana family can never change. I wont let Reyansh forget that ever.

Precap: In Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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