Pavitra Bhagya 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati and Reyansh bring Jugnu home

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Pavitra Bhagya 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati keeps talking about Jugnu in the car. Reyansh stops the car abruptly. Stop saying my daughter all the time. Jugnu is my daughter too.

Jugnu notices a broken mirror and thinks of an idea.

Reyansh tells Pranati to look around and see the truth. I am with you. I am her father too. Pranati says I would have handled things on my own if it was up to me. Reyansh gives her the car keys. Drive then. you know everything already so do it. Don’t forget it that Jugnu is my daughter too. What if the goons do something to you? He stops himself. Jugnu’s life can be in danger. I will come for her sake. Pranati says you only got her kidnapped so you can blackmail me and separate us. How many more people will you exploit? He tells her to stop. This is enough. I have been telling you the same thing since I met you in the court! I am doing this only because Dadi asked me to. I knew that they will hurt you one day. I am not behind this kidnapping. She says I don’t trust you at all. I have always lost whenever I have trusted you. He tells her he does not need her to trust him right now. Only Jugnu is important for me. Their argument continues. She tells him he has no right to shout on her. You took advantage of my pain. He tells her to be thankful to his Dadi. Pranati tells him about the agreement. She sits back in the car quietly. Reyansh is shocked.

Jugnu hurts the goons using the piece of glass. She starts running around.

Pranati and Reyansh reach the location. Reyansh tries to talk to her but she walks inside. He follows her. Pranati and Reyansh shout for the kidnappers as they step inside. We have brought money with us.

Jugnu throws the phone of a goon in a tank of water and runs upstairs. She throws cartons at him to block his way.

Pranati tells Reyansh that Jugnu is in danger. They go upstairs as well. Jugnu steps on the edge of the building. Pranati calls out to her in shock. Jugnu glares at her. She is haunted by Mallika’s words and starts retreating. Pranati starts running towards her followed by Reyansh. The mystery lady comes there as well. Pranati tells her not to do anything to her daughter. Jugnu si about to fall but the mystery lady pushes her in the opposite direction. Pranati is about to trip as she steps over a pipe but Reyansh holds her hand just in time and pulls her up safely. He hugs her. Jugnu looks at them angrily. Pranati notices her and runs to hug her. Reyansh smiles a little as he watches Pranati kiss Jugnu all over her face. Jugnu is irked and pushes Pranati away. Pranati asks her if she is fine. Are you hurt? Jugnu denies. Pranati tells Reyansh that their daughter is fine. He nods. She realises she is holding his hand and goes quiet. They share an eye lock.

Jugnu walks near the edge again. That woman saved me! Pranati pulls her back. She was about to push you. Jugnu insists that she saved her. Understand me sometime. Pranati denies but Jugnu argues that she should trust her sometimes. Reyansh tells her they trust her. Let’s go home now. Pranati is still sitting on the floor. Reyansh extends his hand towards her. She stands up on her own with difficulty when Jugnu holds her. Be careful. Pranati thanks her but Jugnu thanks them instead for coming here for her. I was wondering if I will go home in rickshaw but we will go home in this car now. Reyansh and Pranati smile. Jugnu and Reyansh talk to each other on the way downstairs. Pranati picks the bag of money. They want to separate me from my daughter but it isn’t so easy to separate a mother from her daughter.

Armaan and Riya are standing at the door. Armaan’s mother keeps the pot of rice for grahpravesh. Dadi says we should welcome this happiness with open arms. She notices Pranati, Jugnu and Reyansh in the background. That’s how this problem will go away. Pranati tells Jugnu and Reyansh to remove their shows. This is a drama for this family but this marriage matters to Riya. Jugnu and Reyansh remove their shoes. Dadi calls Jugnu the second happiness of their family. Armaan tells Reyansh he was very worried. It is good that Jugnu is home. Reyansh tells him to stop his fake concern. Armaan turns around.

Mallika’s fiancé tells Mallika that Reyansh and Pranati actually look good together. She fumes.

Riya steps inside Khurana House after performing the grahpravesh rituals. Reyansh, Jugnu and Pranati are still standing at the door. Jugnu looks pointedly at Dadi but Pranati signals her against it. They start walking when Jugnu trips. Pranati holds her. Everyone looks at Pranati pointedly. Mallika points at her feet. Pranati realises that she is standing in the plate in which alta was kept. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other.

Precap: Pranati comes inside the house with a heavy heart. Jugnu wipes the alta from Pranati’s feet. Dadi tells Pranati to leave the house now that Jugnu is home. Jugnu is crying at night. Reyansh tells her that her mother has been through hell to find her. Jugnu asks him if he wont stop her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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