Pavitra Bhagya 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh takes a promise from Pranati

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Pavitra Bhagya 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh takes the agremeent from Dadi. Sorry Dadi but I wont help Bhai till the time he apologizes to Pranati. He keeps the papers on the table, touches his Dadi’s feet and walks out of the room. Pranati watches him leave in surprise. She walks out as well. Dadi is miffed with Reyansh for supporting Pranati by going against me. I bet you that a day will come when you will come back to me.

Reyansh comes his room and is thinking about Pranati. Ishq hai plays. Maan says you and I can never be like Pranati. Reyansh asks him why he is saying this. Maan says I can see it clearly in your eyes. Why don’t you confess to Pranati Bhabhi? Reyansh asks him what he is saying. Maan says love. I wont get scared today. I will tell you the truth. Your love can be seen clearly in your eyes for Pranati and Jugnu. Why don’t you accept it? Reyansh says Pranati deserves a lot. I am not that perfect. Maan says girls judge guys and try to figure out then on the basis of on every little thing. Reyansh asks him since when his younger brother started saying such big things. Who is guiding you? Maan takes Navya’s name. Dadi is standing at the door and fumes. Reyansh hugs his brother happily. You are doing the right thing. Someone in this family must learn how to rectify mistakes. Don’t worry. Your brother is with you. He hugs Maan again and notices Dadi at the door. Both the brothers get scared.

Dadi slaps Armaan. Your brother is nurturing of your problem. Armaan requests her to tell him honestly. What is it? Navya? Dadi nods. Maan has fallen for her. Don’t know what the boys of my house are drinking. Everyone is falling in love suddenly! Maan has started to love Navya. Fix this before I lose my mind! Armaan says I cannot do anything in this matter. I don’t want to get into this matter again. I am trying to move on from this chapter. Dadi pulls his ears. I am trying to throw Pranati out of the house already. I don’t want another girl to dance on my head. You have no choice. Armaan gives in. He comes out of the room and notices Riya standing there teary eyed. She asks him if it was true. Armaan says only half of it was. Riya warns him not to touch her. I made Navya a villain because of you. I was so wrong. Armaan admits that Navya was a part of his life. She is my past. Riya moves his hand away. Armaan insists that he has changed. You are my today and tomorrow. I have really fallen for you. Riya tells him not to exaggerate the lie. Stay away from me. He shouts that he really loves her and goes after her.

Reyansh is playing video game but he is lost in his own world. He keeps thinking about Pranati and Maan’s words. Pranati comes there with coffee. She recalls how he decided to stand by her side in front of Dadi today. She wipes her tears before knocking on the door. You have become smart. Hashtag, surprised. He nods. I dint do this for you. She nods. That’s why I brought this for you. She keeps the coffee mug on the table (with a hashtag in the centre). It really surprised me how you stood for a woman’s dignity today. I never thought that Reyansh Khurana can do something like this. He explains that he wouldn’t have been like this today if he wasn’t who he was in his past. No girl would have understood me today or vice versa. She says, hashtag, impressive. He asks her if she is pulling his leg. She says it is a compliment. Can’t you digest it or maybe no one has complimented you nicely till date so you are afraid how to react? He says I want to accept the compliment but I have a condition – you won’t withdraw the case!

Dadi beats Maan and Armaan. Everyone in this house is suddenly doing whatever they want to! She asks Maan why he did all this. Maan tells her to ask Reyansh. She reasons that he sent him to look after Navya. You have fallen for her, right? Maan looks at Armaan and then nods. Armaan is shocked. How dare you! There is so much mess already and now you have fallen for Navya! Are you out of your mind? Maan reminds him that he is root cause behind all of this. Armaan reminds him how he has helped him so many times in the past. My life is already complicated. Don’t complicate it anymore. Maan tells him he wont tell him how to live his life. Dadi asks him they remember who started this in the first place. Armaan says this chapter isn’t over yet and now Maan has fallen for Navya. Even Riya isn’t talking to me properly! Dadi says I have opened a hostel for illegitimate kids. This is all Pranati’s doing. First, she came here and now it is Navya. Such girls are always on the lookouts for guys like you. Maan has fallen for her now.

Pranati begins to say something but he asks her to promise him first. Are you afraid of Dadi? She shakes her head. I am afraid that the relations will break. I don’t want you to lose any of your relation because of me. I don’t want to create rift in this house. Dadi’s eyes welled up for the first time today when you went against her. She loves you very much and I know that you also love and respect her very much. I don’t want any bitterness between you two. I understand how it feels when a loved one goes away from us. Ishq hai plays. Reyansh claps for her. You are not from this world. You are thinking about those who don’t about you! Tell me from which planet are you? She smiles. It isn’t important what who thinks about me. How does it even matter? I am a guest here after all. I came here for my daughter, not to make new relations. I am not related to this house but Jugnu is. I only want to set a correct example for her. I will be more than happy even if your family changes just a little. He smiles. I don’t understand all these things. Do whatever you want to but promise me that you wont withdraw this case. He extends his hand towards her. She is touched and keeps her hand in his. They smile. I promise you, Reyansh. I wont withdraw my complaint. Thank you. He thanks her for accepting his request and for complimenting him. I accept every compliment from you now. She tells him to accept this coffee also then. I made it especially for you. She leaves. Reyansh drinks coffee. It is just the way I like it! He recalls Dadi’s ultimatum. Dadi wants me to throw her out of the house! How to tell her that I have never felt like this in my life? How can I let this peace walk out of my life? How should I pacify Dadi?

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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