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Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. She asks him about Jugnu. He says she isn’t here. She stands up. He asks her if she dint leave yet. Your lover did come to take you. Where is your lover? Why have you come looking for Jugnu leaving him outside? Pranati replies that the one who had come to take her was her friend, not lover. I know you don’t understand the meaning of relations but please don’t that relation by giving it a wrong name. I don’t want to stay here either. I will go with my daughter only. I don’t want to leave her alone. I have seen the live example of what happens when a mother leaves her kid behind. He looks at her pointedly. She says I am talking about you only. I decided to stay back here after considering your case only. I don’t want my daughter to yearn for her mother like you. I know you are suffering from inside that’s why I want to teach my daughter the meaning of love. I can do anything for her. She deserves a good mother and I will become a good mother for her. Your family can create as many hurdles as they want but I wont back off. Ishq hai plays. Pranati goes.

Reyansh thinks I have started respecting you a little more today. I wish my mother had thought this too.

Dadi finds Jugnu sitting on her bed. Aren’t you sleepy? Jugnu says I am but I was missing you so I thought to meet you. Dadi calls her liar. What do you want? Jugnu tells her to take care of herself. Don’t you get tired after all that you do? Dadi denies. Jugnu butters her. Should I do your makeup for today’s function? Dadi denies but Jugnu convinces her. Lights go out as soon as Dadi tries to look in the mirror. Someone calls Dadi for the muhdikhayi ritual. Jugnu compliments her. No one will be able to take their eyes off you. Dadi hurries downstairs.

The boys are downstairs. Armaan notices Reyansh’s wound and teases him using Pranati’s name. Reyansh tells him to manage his own mess. Don’t poke your nose in someone else’s matters or Riya wont spare you. Riya calls out to Armaan so Reyansh sends him to her.

Dadi comes downstairs. Light some candles / diya’s. will we do this ritual in dark? Everyone starts lighting candles. Jugnu smiles as she goes to Dadi holding a candle in her hand but Dadi walks towards Kesar.

Reyansh is thinking about Archit and Pranati’s words. Someone drops a match near Reyansh and he starts lighting the candles himself. Pranati comes there wearing a saree just then. Reyansh looks at her mesmerized. He burns his finger while staring at her. He lights a diya and walks in a parallel line.

Dadi comes downstairs. Lights come back just then. Everyone is stunned to see Dadi. They start laughing the next second. Kesar asks her what she has done to her face and shows her a mirror. Dadi screams. Who is this? Move is aside! She starts laughing with everyone else to make light of the situation. I did this to keep you guys happy. I do look like a joker, right? that’s what I wanted. She looks at Pranati and Jugnu. It is time to teach them a lesson. She asks Reyansh to look after the guests. She also fixes her makeup. Pranati nods at Jugnu.

Pranati and Jugnu are standing together during the puja. Dadi says it is my responsibility to make sure all the rituals happen smoothly. She shows the ancestral necklace to Riya. Jugnu picks up a laddoo. Pranati tells her to keep it back. Pranati says I should. I got stuck during our first meeting because of this laddoo only. Mallika asks Dadi if she gave a similar necklace to Pranati too. I know she isn’t Reyansh’s wife but technically, she could have been the elder DIL of this house. Dadi says what if she is not the DIL right now. She is doing the duties of a DIL of this house. You gave a great idea. Let me make Pranati do it as she is going to be the elder DIL of this house. Pranati says I am not the DIL of this house. Dadi says you will become one. That is why you stay in our house with Reyansh. Give this necklace to Riya. She is your SIL after all. Pranati is hesitant. Riya nods in her direction hesitantly. Jugnu is fascinated and holds the box in awe. Pranati smiles as Jugnu caresses the necklace. Mallika makes a fuss again. Why is everyone trying to spoil the wedding? Will this unwed mother give this necklace to the new bride? This is a bad omen.

Dadi thinks now Pranati will be trapped. God gave me such a good opportunity without even asking for it. Now Pranati will be insulted. I will see how she and her daughter will get out of this mess now.

Precap: in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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