Pavitra Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riya supports Mallika instead of Pranati

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Pavitra Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mallika asks Pranati if she has started to think that she is Reyansh’s wife. This does not happen in good families. Pranati tells her to stop but Mallika refuses. You did not think even once before doing this. You weren’t even ashamed! Why should I stop now? I may go quiet once but how will you shush the world? Pranati tells her that it is a very special day for Armaan and Riya. Don’t spoil it for them. Maan says there is no need to discuss this today as it is Armaan and Riya’s day today. Mallika says Riya should know the reality. Pranati requests Riya to talk sense to Mallika but Riya seconds Mallika instead. We must stop things from going wrong. Riya’s brother also raises an objection to the ritual. Mallika is not wrong. A mother’s character will be questioned if her daughter is illegitimate. Jugnu drops the box in shock. Pranati tells her it’s okay but Mallika finds another opportunity. What can be worse than this? This girl dropped the necklace! People start taunting both Pranati and Jugnu. Pranati holds Jugnu close. Mallika continues taunting Jugnu. Dadi says she may be illegitimate, but she is Reyansh’s daughter after all. I cannot vouch for Pranati though as she is not related to us. Let’s continue the ritual. Mallika pushes Pranati a little and picks the necklace. Jugnu walks away from there. Pranati follows her. Maan feels bad.

Reyansh finds Jugnu crying. She does not tell him anything. Pranati asks Jugnu if she is fine. He starts scolding her thinking that she only would have said / done something to Jugnu. Pranati tells him he has no idea what he happened but he again says you have nothing else to do. You must be behind this. Jugnu tells them to stop. Why did you two fall in love when you only wanted to fight? Why did you create me? You should have let me stay in the orphanage if you did not want me! You brought me here so everyone can call me illegitimate? Why do I have to hear it time and again? It is enough! I don’t want to stay here. Pranati follows her outside. Reyansh is stunned.

Jugnu is crying in a corner. Pranati walks up to her hesitantly but Jugnu shrugs her away. Pranati tries again but Jugnu sits in a different corner. Pranati sits down next to her. Jugnu tells her to stay away. Pranati wipes her tears. Why are you giving importance to what they say? Truth is that you are my daughter. It is only you who I love very much. Jugnu denies. You wouldn’t have brought me in the world if you loved me or you wouldn’t have left me alone when I was born! Do you even know that all people have said to me? I have never been bothered by it till date but it does bother me now! Don’t shower fake love on me. It hurts me all the more. Pranati requests her to stop crying. Jugnu says I don’t know why they wont stop. I hate these tears. They fall all the more when I see you and Bandar Papa. Please go. She waits for a few more seconds and tells Pranati to leave if she wants her to stop crying. Pranati hugs her tight and cries. Jugnu says I think you don’t want me to stop crying. Pranati lets go of her in shock. She cries in another corner but then leaves from there.

Pranati covers Jugnu with the duvet. She tries to wipe Jugnu’s tears but Jugnu tells her to stay away. Pranati apologizes to her mentally. I don’t know why I hurt you all the time. I promise you that no one will be able to hurt you till the time I am around. I wont let anyone come between us now. Reyansh is headed to his room. He is passing from their room and watches Pranati getting ready for bed. Pranati lies down next to Jugnu. Reyansh mentally coaxes himself to walk away when he hears Pranati’s phone ringing. He stops to figure out who it might be. It is Archit. Pranati attends Archit’s video call. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. I was just going to bed. He says sorry. I just wanted to check on you. Sorry for calling you so late. Is it fine if I call? Pranati tells him not to be formal. It is good to know that someone cares for her. You can call me as you are my good friend. You have a right. I have snatched many rights from you already. Archit tells her that this matters to him a lot. Keep smiling. You look good. He teases her on weight gain. Reyansh has kept his hand in between the door. Pranati reaches out for the door absentmindedly. They both talk like two good friends. Reyansh walks away unhappily. Pranati feels strange and looks at the door in confusion.

Dadi thinks of how Pranati and Jugnu have been trying to fool her. Reyansh asks her if she called him. She tells him to get Jugnu on his side at any cost. Do something because of which Jugnu starts hating her. It is about my ego now. They have made my life hell. We need Jugnu but we must throw Pranati out of this house! Create hate in Jugnu’s heart against Pranati! Reyansh is stunned. Dadi tells him to make it happen.

Precap: in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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