Pavitra Bhagya 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi plans to spoil Pranati’s birthday

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Pavitra Bhagya 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maan tells Armaan to stop blaming him for Navya. It started because of you. Armaan fumes. Dadi pushes them away from each other. She gives last warning to Maan. Forget Navya. I don’t want to have an army of illegitimate kids in my house. Maan is offended. Dadi says I am sure you felt bad after hearing this word but it does not matter what I say. This is how society addresses girls like Pranati and Navya. Clear your mess before something goes wrong or before I do wont be good for you if my BP shoots up! She walks out of the room in a huff.

Pranati is speaking to her mother on phone. Reyansh is walking from there and stops to overhear her convo. Pranati says of course I remember. This is the most special thing for me. Who will make those laddoos for me here? My birthday is complete only when I ate those laddoos. Reyansh realizes its her birthday tomorrow. How could I forget it? Pranati tells her mother it’s ok. Reyansh decides to do something.

Dadi paces worriedly in her room. Everyone is talking in Pranati’s language. I must do something! I smell the same disagreement in this house that had erupted 20 years ago! Flashes of the same are shown. A woman of this house tried to snatch my rights from me. Earlier it was Reyansh’s mother and now it is his daughter’s mother. I had shown her her place back then! Flashback shows someone dragging an unconscious lady to a corner. Dadi says I will show Pranati her place now. This is my house. Anyone who stays here must dance on my tune! I will use her own kid and make sure Pranati is doomed! I will go to any extent to make it happen! She gulps down alcohol and throws the glass on the floor angrily.

Jugnu is coloring coins when Reyansh enters. He starts painting her nails as they joke about what the other is doing. She wipes it clean. He says it would have looked so good in tomorrow’s party. She asks him which party is it. He shares that it is your Nayi Ma’s birthday. Let’s do something special. She says I used to eat leftover cakes in orphanage. I never ate a fresh cake on my birthday too. I don’t know what people do on their birthdays. He says we dint celebrate it till date but we will celebrate it grandly from now onwards. She gets excited. He tells her to keep it a secret. We will make preps quietly. Deal? Pranati asks them what deal they are talking about. Jugnu and Reyansh cover it up. Jugnu says she wont be able to do it but Reyansh says she will. They fool her in doing a task and laugh at it. The color spreads all over Pranati’s face as the coin was colored. Pranati is confused. I think you both are crazy. She leaves.

Armaan tells Maan to keep his voice low. Don’t forget that I am your elder brother. Maan says I remember that but act like one sometimes then. Pranati asks them why they are righting. They both begin to retort but then go quiet as soon as they see her face. She asks them if they have gone crazy. Maan shows her front camera. Pranati shouts and laughs at the same time. Jugnu and Reyansh are standing in the corridor and laugh at her again. She shows punch but then ends up laughing herself. She starts wiping her face clean but Jugnu does it for her. Maan goes aside to attend Navya’s call.

Maan asks Navya if she is fine. She assures him about it. You get hyper in no time. He denies. Your case is a little sensitive so I get worried. She calls Pranati Bhabhi. Maan says she is my Bhabhi but I liked it that you called her Pranati too. She tells him not to talk in this cheesy style. This is how your brother had trapped me too. Maan apologizes to her. I dint mean in that sense. She asks him about Pranati’s favorite flavor. Bhai wants to know and I cannot tell you the reason. Maan says we don’t know what she likes or dislikes. Navya says you know nothing about her even though she has been living with you since so many days. Maan looks at Pranati. They end the call.

Archit is holding 2 cakes in his hands. You couldn’t find out, right? She denies. He asks her what he should do. I know Pranati since years but her cake preferences keep changing. Navya tells him that people change with time. It is only your love for Pranati which hasn’t changed till date. You love her even today. He nods. I tried to forget her but I couldn’t. Navya asks him what he feels for Pranati. Archit says I don’t want to give this relation a name. I just hope she keeps smiling always as it makes me happy. I don’t know what they call this relation but this is what it is. Navya hugs him. I really wish you get Pranati. I know that you will keep her very happy. He thanks her. Don’t wish for something for me right now as it is Pranati’s birthday. Let’s make preps for it.

Dadi comes to her room and finds Jugnu making something using broom. What are you doing with this broom? Jugnu says this includes match sticks too. Dadi asks her what her intentions are. Jugnu jokes that this much of match sticks wont do her any harm. You are very cool. You will help me. Dadi agrees. What do you want me to do? Jugnu says I want you to select the best broom for my next card. Dadi asks her how that is cool. Jugnu butters her and makes her hold a broom in each of her hands. Kesar asks Dadi why she was holding brooms. Dadi says I was helping Jugnu. Kesar says you have never kept a glass anywhere on your own. Why were you holding a broom? Jugnu laughs. Dadi chases her around her room. Kesar smiles. I saw broom in her hand for the first time in 30 years!

Next morning, Jugnu keeps looking at Pranati while she reminds her of the do’s and don’ts. Jugnu decides to keep it normal. Pranati says let’s not fight today. Jugnu asks her what’s so special today. Reyansh comes just then. What’s so special today? Why are you so dressed up today? Jugnu says she should get into army. She finds waking up early and bathing early every day. Reyansh says this is old news. Let’s go now or we will get late. He takes Jugnu to school.

Pranati rues that Reyansh remembers all her old habits but forgot her birthday. Anyways, Happy Birthday, Pranati Mishra. I guess no one remembers my birthday anymore.

Reyansh and Jugnu are hiding in the corridor. Reyansh makes Jugnu record a voice note for Pranati. Jugnu asks Pranati to come over at 6 pm as they have to make a project for tomorrow. They head towards the room to implement the next step of the plan. Dadi overhears them. I will make it her worst birthday ever!

Precap: in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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