Pavitra Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vardhan gets attracted to Pranati

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Pavitra Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati comes to her room looking for Jugnu but she is hiding in a cupboard. Pranati is talking to herself. I thought I will make tasty food for her as she must be tired and hungry. Jugnu is finding it difficult to sit in the same cupboard and makes a noise. Pranati asks her to come out but Jugnu says you will start asking me all sorts of questions about my whereabouts then. Pranati promises her she wont ask her anything. Jugnu asks her if she is sure. Pranati extends her hand towards her through the gap. I promise. Jugnu comes out of the cupboard. Jugnu makes a face as Pranati hugs her. Nothing will go wrong if you miss school for a day. I don’t want you to worry about anything and just be happy. Jugnu asks her if she is fine. Looks like you have caught the wrong frequency today. Pranati smiles. Station is right but this is a mother’s love. You wont understand. Reyansh tells Jugnu to complete her project. It is my responsibility as your father to do it. Jugnu asks him how he knows about it. Reyansh shares that he got a call from her school. Pranati wonders why Reyansh dint tell her about the project. He asks Jugnu to come with her and complete the project so they can go for a drive. She tells him she will drive then. He agrees. They leave. Pranati thinks it is fine if Reyansh is bonding with her but why is he hiding things related to Jugnu from me.

Dadi suggests Jugnu to write on her favorite food, Samosa. Jugnu jokes that Kachori will feel bad otherwise. Kesar suggests environment as a topic but Reyansh dismisses it. Driver points at her love for cars. Vardhan says money is above everything else and is everyone’s favorite too. Jugnu starts coughing while eating. Both Reyansh and Pranati pat at her back to make her feel better. Their hands touch. They share an awkward eye lock. Pranati gives her water. Reyansh nods at her. Vardhan and Dadi are observing them closely. Vardhan asks Jugnu what else is her favorite. Mallika says family. Riya and Mallika join them. Mallika taunts them at the family angle. Dadi likes the topic. She tells Jugnu to write on this topic. Reyansh agrees. Let’s do it together. Riya offers to help Jugnu and takes her with her. Pranati goes after them. Reyansh gets up to go but Dadi tells him not to fall for his beloved family. You must focus on creating a divide between Jugnu and Pranati. This lovely family should eventually be yours and Jugnu’s. he tells her not to remind her again and again. I know it well. he goes. She is irked that he was sitting so close to Pranati a few minutes ago.

Pranati asks Riya it is good that she is helping Jugnu with her project today when she was not happy with her till yesterday. Riya tells her she has misunderstood her. I have no problem with Jugnu. Mallika is eavesdropping. Riya apologizes to Pranati. You know how insecure and sensitive about Armaan. I just did not want to lose him. I hope you can understand my fear as a woman. Pranati nods. Riya says I love Jugnu as she is an adorable girl. I was only thinking about my future back then. I hope you can forgive me. Pranati is relieved. Everything will be fine now. Mallika looks irked. Riya says the video needs to be completed.

Jugnu is making a video about her family. She focuses the phone on Reyansh and Pranati and speaks about their likes and dislikes and about the love they share. She turns sad. Mallika is standing far and watching everything. Riya asks Jugnu what happened. Jugnu reasons that she will have to lie about them when in reality, they are just like Tom and Jerry. They cannot stop fighting. Riya says all couples fight but it does not mean that they don’t love each other. Pranati seconds Jugnu. Riya says this isn’t a lie but the reality that is going to come true in future. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Jugnu films Reyansh’s room. It is like a kid’s room. He nods. It is because kids love me and my games here. Jugnu adds that Nayi Ma does not like this room because of the smell of alcohol in this room. Pranati smiles. Reyansh looks at her. Riya asks Jugnu what she is saying. Jugnu says should I create fake love when there is none. Riya suggests her to keep it on hold for some time. Let’s cover the rest of the family members till then. Jugnu nods. Pranati heads to the kitchen as well.

Jugnu films Dadi’s table where she keeps alcohol. Riya suggests showing some good stuff. Let’s speak to Dadi.

Pranati calls out to Jugnu. Your milk is ready. Vardhan collides with her. She apologizes to him. He looks at her from top to toe. She goes to find Jugnu. Vardhan sighs. She smells lovely. Anisha has never smelled like this till date.

Everyone is seated in the living room. They are eager to watch the kids’ project online. Pranati thanks Riya for helping Jugnu. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Riya says I can do this for her. Pranati smiles. Driver jumps in excitement as the program starts. Dadi gets scared for a moment. Reyansh tells everyone to be quiet. All kids show their project one by one. It is Jugnu’s turn now. Everyone starts clapping. Jugnu shares that her favorite topic is “illegitimate”. Khurana family is stunned. Mallika looks content. Riya panics but Mallika tells her it is her truth. It should come out in open. Jugnu shares her experiences around that word. Dadi says poor girl, she had to accept and say her truth. It is better to accept her truth before the world can say anything. She is a brave girl. Reyansh looks angry. Pranati thinks Jugnu has her parents by her side yet we cannot call this relation legitimate. We lost again as parents today. My daughter called herself illegitimate in front of everyone today. Reyansh thinks I cannot bear it and I wont bear it. She is my daughter, my blood. She is someone I love more than anyone else in the world. I must help her become legitimate.

Precap: Pranati and Jugnu are jumping excitedly as they play with flowers. Reyansh looks at her sweetly. He chases her around the house. They share a long, romantic eye lock as they come face to face in the corridor. Jugnu looks at them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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