Pavitra Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh decides to follow Dadi’s plan

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Pavitra Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati tries to end the call but Archit continues the conversation. I am sure you would have cried a lot today. It would have been a tough day for you. Navya and I are with you. Let me know if you need anything. She thanks him. You haven’t met Jugnu properly yet, right? Archit nods. Introduce me to her. Pranati turns the camera around. She is sleeping. He is confident that they will be great friends. Pranati tells him to relax. I should end the call now. It is too late.

Reyansh is drinking and is still affected by Archit and Pranati’s proximity. I know all your moves. You are Pranati’s ex after all! He thinks of how things changed between them recently. It wont take much time to turn into a lover again! This is a flop screen play of our romantic film. Reyansh, you are an idiot. You thought you shouldn’t come between a mother and a kid but there is a love story going on here. Daughter is the side angle here! He thinks of Dadi’s words. The mother who does not care about her daughter has no right to be with Jugnu. Jugnu will stay with me. It is time to throw Pranati out of this house and of Jugnu’s life. I will be able to live in peace then.

Next morning, Reyansh is playing video game when Jugnu comes. He asks her to play a game. She says I don’t want to go to school at all today. He does not mind. You have gone after me. Why do you seem sad? She dismisses it but he insists. She shares that there are lice in her hair. He pats at her head but then offers to clean her head for her. I did it for Dadi too. He takes her to Dadi. Jugnu asks Dadi to help her. I don’t want them to transfer to someone else. Dadi tells Reyansh to bring the medicine from her bathroom. Jugnu tells her to meet her relatives once atleast. Dadi says I will meet them once they are out of your head. Reyansh makes a face as he applies medicine to her hair. Dadi smiles noticing them together. I am so impressed by Reyansh’s acting. Jugnu will be attached to him for sure now. Dadi gets a call and walks away.

Reyansh combs Jugnu’s hair again and tickles her. He tells her that she smiled after 15 hours. She nods. He tells her to keep smiling. The house is happy when you smile. Stop crying. This suits you. Jugnu says I said the same thing to Nayi Ma. I never used to cry easily before but I don’t know why it happens now. He asks her if she wants to write an essay on it. Go and live your life. She asks him if he means video games. He says I have told driver to take you to club directly. Do whatever you want to and then come back when the school is over. Jugnu thanks him with a hug. We are so similar. Jugnu asks him if he will handle Nayi Ma in case school rep calls her. He nods. She leaves. Dadi comes back. She praises Reyansh on his acting. This will be an easy win for us now. Reyansh thinks how to tell her this isn’t acting. I do care for Jugnu. Let it be if this is what you think. I will keep Jugnu on my side like this. There will be no emotions, only smart play.

Reyansh picks Pranati’s phone. It is the school authority. A lady asks him to come to school as Jugnu hasn’t reached school yet. He agrees. Pranati asks him if he answered her phone. Who was it? He lies that it was a telemarketer. She asks for her phone. Is there nothing called privacy? They fight for her phone. Her hair towel comes undone. He gets lost looking at her for a few seconds as she tries to get her phone from him. Ishq hai plays. The phone falls on the floor in the process. Reyansh smiles sweetly at her while she glares at him. You ruined my phone. How will I fix it now? She keeps talking but he is lost in a different world altogether. She scolds him for breaking her phone. Reyansh reminds himself that he must separate Jugnu and Pranati. Don’t lose focus. I have no choice but to follow Dadi’s orders. Reyansh tells Pranati he will get her a new and better phone. Pranati finds his behavior strange. He acts differently in seconds.

Kesar tells Pranati to tell Jugnu to be careful. She gets stains on her clothes. Pranati says I found her after all these years so I am going to spoil her. Kesar nods.

Landline rings. Pranati picks it up. It is Archit. Pranati thinks maybe Reyansh picked Archit’s call earlier. Archit tells Pranati he is in Jugnu’s school. I promised you I will be her best friend but she is not here. Pranati gets tensed. I am coming to school. Stay right there. He agrees.

Reyansh reaches school. He notices Archit in the corridor. What are you doing here? Pranati reaches there just then and calls out to Archit. Reyansh looks at her.

Precap: in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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