Pavitra Bhagya 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Armaan takes Maan’s help to handle Navya

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Pavitra Bhagya 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati finds a parcel in her room. She opens it and smiles seeing the piggy bank. She goes to find Jugnu and finds her applying ointment on Reyansh’s wound. She smiles looking at how sweetly they get along and hearing the kind of plans Jugnu is suggesting skipping school. Reyansh turns her around to show her that Pranati is standing at the door. Jugnu gets quiet. Reyansh winces in pain again. Jugnu says you are wincing in pain because of this small wound. In our orphanage, whenever kids used to create a problem, their hands were dipped into hot boiling water. Pranati prays Jugnu never gets to go back there. Jugnu says it never happened with me though. I dipped that old lady’s hand in hot water instead. Jugnu notices the gift in Pranati’s hand. Pranati advises her to start saving money from today. Jugnu cannot believe it that she is giving her money. Are you alright? She checks her temperature. Pranati tells her to do homework. Jugnu tells her to give this on a tape recorder. Reyansh tells her to be happy with whatever she has. Jugnu runs to her room. Reyansh tells her to finish her homework asap. We will play a video game later on. Jugnu agrees.

Pranati says sorry to Reyansh. I dint know you were actually hurt. Reyansh says time heals everything. Reyansh watches Pranati nods and leaves. Armaan teases his brother. Reyansh says I read such things in the daily quotes that are forwarded online. Armaan says for a moment I thought you actually fell for her. Reyansh denies. This is for Dadi’s plan. you know how every girl is after me. Focus on the plan. Armaan assures him about it. He gets Navya’s call and excuses himself.

Pranati, Reyansh and Armaan keep working on their plan of bringing Armaan adn Riya close. Riya starts liking Armaan. Meanwhile, Navya tries to connect to Armaan but he ignores her calls.

Pranati falls asleep on the sofa while studying. Reyansh happens to pass from there but stops as soon he notices her thus. Bol Na Halke Halke plays. She screams the moment she opens her eyes and finds him helping her rest. They both argue and then she sends him to another room.

Pranati is teaching Jugnu. Jugnu is as usual bored. Reyansh stops to watch them. He notices Pranati watching him and leaves. Later, Pranati also enjoy watching Jugnu and Reyansh spending time with each other. Jugnu runs out excitedly. Pranati tells Reyansh he has impressed her by losing 11th time to Jugnu. He asks her if she remembers. She nods. You used to defeat me in this game always in college. Past moments flash in the background. Reyansh walks up to her. Old times, right? They were not too bad. They both head in different directions.

Maan delivers a coffee to Navya on behalf of Armaan. She recognizes him from gym. Why hasn’t he come? Maan says he had some work so he couldn’t come. She offers him muffin. He accepts them worriedly.

Armaan continues with his attempts in trying to woo Riya. He excuses himself to attend Maan’s call. Maan assures him that everything is fine. She does not doubt me at all. Armaan tells him to go for another 1-2 days. Maan is reluctant but Armaan requests him to do it for him.

Navya has selected a jacket for Armaan. She asks Maan if he will like her. Maan agrees. I will give it to him for you. She denies. He tells her to wait for a week then. She asks for their address. I will courier it to you. He gives her their real address which shocks her.

Riya, Armaan, Pranati and Reyansh are playing truth and dare. It is Pranati’s turn. She chooses truth as truth is powerful. Reyansh makes a face. Riya asks Pranati how much she loves Rey. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Reyansh says this isn’t a weighing scale. Riya asks them to share their love story then. Reyansh hopes Pranati acts a little. Pranati thinks I cannot tell Riya the truth as it wont be good for Jugnu and me. Reyansh hopes she talks nicely about them.

Riya requests Pranati not to feel shy. Pranati says it was love at first sight in college. We were gone the moment we saw each other. I liked Rey the moment I had seen him first. I started liking him more as I got to know him. He started making me laugh. He sometimes used to irritate me too. Like every other couple, I thought that Rey and I are made for each other. We will support each other through thick and thin. I saw this dream like any other girl that he will hold my hand for forever. He wont let it go ever. Reyansh looks at her. They think of their past. Reyansh says dreams remain dreams always. Reality is different. I dint live up to her dreams but I wont let her go this time. He holds her close but Pranati stands up to bring snacks. Armaan and Reyansh go to the kitchen instead.

Riya thanks Pranati for all that she has done for her and Armaan. I thought he was something else but I really like him after knowing him. Pranati says he seems to have changed with time for good. This is what life means. Riya says I hope Armaan liked me just like Reyansh Bhai loves you. Pranati asks her who said this to her. Riya says his eyes tell that. I can see it. Pranati wonders if this is true.

Precap: Pranati and Reyansh are forced to get engaged. Dadi later taunts Pranati for being characterless. Reyansh slaps Armaan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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