Pavitra Bhagya 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Pranati get engaged

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Pavitra Bhagya 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shamsher wants Pranati to apologize to everyone first. Dadi nods. Shamsher makes a fuss about it. Don’t you think you insulted Bishambhar ji and hurt Riya? Armaan is our own but you must apologize to everyone else. Riya tells Pranati she need not apologize. You did it for me. I would have done the same if I was in your place. Let it be uncle. Shamsher insists but Dadi says you know how much we respect women in our house. I am the elder female of this house so I will support women but Pranati did insult Riya. She must apologize. Pranati begins to apologize but Riya tells her not to. She hugs Pranati. Pranati is in tears. Riya thanks Pranati for not supporting her family when it came to her. Thank you. Can I also call you Prabhi? Pranati nods. Dadi compliments the love between both the DIL’s of the house. Pranati’s Bhabhi reminds Pranati of what she had said earlier. Do you mind standing quietly in a corner respectfully?

Riya and Armaan exchange rings. Reyansh pulls the couple for a dance. Everyone joins in. Reyansh tries to include Pranati also. She shakes her head at him. He still tries but she frees her hand from his. Pranati prays to God to help her understand this family. I must do it for Jugnu’s sake as we need to spend atleast 6 months here.

Jugnu is taking out money from all the shagun envelopes. I will double this money through the game now!

Armaan pulls Maan to a corner. Why did you have to do all that for me? Do you enjoy being a father? Is that your kid? Maan retorts. I saved you! Riya and Bishambhar wouldn’t have spared you if I hadn’t intervened. Dadi too would have taken good care of you. Armaan says I would have managed it. Maan says you only told me to take care of Navya. I saved you. You should be thankful to me. Reyansh walks in just then. He questions Armaan who tries to act innocent but Reyansh knows him too well. You can fool Pranati but not me. You will again come running to me! Armaan tells him not to boss him. you did this yourself once, remember? Reyansh asks him if this is how he will behave with his elder brother. Armaan talks rudely to him again. Reyansh feels bad but doesn’t show it. I did that but I am bearing the brunt of it every single day. I will be out of it in 6 months though! They overhear Jugnu announcing Reyansh and Pranati’s engagement.

Everyone watches Jugnu dance downstairs. Reyansh and Pranati ask her what is going on. Riya tells them that this is the climax of this love story. You two must exchange rings now. Dadi decides to support Riya so Mallika wont doubt them. Pranati and Reyansh try to dodge it but Riya insists. Pranati asks Reyansh if he thinks she is trying to trap him. He too is clueless. Riya says I am trying to complete your love story. I have seen hidden love in your eyes. Show it to everyone now. Reyansh is irked. Dadi compliments Riya on her idea. Riya tells Reyansh and Pranati to make their relation legal. A guy at the party wonders if this kid (Jugnu) is illegitimate. Riya says neither this relation nor this kid is illegitimate. This is a true love story. Reyansh encourages his brother to exchange rings. Shamsher asks his mother what’s going on. She tells him to play along in front of Riya and Bishambhar. Pranati and Reyansh get engaged reluctantly. Pranati is reminded of their past. Tears stream down her cheeks. Riya is thrilled. She requests them to hug as well. Reyansh shrugs at Pranati and pulls her for a hug. Mallika looks upset. She tells her fiancé this is a drama. Her fiancé says it will make Papa very happy though.

Jugnu returns to her room. She is calculating the cash when a red light appears on her face. She notices the mystery woman pointing torch at her. She goes outside to meet her. The lady has brought golgappas for her. Jugnu asks her why she dint come from the main door. She says I am not invited to the party. Do you like my gift? Jugnu nods. Bring it for me daily. The lady agrees.

Pranati comes to Jugnu’s room but does not find her there. She looks at her engagement ring and recalls what just happened outside. I was better alone. Why is this happening? She walks towards the window. What must Jugnu be thinking? She would be thinking we are only thinking about ourselves. Hope she wont think that we forgot her amidst all this.

Jugnu thinks everyone is going to forget all about her but she does not care. I can never stop thinking about my friends in that orphanage though. She gives money to the mystery lady to give to her friend Gattu. She asks Jugnu if she trusts her. Jugnu nods. We are friends after all. Pranati notices her talking to a random lady and calls out to her. The mystery lady turns to go but Jugnu tells her to meet her new mother. She is good. The lady says I will meet her one day but not today!

Precap: Pranati asks Armaan who is lying – he or Navya. Navya comes there as well. Armaan blames Navya. Dadi asks Pranati who she is to question her grandson. She calls Pranati characterless!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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