Pavitra Bhagya 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya confronts Armaan over their baby

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Pavitra Bhagya 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati notices Jugnu talking to a random lady and calls out to her. The mystery lady turns to go but Jugnu tells her to meet her new mother. She is good. The lady says I will meet her one day but not today! Jugnu reminds her to give this money to Gattu. I promised him. The lady agrees. Jugnu goes inside. The lady thinks Pranati will be worried the day I will come in front of her. Reyansh’s Bhabhi calls out to Pranati. She tries to excuse herself but that lady asks her if she has insurance. This isn’t a ring but a trap! Riya pushes Reyansh towards Pranati. Reyansh’s Bhabhi excuses herself. Riya clicks pictures of Reyansh and Pranati together. Pranati is not comfortable with Reyansh’s touch. Jugnu asks Pranati why she called her. Riya makes them stand with her parents. Smile. Pranati makes her smile.

Archit looks at the family photo. I cannot accept you with him so easily! He gulps down alcohol.

Reyansh tells his Dadi to kill him in one go. Dadi assures him it will end in no time. settle this matter between Armaan and Navya. Reyansh calls it confusion but she knows it is Armaan’s kid. I will take care of the boys but keep an eye on Pranati. She is acting like some spy.

Pranati asks Maan what his plans are. You must have spoken to Navya’s family. Maan says she is career driven and does not want to keep the baby. We want to move ahead slowly and gradually. Pranati says it is your kid. Reyansh says it is their kid so it will be their decision. Why do you meddle in everyone’s affairs? She points out that they are not at all alike. She turns her attention to Maan again. I know this decision is to be made by you and Maan. Think about that girl once. She trusts you and this relation. She has agreed to be your kid’s mother. This is a big deal for her. Respect the truth she has put in you. She looks at Reyansh as she says the next words. Don’t break her trust.

Bishmbhar heads home with his family.

Pranati cries as she pats Jugnu’s head. She looks at the engagement ring sadly. She receives Archit’s call. He sounds drunk and tells her to come outside asap. I will come inside and create a drama otherwise! She agrees.

Pranati meets Archit in the courtyard. She is shocked to see his condition. What are you doing here at this hour? He asks her the same question. She refuses to talk to him in this state but he says this is important so we can actually talk. You end up manipulating me otherwise and I fall for it. You don’t like see alcohol in my hand but you don’t mind living in this house which sells alcohol! You are just like other girls – a cheater! You love that Khurana. He left you years ago and you did the same thing to me. You two are not different. You used me and then threw me out of your life! She cries when she has her back to him. You are angry but you don’t understand that my life has changed. We were together but the truth is something else now. Reyansh was my past and he is now my future as well. We met at a crossroad and then moved on! He tells her he isn’t interested in her nonsense. You broke our relation so soon. My middle class ring has no class in front of this ring! You accept his ring so soon! You dint wait once our relation got over. You just moved on! She tells him this does not matter but he refuses. She tells him to forget it. Your sister needs you right now. She is going through a lot. He asks her about Navya. Pranati tries to dismiss it but he insists. She tells him that Navya is pregnant. Archit is stunned. Pranati adds that it is Khurana’s blood. I too have some responsibility towards her. He refuses to let Navya go through the same pain as she has! Pranati says I know what you are feeling. I had a word with Maan. Archit takes Armaan’s name. Pranati asks him why he took Armaan’s name. He asks her who Maan is. She tells him that Armaan is Maan’s elder brother. Maan and Navya love each other. Archit says Armaan came to meet Navya at home the other day. Pranati is taken aback. Archit breaks the bottle angrily. I wont spare him! he has to pay for this! I wont spare his life! Pranati is still in shock.

At night, Armaan is coming home stealthily when the lights come on. Armaan acts surprised to see Pranati. She asks him if he went to meet his girlfriend. He says I met Riya. She is my fiancée. I couldn’t wait to see her. Navya asks him if this was why he asked her to abort the baby. He is shocked to see her there. Navya asks him if he still remembers her name. He asks her why she is here. She asks him why she cannot come here if he was at her place since an hour. Pranati asks Armaan who is lying – he or Navya. Armaan blames Navya. Navya asks him if he dint come to her place. He denies. Why would I come? She replies that he came to tell her to abort the baby. Pranati tells him there is no point lying anymore. Navya asks him how he can do this to her even after being engaged to someone else. Pranati tells him to think about Navya. How can you tell her this? Don’t commit this mistake. Navya says this kid isn’t mine. Navya holds him by his collar. How could you use me? You think if is so easy? You think I am like you? You don’t want to accept your mistake or you don’t want to think you are at fault here? Armaan ends up pointing out that whatever happened, happened with mutual consent. You were trying to be modern here. Don’t blame me. Pranati is reminded of her past. Armaan tells them to forget what happened. Get this aborted! I will pay the bill.

Pranati shouts at him to just shut up. You think this is a joke? You will pay her? What are you so proud of? Men like you think it is so easy to turn their backs on women and their responsibility ends right there! You think you can handle this by paying money? Don’t you realise that she is pregnant with your kid. She will be in trouble with whatever decision she will make. You have turned her life upside down. You wont be in problem at all! You think this is easy? Armaan says she is well educated. She should have thought about it. Navya says you said you love me. He asks her if this is what she will do if he loves her. Dint we do it with consent? I dint force myself on you. Dadi says these girls don’t understand the concept of marriage. She asks Pranati if she has taken charge of helping unmarried mothers. Pranati is shocked. Dadi tells Armaan to take Navya outside. Maan looks on from far. Navya says even I am not interested to stay here. I will expose all of you! Dadi taunts her for being an unwed mother. Pranati tells her not to blame Navya. Armaan is at fault here. Dadi says you will not spare the boys of Khurana family if it was up to you. Should I get a board outside saying that we welcome all the rogue and characterless women? Or should I call this a new hub for prostitutes?

Precap: Reyansh slaps Armaan. Maan pushes them away as they get into a scuffle. Dadi asks them what’s happening. Mahabharat wont happen in this house because of a woman! Pranati says Mahabharat dint happen because of a woman. It happened because a woman was disrespected. You can call me anything. I don’t care! I know you all very well now. I wont let your grandson ruin the lives of 2 girls!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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