Pavitra Bhagya 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi hatches a plan against Pranati

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Pavitra Bhagya 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says you will not spare the boys of Khurana family if it was up to you. Should I get a board outside saying that we welcome all the rogue and characterless women? Or should I call this a new hub for prostitutes? Reyansh asks her what’s happening. Dadi says we are taking care of her and her daughter yet she is insulting us. Pranati says you are insulting us instead. Dadi calls her characterless. Reyansh asks her why she is saying this. She asks him how he started talking suddenly. This is what girls are called when they become mothers before wedding! Reyansh tries to say something but Pranati agrees with her. Society gives us this name. It is our mistake to take a step ahead in life. Middle class girls cross their limits when they get reassurances of marriage from those they love! Dadi asks her how she fell in the trap if she is so intelligent. Pranati says you are right. We are fools to fall for such people. It is often too late by the time we realise the truth! Dadi tells her not to blame others for her mistakes. She tells Navya to leave. It wont be good of you and your kid otherwise! Navya agrees to leave. She tries to threaten Armaan but Dadi warns her to leave quietly. She asks Maan to throw her outside. I will not spare you if she comes back!

Navya feels pain in her stomach as she reaches the door. Maan rushes to her in concern but Navya pushes him aside and leaves.

Armaan makes fun of Navya. Tell her (Pranati) something. She does not have to intervene between me and Navya. Pranati slaps her. Dadi is stunned. Armaan raises his hand to slap her in return but Reyansh holds his hand. Be careful. Armaan tells him to tell Pranati to stay away from his matters. Reyansh reminds her that she is a woman. It isn’t right to raise a hand on a woman! Armaan says she raised her hand on me first. Who is she? Why should I listen to her? Maan holds Reyansh but Reyansh holds Armaan by his collar angrily. How dare you! Armaan smiles at his brother. You held my collar today for her? You had never even looked back at her. You did the same thing that I have done with Navya – use and throw! He holds his by his neck angrily. Be very careful. Maan pushes them away as they get into a scuffle. Dadi asks them what’s happening. Mahabharat wont happen in this house because of a woman! Pranati says Mahabharat dint happen because of a woman. It happened because a woman was disrespected. You can call me anything. I don’t care! I know you all very well now. I wont let your grandson ruin the lives of 2 girls at any cost! Hear me well. She heads to her room. Dadi thinks there is a crack in her family for the first time. I must do something about this girl or she will break the family.

Pranati runs to her room and cries. She cries thinking about what happened outside. Reyansh comes there as well. He holds her hand, gestures her to be quiet and takes her to his room.

Pranati tries to leave but he blocks her way. I told you to that we don’t understand anything except money. Armaan is marrying Riya for money. You have created a block in Dadi’s plans. Pranati says I was surprised to realise you used people. He calls it the truth of their family. She says not everyone is like you. You tried to make like you. He calls it part of the plan. Our family needed a business alliance so we set Armaan with Riya. You came in the picture when we had to bring Riya home. I used you. Pranati cries and pulls him by his collar angrily. Why did you do it? You turned me into you! Riya was my student. She trusted me but you made me lie to her! It’s a sin! He says I did lie but I haven’t lied to you for the first time. She says I hate you in reply. Reyansh says you hate me since 9 years yet you are this house for Jugnu’s sake. I told you that this is temporary. She nods. I was a fool though. I once again saw the good in you instead of looking at the evil in you. I wondered how the guy who I loved deeply can be so bad. I have a daughter with you. It was my mistake. I have a bad habit of seeing good in everyone. I learnt my lesson again, thanks to you! He tells her to remember it. Hope you wont fall in someone else’s trap again. She says every relation and everything is a deal for you and your family. I will remember that no one else’s life should stop because of you guys! She leaves.

Dadi thinks to use Jugnu against Pranati to make sure she should not create anymore trouble for them.

Next morning, everyone is making preps for puja. Dadi asks Reyansh if he is fine. Reyansh checks her temperature. She speaks of last night but he tells her to forget it. She agrees. The wedding should be grand. He assures her about it. He looks a little confused as he walks away from Dadi. Dadi decides to take care of Pranati now.

Pranati is on call with Navya. Riya wont listen to me without any proof. The mehendi ritual is about to start. Come asap. She ends the call and notices Dadi standing near the door. Dadi taunts her on her dress. I am inspired by what you are trying to do. I must do something to take care of the great woman inside you! She pulls Pranati by her hair and shows her a video. It is a video where Jugnu speaks against Pranati. Maybe she wants to prove to the judge that she loves me very much. I know such women very well. They put up a drama so as to get the baby but then show their real faces later on. I am waiting for these 6 months so I can move on! I don’t want this Ma at all. She cannot keep me happy. Dadi pushes Pranati. Should I show you again? This is what will happen if you will mess with me! I should give a copy of this video’s recording to you. I have given it to the lawyer already. I can give it to the judge as well. Why wait for 6 months anyways? Pranati looks at her in shock. Did you make Jugnu say all that? Dadi laughs. Whatever Jugnu said has been recorded now. You need to decide what you want – to be with your daughter or to save Navya!

Precap: Reyansh talks badly about Pranati in front of the guests. Pranati tells Reyansh she is a mother. I can cross all limits to save my kid! Reyansh pulls her closer and tries to get cosy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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