Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar does arrangement for Megha’s engagement

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush cooks sweets. Omkar says what are you doing here? He says making happiness for you. Omkar says when will we go with the proposal? Piyush says if I burn these happiness on high flame they will burn. We need to cook it on low flame to make them the best.

Manjali says what is he doing in my kitchen? If Omkar didn’t love him, I would have kicked him out. Omkar’s dad says he’s a diamond not a toy. Omkar says I want time to move fast. Piyush says everything would be perfect tomorrow.

Megha and Mayura do online shopping. Kundan calls Mayura. Police siren blares. Megha says I can’t hear. Kundan is worried. He says is everything ready for engagement? Mayura says she will look the best. Megha says we were looking for lehngas online. Choose once we shortlist. Megha says you look worried. He says engagement preps. Is Mayura okay? Megha says yes why? Kundan says I will talk to you later. Kundan says what should I do? Megha is like a sister to me. How do I save her? Or all this a misunderstanding.

Scene 2
Megha says all the decorators said no. They aren’t coming. Everything is shut down. Dadi says oh God, I hope it doesn’t stop anything. Mayura gives Megha water and says calm down we will manage everything. Ashutoush says don’t worry. we will do all the work ourselves. Megha says yes. Megha says but I wanted a perfect engagement. I wanted everything good but nothing good can ever happen in my life. She goes in crying.

Omkar says everyone said no. There’s no arrangement. I won’t let that happen. He’s hearing from his camera. Omkar says they must be worried. I won’t let this happen. I will do it all. Piyush.

Ashutoush says it’s all my fault. Surekha says I didn’t pray enough. Mayura says how will we do it as per her liking? Please help us God. Omkar says we should talk to Mayura about precautions for our office people. She’s a doctor. That’s how I will start the conversation. Piyush says superb. Omkar says let me call Sanjay and ask him to build a taj mehel type set up there. Piyush says we will have to do it on our own.

Mayura googles. Ashutoush calls people. Surekha is worried. Megha calls Kundan and cries. She says everyone said no. I planned all this for us. Kundan says you matter to me only. It’s okay. Where is Mayura? Did she go out? Megha says she is busy in preps. Megha says he cares so much about my family. Kundan says I have to save Mayura from that man.

Mayura says something will work out, her happiness will knock on the door. Door knocks. Mayura opens. It’s Piyush with all the flowers. Mayura says you? Omkar comes in. Megha says you? Piyush says we will do the best arrangement for the engagement. Dadi says sit please. Ashutoush says what is all this? Piyush says Omi considers you all family. We got to know about Megha’s engagement so he said let’s make it special.

Scene 3
Kundan says to his mom, don’t worry. I will come on time. Kundan asks the doctor who Gupta and Sharma came to. He asks what happened? The doctor says they look injured like someone tortured them. I asked them to get admitted but they ran. Kundan says in heart this means Omkar did it.

Omkar says you all decide what you want. Piyush adn I will start the work. Their workers come in with all the stuff. The neighbors say this Omkar’s car. What is happening? Are they getting married? Dadi says he’s working in our house? He’s such a big man. Ashutoush says this only possible when a person’s heart is as big as his name.

Mayura brings Megha in the hall to see the decorations. Megha is very happy. Omkar smiles at Mayura. The song O re piya plays. Megha hugs Maurya. Megha looks at all the gifts and pretty decorations. Omkar does the work. Mayura looks at him.

Dadi says he’s such a big man. Mayura overhears. Dadi says he’s a diamond for Mayura. Surekha says you can’t find someone like that ever again. Mayura falls down. Omkar holds her. Piiyush actually saved her from the vase. His hand bleeds but he stays silent so Omkar can take the credit. Omkar says what if something happened to you? Mayura says I am fine. Omkar says nothing should ever happen to you. He leaves. Piyush hides his hand and says he’s always worried about other people. He picked an orphan like me and changed my life, then imagine how good would he be to his wife.

Precap-Surekha says to Mayura if you like Omkar then marry him. Mayura says yes I will marry him. Mayura says to Omkar do you want to say no? He smiles. Kundan calls Mayura and says Omkar is a fraud. But it’s Omkar on the other side of the phone instead of Mayura.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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