Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura says yes to Omkar

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Megha is very happy. She texts Kundan all is fine. Omkar came here to arrange things for our wedding. Kundan calls Sharma. He says I have to do something. The neighbors come in and says Sangemarmar Sartaj Omkar ji came here himself. She is so shameless she rejected you and you keep helping her. Mayura says aunty get ready for the function. The woman says you must be used to see him. We aren’t. A woman says Surekha your daughter rejected him. He came again. You all insulted them. Piyush says aunty why are you digging up past? Don’t you like him coming here? A woman says yes, but we didn’t like him being insulted. The woman says your daughter insulted them. It takes only two minutes to lose a lifetime of respect. Piyush says let’s go. A woman says Omkar you have such a big name but a girl made you fall off your face. Surekha says what are you saying. Omkar is angry. A woman says she’s beautiful but keep yourself in control. Mayura says enough.

Scene 2
Kundan meets Sharma and Gupta, he says I will get FIR done against the person who tortured you. Kundan says in heart Mayura is my sister. I will have to lie for her. Gupta says please don’t involve her in all this. Sharma says we made a mistake too. If Omkar finds out.. Kundan says Omkar? He did what? Sharma says we saved our life. Let us go please.

Mayura says I am so sorry. You are disrespected in our house even if these people did this. Mayura says you people taunted my sister and my mother all our lives. You were just watching and having fun when our house was being destroyed. You people taunted my sister every time her proposals were rejected. When we needed someone today, you know who came to help? Omkar. You people were connected to us for years. He just met us a few days ago and he stood by us. The woman says if you really like him now, say that you will marry him. Why did you reject him? Mayura says yes I will marry him. Everyone is shocked. Omkar and Piyush smile. Kundan calls Megha but she disconnects.

Mayura says Omkar, to me, for marriage people must know each other. In an arranged marriage you can never know. I don’t know how this all happened. It’s in your hands now. You can say no. But it’s a yes from me. Dadi says wow. Thank God. Mayura says will you.. Omakr says yes. He smiles. Piyush says yes.

Kundan keeps calling Megha and Mayura. Piyush says congratulations everyone. He sprinkles flowers on them. He gives Omkar a tiara. Omkar makes Mayura wear a tiara. Piyush says let’s do their engagement as well with Megha. It would be double happiness. Omkar says I am ready to get engaged today. Mayura is shy. She goes upstairs. Piyush says let’s pray for both of them together. Dadi says yes why not. Piyush says I am sorry I got excited. You can decide. You can take your time. They all go inside.

Omkar says to Piyush Mayura said yes. Why do we have to wait now? Piyush says congratulations first of all. Let’s wait for the right time. Omkar says Mayura had to be mine. He hugs Piyush.

Scene 3
Manjali and her husband have facepack on their face. He slips. Manjali says it will brighten up your face. Stay quite. Omkar calls Manjali and says Mayura said yes. She says what? She dances and says yayyy. Mayura said yes. Manjali dances. Manjali says lucky her. She says I am very happy. His dad says darkness only. Omkar says it’s engagement today. Prepare the best. Manjali says nothing would be less. She says to her husband, your son is getting engaged today. Manjali says the toy Piyush did his work. She slips and falls. Her husband says this is the sign of God about what is going to happen.

Piyush says they haven’t said yes for today’s engagement. We want that, but maybe they need time. Omkar says in heart I have decided. The engagement would be today.

Ashuoush says Mayura, what you said outside? Dadi says she did right. He says let me talk please. Ashu says I know you got emotional But such decisions are taken in peace. Megha says papa is right. It is a decision about lifetime. It’s taken in peace. Think once. Dadi says don’t overcook things. She said yes. Mayura says I said yes in all my senses. Like Megha and Kundan met one twice and she knew he is the best for her. Like you and mom as well. I felt the same for him. I got him wrong in the beginning but he has a pure heart. Ashu says these decisions shouldn’t be taking in a hurry. Be careful. Dadi says he is the perfect guy. They like each other, what is wrong with you? They know each other. Ashu says don’t I want the best for her? Surekha says but she decided. Ashu says but why this hasty? Megha says she likes Omkar. He’s a good man. Don’t worry. She made this decision in her senses. Mayura says I understand your concern papa. Omkar is a good man. He cares about me and our entire family just like Kundan. Megha says let’s go out. Megha says call Kundan and give him the good news. Dadi says Piyush was right. Let’s get them engaged today. Ashu says don’t be hasty with engagement at least. Dadi says you stay quite.

Scene 4
Kundan calls Mayura. He says Mayura beta why weren’t you picking my call? That Omkar is a fraud. He’s pretending to be nice. He is trapping you. He tortured and was about to kill Sharam and Gupta. He’s trapping you in a cage. Omkar is on the other side of the call.

Precap-Omkar kidnaps and tortures Kundan. Kundan says I won’t let you ruin Mayura’s life. Omkar says if you take my Mayura’s name again, I will cut your tongue. God made her this beautiful so I can keep her safe. Omkar and Mayura are getting engaged. Kundan is injured. He runs on the roads. Kundan comes to the house. Everyone is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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