Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar meets Mayura at the campus

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar is at the river. He picks water in his hand and sees Mayura’s face. He says shadow won’t work. I promise I will see you before the day ends today, face to face. Megha ties Mayura’s saree. She can’t handle it. Savita says can’t handle the saree? Hindustani girls can handle saree easily. Megha says finally this saree is put to use. I am glad they kept traditional wear as a dress code. Mayura recalls principal said Sartaj ji would come, and she wants the best student to welcome her. Mayura said but I am not the nest. She said but you’re special. We want you to welcome her only. Dadi says my hoor pair looks so pretty. Mayura looks in the mirror and says I will welcome that Sartaj.

Omkar is getting Mayura’s pictures painted by many painters. His mom wonders who is this girl who won his heart so much that he called all the painters to paint her? Omkar looks at the paintings in anger. None of them look like Mayura. His mom says how will we find the girl if he didn’t like any single painting? Someone calls her and says he’s the chief guest at college, they are waiting. She says let me handle. Omkar burns all the paintings. His mom says what are you doing? Sanjay will find that girl. Don’t worry. You know and understand everything. We couldn’t make you study but you accomplished everything. You should go to college and stamp the degrees there. He says I can’t comprehend anything but that girl. His mom says maybe you find her there? There are so many girls in college. He says let’s go, we are getting late.

Omkar’s mom calls Sanjay and says ask them to sanitize the college before we reach there. They sit in the car and leave.

Scene 2
Mayura enters the college from the back door because she can’t handle the saree. It gets stuck in an idol. She pulls it and it tears. Mayura says no. I wore it for the first time. How much nonsense do I have to bear because of this Sangemarmar Sartaj. She walks away and they arrive there. Omkar wonders who are you and how do I find you? The idols are being sanitized. The workers say these are for big people. Let’s take it inside.

Mayura runs to the restroom. Two girls say she thinks herself so smart. The special guests would be so mad when they see her. I have a plan. The principal says we have sanitized the whole campus. Please welcome. Omkar and his mom enter college. His mom takes the arti plate. She says this is my son’s first idol, I will see it first and take the evil eye off. This is important because sangemarmar catches the evil eye very easily. This idol is the symbol of my son’s personality and accomplishments.

Scene 3
Mayura hears the girls talking that guys have placed firecrackers under the idol. It’s been taken to the auditorium and no one is allowed there. They are making her here that. Mayura says in heart oh God, it would make such a bad reputation for the college. I have to do something.

Omkar’s mom asks the principal to turn back as well. She does the arti of the idol. Mayura is coming running there. She says in heart these people are doing pooja. The firecrackers must be under the idol. I have to stop but them but if I should the pooja would be disturbed. She runs inside and breaks the idol. Everyone is shocked. Mayura gets up. Omkar looks at her and their theme song plays. Mayura gets up. Omkar keeps staring at her. Mayura says I am so sorry. I didn’t do it deliberately. Omkar’s mom says how dare she? Who let her in? She broke my son’s idol. Who is she? How did she come here? She says no madam. The principal says you better stay quiet. You ruined our name in front of Sangemarmar Sartaj. Mayura says I am so sorry. I made a mistake. I heard some guys placed firecrackers under the idol so I came here to stop that. I am sorry. I collided with him. Omkar keeps looking at her.

Omkar’s mom says looks like she’s the same girl who Omkar was looking for. Mayura says please say something. Don’t stay quiet. You can scold me. Sanjay says he never acted so weird. She says let’s go out. They leave. Only Omkar and Mayura are in the room. Mayura says please don’t get me expelled. I have so many dreams, I am going to become a doctor. I have worked so hard. I am very sorry. He says ID? She gives him. Mayura says please forgive me. He says Mayura? She says yes. He reads her address.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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