Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura and Megha come home

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manjali says to Mayura got precious gifts for your family. Show them. And come back by evening. Omkar says you don’t have to pick Mayura. You’re a rani. Piyush says wow best husband ever. Manjali says you are so lucky Mayura. Manjali says he’s just like his dad. Once he hit a hammar on his hand while looking at me. Piyush says and I am third wheel. Omkar says come with us. Piyush says in heart I have to find out what happened to her cousins.

Mayura and Omkar reach the house. Mayura sees Megha. Mayura hugs Megha and says di I missed you a lot. Omkar is about to hold Mayura’s hand but she holds Megha’s hand and runs in. Ashu has put a ribbon there. Mayura and Megha cut it. Flowers sprinkle on them. Everyone welcomes them. MAyura is in tears. They play the song aye dil. Omkar cleans Mayura’s tears. Mayura says I am fine. Dadi says he cares so much for you. Let’s do the rituals. Ashu says yes and Omkar might have work.

Scene 2
Manjali says to Shankar our Omkar is way too crazy after marrying Mayura. What will happen is she gets to know his reality.

Surekha does Mayura’s arti and then Megha’s. Surekha syas may you always live together. Sanjay says Omi let’s go. Ashu says see you in the evening. Omkar says I will stay here and take you with me together. Mayura says you can get done with work. If you’re here, they will all be into your serving. Omkar says am I not a son in this house? Am I still a DIL? I thought I would spend time here with this family of mine. But okay. He walks out. Mayura says no don’t go. Let’s spend this day with our family here. Dadi says she’s right.

Surekha asks Ashu what happened? He says Omkar is like our son but we thought we will sit with Mayura alone. Surekha says but he loves Mayura so much. He wanted to spend time with us. Ashu says but I wanted to speak to Mayura. Surekha says it’s okay.

Scene 3
Manjali organizes Omi’s medicines and places them in the locker. Shankr says why hide them? She says that Mayura is a doctor.

Ashu serves Jalebi to everyone. Mayura says you made it? He says yes. Megha says they are so good. Mayura says to Omkar our papa makes the best jalebi. Omkar eats it. Omkar says O and M look good together. Ashu says I have something else as well. He gives gifts to Megha and Mayura. Mayura says this is so good. She says to Omkar see my favorite color. He says in heart this cloth is too hard. He says you shouldn’t take anything from this house. This is our ritual. Mayura is that house’s DIL.

Precap-Omkar says I can see stain on moon but not a stain on your beauty. Mayura says he loves my beauty not me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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