Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar makes Mayura’s family’s life difficult

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone cheers for Piyush. A guy says I wish I was like him. A girl says I wish I could tell him.

Mayura sees dadi worried. She says don’t worry. I will find a good guy. Dadi says the best proposal came here walking. He was a diamond. She says I want someone who sees my heart before my face. Omkar isn’t my type. Omkar says you will be mine Mayura. She says I want someone who loves the simple girls behind this face.

Piyush says the job is done. Everyone claps for him.

Piyush says how is it? He has made an artwork of plastic bottles. Everyone claps for him. He says I see beauty in everything. Mayura sees a butterfly. She says I hope I find someone who knows the love is beautiful when it’s free not in a case. Piyush says beauty doesn’t need to be caged. Everything should be free.

Omkar looks at Mayura’s photo and says beauty needs to be protected. Piyush picks his mom’s call. She says were you dead/ You weren’t picking my call. Aren’t you flying too much after you went to Bhopal. Omi’s love has spoiled you. He says how is Omi? Maaji says Omi isn’t okay. The girl rejected the proposal. He says I am coming. I will come with the first flight. I am coming for Omi.

Piyush’s friends say you can’t go. It’s such a big day for you. He says no I can’t go. Omkar looks at Mayura’s photo and says you are my demand. You will be here with me.

Scene 2
The clerk says your attendance is low. You can’t sit in exam. Mayura says what? I will talk to principal. He says she can’t help you. She has given permission for all this.

Ashutosh comes to office. His boss says you can’t go inside. You’re fired. He is shocked and says why? The boss says this is company’s decision due to Covid. We are downsizing. Megha’s client says you can’t find any clients. Surekha is stopped outside the temple and says you aren’t allowed to enter the temple. She says who can stop me? The watchman doesn’t answer

Everyone comes home. Surekha says how is Ashutosh fired? Omkar is outside. Mayura comes home. He says this will end beautifully when you accept my proposal. Omi’s mom says that girl is stubborn. What if she doesn’t listen? Thank God, Piyush has left. Only he can talk to Omkar.

There are many people outside Mayura’s house. They tell them we have been given order to break this house. You have only two hours. Megha says are you crazy? How can you break our house and how would we leave in 2 hours?

He says pick up your stuff. Megha says what’s the problem? The man says leave this house asap. You have only two hours. Ashutosh says who gave you the order? The officers say nothing can be done now. Dadi stops Mayura. She says this is what happens when you mess with such a big person. We are suffering because of you. She says why would Sangemarmar sartaj do this? He forgave me. He has a public image, why would he do this? Dadi says this all can’t be a coincidence. Your dad is fired, Megha is fired, your mom wasn’t let in the temple, you weren’t able to give exams. It’s him. Dadi cries.

Omkar looks at the video of Mayura’s house. Her family tries to convince the officers. The crane comes outside the house. Everyone is crying. They stand in front of the train. Mayura says I know why are you doing all this. I know whose order is this. I will fix everything in two hours. Omkar says I knew you would come to me Mayura. You will be mine only.

Mayura runs to his house. Mayura says I will go there. Mayura hears a kid crying. Save me. He’s on the tree and there’s a crane below it. He cries and says I will die. Mayura says stay there. She tries to help the child. Mayura tries to climb the tree. The child cries. Mayura stands on things trying to save him. Mayura says is there someone to save him. The kid jumps.. Someone comes from his bike and catches him. Mayura is scared. It’s Piyush. He takes off the helmet.

Omkar says why aren’t you here yet? Who’s stopping you to get to me? Mayura falls. Piyush holds her. Her face is black. Mayura says sorry and thank you. He says a beautiful girl like you must be saved. Mayura says so you liked the face so saved? Otherwise won’t have? He says no, you saved that kid. That makes you beautiful. I was talking about inner beauty. He leaves. Mayura sees her face it’s all black. She says so he actually meant inner beauty. I am glad not everyone is like Omkar.

Scene 3
Piyush comes home and hugs Omkar. He says you.. Piyush says why wouldn’t I come when you’re upset. Omkar says but you had to get an award today. Piyush says you are my award. He touches his feet. Omkar says in heart Mayura will come here. Piyush shouldn’t be here. Piyush says maa ji told me that girl said no. What was the issues? Omkar says go meet Sanjay first. Piyush leaves.

Mayura comes and says Omkar ji.. He says you here? Mayura don’t do thiis drama. I know what you did. You thought you would pressurize me into saying yes? You better stop all this.

Precap-The crane is about to break the house. Mayura stands in front of it. The crane moves towards her. Maa ji says I did all this. Omkar stops the crane.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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