Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar beats guys who flirt with Mayura

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says don’t worry. I gave your number to Ashutosh uncle. Omkar says in the heart until I don’t see her with my eyes, I won’t calm down. All windows are closed, can’t see from the drone camera either. Mayura comes there and says Hi Omkar ji. Omkar is shocked. Piyush leaves. He says you here? Mayura shows him a cake with a thank you written on you. He says you speak when you’re angry but sorry and thank you either on glass or cake. You can talk to me. Mayura says I wanted to thank you for saving me. I had such a misunderstanding about you. But you still saved me. He says I won’t tolerate if a single flame touched you. Mayura is confused. Mayura says thank you once again. See you.

Mayura comes out and says let’s go jeju. I said thanks. Kundan gives her a high five. They both laugh and sit in the car. Omkar says how dare he touch Mayura. He says I am trying to call your didi. I am inviting her for an office lunch. Mayura says official dates. Omkar says this Kundan is getting too close to Mayura. I have to do something with this BIL SIL bond.

Scene 2
Megha says it’s lunch in his office. I am so nervous. Mayura says relax. Megha says what if they don’t like me? Mayura says you’re so good and smart. Why would they? Surekha says Megha, there are some papers from the court. You have to sign them. Megha goes out. Kundan sees in the camera. Mayura calls Kundan. Omkar is angry. He says why is Kundan calling Mayura.

Kundan says if Megha worried? Ever since I spoke about the party she’s worried. Mayura says she’s a little nervous. Kundan says I would have been nervous too if she took me to the court. I am an idiot. Mayura says you’re the best. Don’t say that. He says everyone is waiting for her in the office. Can’t even say no. Omkar says it’s been 1 minute, 35 seconds. What are they talking about? Kundan says you should come along with us? Mayura says what will I do there? Kundan says Megha would be comfortable. Omkar says it’s been 6 minutes, her phone is still busy. He trips and his phone falls. Piyush says are you okay? His mom says are you fine? Omkar says yes. His dad picks the phone. Omkar takes it back. His dad says he is crazy. this isn’t right. He is recording her video. You can’t see what is wrong with your son.

Scene 3
Omkar comes to the office lunch party. He sees Mayura is sitting with Kundan and his colleagues. Omkar says what is going on. What is my Mayura doing here? He sits on the other table. Megha is on the call. Omkar is angry. Mayura laughs and enjoys with Kudan. Megha spills juice on her saree. Kundan says look at your sister. He goes to Megha. Omkar says this stupid Kundan left my Mayura with his friends alone.

A guy says Mayura you brighten up this lunch. Were you always this pretty? He sits with her. Omkar says she’s innocent. She doesn’t know their intentions. The guy says let’s take a selfie. They sit around her and put a hand on her shoulder. Mayura is uncomfortable. She says I need to go to the restroom.

Mayura walks out. Omkar pulls her hand. He says why did you have to tolerate all that? Why did you let them take the selfie? Do you even know them? Mayura is shocked. Mayura says calm down. Omkar says how dare they touch you. Mayura takes her hand back. Piyush says I can’t tolerate either. I don’t know what happened. Omi is angry because they misbehaved with you. He would have been angry if any men misbehave with any girl. I would have slapped them. Mayura says drink water. Thank you Omkar ji. But I can take care of myself. I can tolerate all this. Omkar says then why didn’t you say anything? She says because it’s di and jeju’s first date didn’t wanna ruin it. He says why would you come on their date? Mayura says because jeju asked. I couldn’t say no. Anyway, it’s all okay now. The guys walk past and say Kundan’s SIL is amazing. Anyone would tolerate any wife for this SIL. Omkar says in heart these people and that Kundan isn’t okay to be close to you. He leaves. Piyush says let’s sit and wait for him.

Omkar gets in the elevator with the guys. Piyush says don’t get Omkar wrong. You matter to him. I know you can take care of yourself. Mayura says I got him wrong. He’s a good human. Not like what I thought. Omkar ties and hangs the guy with the ceiling. Piyush says you should do this confession in front of Omi. We get mad on anyone in front of people but never appreciate them on the face. Anyway, I am leaving. You should say this to him if you feel like it. He waits near the pillar.

Mayura walks and says Piyush is right. She asks the receptionist if they have seen Omkar. He says yes, upstairs. The guys are hanging outside the balcony. Mayura is going upstairs. Omkar says after I complete my drink, I am going to cut these ropes. He leaves his glass and takes out a dagger. Omkar is about to cut the ropes. Mayura is in the elevator. She comes there. Omkar is shocked.

Precap-Mayura gets ready for her engagement. Mayura says I always wanted someone to love my soul not face. Omkar fulfilled that dream. We are getting engaged today. Kundan says Omkar is obsessed with your face. I will expose him to you. He drives and says his reality can save you from the cage. Omkar is about to make him wear the ring. Kundan comes in and says stop Mayura.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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