Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai – (Episode 14)

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Guys , sorry for the late update. I was just feeling bored for few days and wasn’t in a mood to write anything. But I back . Hope you are all doing good . Here comes the new episode. Do pour your thoughts about the episode on the comment section.

Episode 14:-

An unexpected meet !!

Monday, Railway Station.

Sanam and Afeeza is standing on the platform. Seher is inside the train. She is sitting near the window.

Sanam – “ Call me twice a day. Don’t forget to call me once you reach Delhi. Don’t take help from strangers.. Just focus on your interview, don’t do any pranks on anyone “.

Afeeza chuckles. Seher gives her an irritated look.

Seher – “ Oho meri Ammi !( My Mom)  Don’t behave like an oldie and by the way Iam not a child. And by the way , calling twice a day ! I feel like you are a doctor and you are asking me to consume tablet twice a day . I can take care of myself, Ms. Sanam Asad Ahmed Khan. So just chill”. Afeeza – “ She won’t stop by this . Seher , take care . Have a happy journey, enjoy . Tell how is everything there, especially.. ”.

Seher understands her words and she winks at Afeeza. Afeeza signs her not to do so. Sanam looks them suspiciously. They turn their heads to other side.

Sanam- “ What is happening guys?” Afeeza – “ Nothing, it’s our secret. It’s time , train will leave now”. Seher – “ Ok bye , guys . See you “. Sanam – “ Okay take care”. Afeeza – “ See you “.

Train leaves . Sanam and Afeeza leaves the station.

As they walk , Sanam see Aahil sitting a cafe.
The cafe is in an open area , there umbrellas place over every table. It’s bit crowded. Aahil is waiting for someone. He talking to someone over the phone. Sanam fumes in anger seeing him. She heads towards Aahil. Afeeza gets shocked seeing her walking to another direction . She holds her hand.

Afeeza – “ Where are you going? It’s our path”. Sanam – “ I have to do something important. You wait here , I will be back. If you are getting late , you leave for your job”. Afeeza – “ No worries , I have time. I will wait or else should I accompany you?“.  Sanam – “ No. I will manage”.

Sanam walks into the cafe . Aahil haven’t seen her. Sanam stands near his chair. He mistakes her to be waiter as he doesn’t she her.

Aahil – “ I told you , Iam waiting for someone. I will place order once the person arrives… “.

He turns to her finally and he gets shocked. Sanam eyes him furiously.

He gets up.

Sanam ( seriously) – “ I haven’t seen someone like you before , how can someone stoop so low ? “. Aahil – “ Excuse me? What the hell is this? .. “ . Sanam – “ Just keep quiet , today I will speak and you have to listen to it. Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim, Who are you? You have money and influence that doesn’t mean that you can use it for trouble common man . If god has given you that it doesn’t mean you can do anything to anyone who you doesn’t like”.

Aahil gets irritated .

Aahil – “ Hey , Miss Dhabbewali! What is your problem? Whenever you see me you start to give lectures and taunts , are you mentally sick? What is the problem?”. Sanam – “ Really? You don’t know what is the problem? You pressurized my employer to fire me and you are asking what is problem. Seriously?”

Aahil gets shocked over her statement and gets confused. Sanam is still furious. Aahil thinks for a while.

Aahil – “ You don’t know to behave well, or to respect anyone. If you have such bad qualities you will get fired from every job like this”. Sanam – “ People should preach what they implement in their life . Please don’t talk about such things again”. Aahil ( irritated) – “ You are saying my behavior is bad ? “. Sanam – “ You are mistaken , it’s not bad but worst. By the way, I won’t give up infront of you. If you do anything next time , I will show you what I can do”.

Sanam walks away. Aahil gets angry.

Aahil (shouts)!- “ Don’t think that you can live here peacefully after this!!! I don’t keep debits , I will show you too that who Iam and what can I do !!”.

Afeeza is standing outside the cafe . She gives a serious look to Sanam .

Sanam turns her face . Afeeza hold her hands .

Afeeza- “ What is this Sanam ? Happy now !! Everything is done! He will now let you live her peacefully, great job!! ( sarcastically) “. Sanam – “ Iam not afraid of him. I won’t be able to sleep if I would have not give him tight answer “. Afeeza – “ I can’t beat in you in giving excuses for fighting. So let’s go “.

They walks . Afeeza gets a call from Seher. She picks the call.

Seher – “ Is everything fine?”

Afeeza- “ Sanam won’t change anytime. Seher , I think she should be taken to a psychologist for anger management treatment “.

Sanam gives her stern look and Afeeza takes it cool.

Seher – “ So she got into fight again. It’s common thing. Did she slap him? “

Afeeza – “ No “. Seher – “Then she controlled herself well “. Afeeza – “ This is her controlling, really!! Oho my god! By the way, I will give her phone . Tell her whatever you want”.

Afeeza hand over her phone to Sanam.

Seher – “ Sanam, please be little patient. I forgot to take my birth certificate, please scan it and send me from any Internet cafe. I will take the copy”. Sanam – “ How can you be so irresponsible? When will you grow up?” Seher – “ Sorry , I just forgot in hurry. Stop your lecture and just do it , na.. Please sissy!!” Sanam – “ Okay fine. Anything else?” Seher – “ Take care”. Sanam – “ Okay, Take care “.

Seher hang up the phone . Sanam gives it to Afeeza.

Sanam – “ You go to your work place. I have to go home to get a document. It’s necessary for Seher”. Afeeza – “ Okay”.

In home,

Haya is cooking. Then she looks outside the window, see children playing.

She smiles seeing that sight.

She remembers her childhood. She remembers how they use to play .

In the hall, Dilshad is checking some files.

She starts to feel uneasiness, she starts to sweat . She starts feel pain over her chest . She holds her chest. She start to experience an unbearable pain and falls unconscious.

Haya checks her watch and she remembers that it is time for Dilshad’s medicine. Haya takes a glass of water and  then goes to room to take out medicines. She doesn’t notice that Dilshad is lying on the floor , unconscious . She brings it to hall then she gets shocked seeing Dilshad . She keeps it down and goes to wakes up Dilshad . But she doesn’t respond. She gets tensed and scared. She sprinkles water on her face but Dilshad doesn’t respond. Haya starts to cry and she doesn’t know what to do. She gets up to open the door , just then Sanam opens the door from outside. Sanam comes in and see Haya in tension. Sanam then noticed that Dilshad is lying unconscious on the floor.

In hospital,

Dilshad is taken to ICU , Sanam and Haya is waiting outside the ICU. Haya is crying and Sanam is consoling her. Sanam is trying to control her tears. Then a nurse comes and call her. She ask to see the doctor in his cabin.

Sanam – “ Can come in”.

Doctor- “ Please Come ”.

Sanam sits on the chair. She is worried seeing his expression. She could sense that something is wrong, so she prepared herself .

Sanam – “How is Badi Ammi ?” Doctor- “ Actually, it’s little crictical. Do she have any heart related issues? “. Sanam – “ No”.

Doctor- “ I think she got heart ache due to some block in the artery. So we need to do a test”.

Sanam sits silent for a while.

Doctor – “ Don’t worry , Miss .. ?” Sanam- “ Sanam “.  Doctor – “ Miss Sanam , we will do our best. Please pay for it in the bill counter”. Sanam – “ Doctor , in that hurry I couldn’t take much money. Please do us a favor , please go ahead with the test . I will go home and get money in that time. Please .. “. Doctor – “ Okay fine “.

Sanam ask Haya to wait outside the ICU . She assures her that she will come back within sometime. Sanam fills up the form and leaves.

After a while, she comes back with all her savings. She pays it at bill counter. She comes to Haya.

It’s evening .

Sanam and Haya is waiting for the results. Doctor calls them into the cabin.

Doctor- “ There is a block in patient’s artery . We have to perform an angioplasty as soon as possible. It’s 80% now”. Sanam – “ Okay fine. How much does it cost ?” Doctor – “ 2 Lakh “. Sanam – “ 2 Lakh !! “. Doctor – “ What happened?” Sanam- “ We don’t have that much money … Please Doctor, please save our Badi Ammi. I will pay it , but I need some time “. Doctor – “ Unless you pay , we can’t go ahead with the procedure . Please remember her condition is really bad “.

Sanam and Haya comes out of the cabin. Haya ask her how will get money . Sanam – “ Don’t worry , I will get it some how. Allah will help us “.

Aahil then enters the hospital. He collects a report from the counter.

Sanam goes to pray to god in the prayer room. She prays for her Badi Ammi. She couldn’t control her tears while praying.

Aahil passes by the prayer room , he gets to see her. He stops there , he then see her crying. Sanam hasn’t seen him. Aahil feels bad when he see her crying.

He wonders why he is feeling bad when he saw her crying , he finds it weird.

Just then he see a nurse and enquire about Sanam . The nurse tells him about her problem. Aahil goes from there after hearing about it.

Sanam calls Afeeza from someone’s phone to inform about them being in the hospital.

Afeeza comes there .

Sanam – “ Do you know any money lenders who will give money without any collateral ?“. Afeeza – “ No , it was yesterday I paid some money for my exam. Otherwise I could have helped you with that . Let me talk to someone “. Afeeza calls someone and talks.

Afeeza – “ My Friend has agreed to give some money . Let’s get it . We will give that now and let’s ask the hospital people to give us sometime “. Sanam – “ Okay “. Afeeza – “ Then lets go and collect it “.

Afeeza gives Sanam’s repaired phone to Haya , to update them through message. Haya agrees.

They leaves and they reach Afeeza’s friend’s house . But the friend couldn’t arrange the money as she thought . They comes back disappointedly. Haya smiles seeing them. They gets surprised. Haya hugs Sanam. Sanam doesn’t understand.

Sanam – “ Haya , we couldn’t get the money”. Haya signs – “ But money is already paid , Badi Ammi’s treatment started “. Sanam – “ But who did that ? Afeeza did you talked to anyone else ?” Afeeza – “ No “. Sanam – “ Then how?” Haya signs  – “ Maybe it is done by some angel , who god send to save our Badi Ammi “.

Sanam is happy but she feels odd . Something that hold her back to think contrary to Haya’s belief . Afeeza is confused too. They wait there .

It’s late night ,

Doctor comes to them with the good news that Dilshad is fine now. But she has to kept under observation for 24 hours in ICU. They thank the doctor.

Doctor – “ It is because of someone who helped you on right time. Thank that person . You can see your grandmother

tomorrow morning “.

He leaves.

Sanam – “ Haya , you wait here . We will be back soon”.

She takes Afeeza along with her to Bill counter. She enquirers about the person who paid her Badi Ammi’s bill. But the lady in the counter tells her that the person asked to reveal the identity. Sanam pleads . Sanam ask her to reveal as she wish to thank the person . The lady says that let her talk to the person first. Sanam agrees.

Next day , Morning.

Sanam , Haya and Afeeza meets Dilshad . Dilshad doesn’t remember what happened, Sanam explains it to her. She ask her to take rest. They assured her that they waiting outside. They get emotional. They goes out to let her rest.

Afeeza gets call from Seher .

Seher – “ Good morning, Badi Ammi didn’t pick my call . Is there any problem with her phone?”  Afeeza – “ Yeah , there is some problem”.

Sanam – “ Whose call ?” Afeeza ( faintly )-   “ Seher “.

Sanam signs her not to reveal that Dilshad is not well. Afeeza agrees.

Seher – “ How is everything going ? Can you give the phone to Badi Ammi “.

Afeeza gets confused about how to lie.

Afeeza – “ She is taking bath “. Seher – “ Oho , is Sanam there? Then give her”. Afeeza hand over the phone to Sanam .

Sanam (trembled voice ) – “ Seher , you are okay ? “ Seher – “ What happened Sanam ? Your voice is not normal , any problem?”

Sanam clears her voice .

Sanam – “ No”.  Seher – “ Did that man disturbed you ? Tell me , it won’t take me a minute to write about his bad behavior Facebook “.  Sanam – “ I haven’t seen him after that fight. I think it’s due to cold  “.  Seher – “ What ? There is shayari upon this situation .. ‘ Cold ki etni majaal ki woh bhi aye Hitler se lene panga , Cold ki etni majaal ki woh bhi aye Hitler se lene panga , don’t worry meri jaan , ladke woh bhi samaj jayegi bilkul waste hain yeh panga’ Shukriya , Shukriya . By the way , I wasn’t feeling good yesterday night . I don’t know some odd feeling . That is reason why I called her“.

Sanam gets surprised upon that statement. Sanam wipes her tear. Afeeza looks her.

Sanam – “ Everything is fine. You just concentrate on your interview”. Seher – “ You always say that I forget things , you forgot to send me what I asked to . I asked you to send me something “. Sanam – “ Oho ! I totally forgot about that in yesterday’s hurry “. Seher – “ In what hurry?”.

Sanam realize her mistake, she scratch her head.

Sanam – “ I was busy with some work. That’s it. I will send it soon”. Seher – “ Okay, call me back when Badi Ammi is free. Tell my regards to Afeeza and Haya “.   Sanam – “ Okay , Take care”.  Seher – “Okay”.

Seher hang up the phone . Sanam hand over the phone to Afeeza. Sanam goes to meet Doctor.

Sanam – “ Doctor, when we can take our Badi Ammi home?” Doctor – “ Tomorrow. Till now her condition is good. She need proper rest , she shouldn’t be subjected to any kind of stress. She need to have medicine on proper time and important thing , she should follow a healthy diet “. Sanam – “ Okay Doctor, we will take care of it . Doctor, how much will it cost for medicines and room bill . Actually if you give me an estimate figure I can arrange it “.  Doctor – “ As per my knowledge, it’s all paid . Even her medicines for six months”.

Sanam gets surprised.

Sanam – “ Who did that ? Is the same person who paid for her operation?” Doctor- “ Yes”. Sanam – “ Doctor, please tell me . Who is that person? I really want to thank that person . Please … tell me “.  Doctor – “ Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim , Bhopal’s most influential man “.

Sanam gets shocked . She couldn’t believe her ears .

She comes out of cabin. She wonders whom she thought as worst person in fact has saved her Badi Ammi’s life . At that moment, her perspective towards Aahil was changing. She felt grateful towards him and at that moment all her hatred towards him got replaced with gratitude. She made her mind that she will thank him whole heartedly.

Precap:-  Sanam at Aahil’s house,  infront of him. They are standing opposite to each other.  Sanam – “ Thank you so much , you have given me back my life . I will be always grateful to you for that “.  Aahil looks her with surprise. Sanam smiles at him. ( Junoon tere ishq ka  played )

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