Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai – (Episode 15)

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Episode 15:-

Sanam and Aahil have a new start

Next day , Morning.

Dilshad is discharged. Sanam and Haya take her to home. Sanam couldn’t go to Aahil’s house last day . She had to take care of Dilshad. Sanam ask Haya to take care of Dilshad, she leaves to meet Aahil.

Sanam reaches infront Aahil’s house in an auto. She gets down.

Sanam thinks – “ Yes, we have fighted a lot. But today I have to thank him. Afterall he saved my Badi Ammi’s life. I will thank him wholeheartedly. It will be tough but I will do it “.

Sanam goes in and she rings the door bell. She waits for someone to come. Lateef comes there and see Sanam .

Lateef – “ You are that girl…  right ? The one who came with Nazia Beti and had a fight with Aahil baba ?”

Sanam nods.

Lateef- “ Why did you came ? Who you want to see ?”

Sanam – “ I want to meet Aahil ji “.

Lateef- “ You came to fight again !! “.

Sanam- “ No , you are mistaken . I came to thank him. He helped me when I was in trouble “.

Lateef looks her suspiciously. Sanam looks her normally.

Lateef – “ I haven’t seen Aahil baba helping someone who he had a fight with… Okay .. come in “.

Sanam walks in. Lateef walks infront of her and she stops near the couch. Lateef turns to Sanam .

Lateef- “ You wait here , I will call Aahil Baba “.

Sanam nods “ Yes “.

Before Lateef call him , Aahil comes out to the hall.

Lateef – “ Aahil baba is here “.

Aahil doesn’t see Sanam as she standing behind Lateef.

Lateef – “ Someone has come to meet you “.

Aahil – “ Who ?”

Lateef move aside . Aahil see Sanam standing. Both of them look each other. Lateef leaves . Aahil looks her. ( Junoon tere ishq ka  played )

They are standing opposite to each other. 

Sanam – “ I came to thank you. Thank you so much , you have given me back my life as you saved my Badi Ammi’s life . I will be always grateful to you for that “.  Aahil looks her with surprise. Sanam smiles at him. ( Junoon tere ishq ka  played )

Aahil comes out from the moment.

Aahil – “ So , you got to know about it . That brought you here . Only thanks for that help “.

Sanam – “ No . I know you have done a great help , but I am not interested to keep any financial debit “.

Aahil – “ So you are here to repay ?”

Sanam – “ Sorry , I don’t have that much money right now. But I promise you that I will repay your money, but need some time “. Aahil – “ What if you run away without repaying ?”.  Sanam – “ You can trust me , I won’t do that “.

Aahil – “ Why should I trust you ?”

Sanam – “ Okay , I will give you a proper written statement. So that you can trust me “.

Aahil – “ See Ms.Dhabbewali ..  I haven’t done that for charity … Yes I want the money back … you have 2 options … option 1 – pay it now and leave “.

Sanam – “ That’s what I told you don’t have that much money in hand . What is the 2nd option?”

Aahil looks her and smirks. Sanam is confused.

Aahil  – “ Knee down and bow your head and say sorry for messing up with me . And add that you won’t repeat it again. Simple! I won’t ask you for the money after that “.

Sanam looks him. Aahil waits for her apology.

Sanam – “ I haven’t done anything wrong regarding our first 2 fights . When it comes to next 2 fights , yes I agree that I got angry more than needed. But you initiated the fight , first you started arguing with me and second you got me fired from my job just for our fight.  I haven’t done anything wrong, thus I won’t apologize for anything which I don’t feel guilty for “.

Aahil sense her confidence in her words. He got amused at same time his ego is getting hurt. This is something which he haven’t felt before . Aahil looked her intensely. Sanam stood without any fear and she looked into eyes without blinking.  Aahil couldn’t take off his from her after witnessing her bold behavior. But he took his eyes from her and remembered what he planned .

Aahil – “ Strange!  How can you just reject my options even after being under my mercy?”

Sanam – “ You helped me and Iam grateful to for that. I won’t forget it ever. But that doesn’t mean I will compromise with my values and principles “.

Aahil – “ Superb! Iam impressed… Okay , I will give you 3rd option. Work under me for six months on contract base. Your debit will be cleared off in turn . I hope it is convenient for you!”.

Sanam is surprised with his suggestion but is suspicious about his offer. Aahil looks her. Sanam thinks for a while and looks him.

Sanam – “ Okay fine . But what job ?”

Aahil turns and take a step. He smirks.

Aahil – “ Do you know to do all housechores ? As house maid does. I mean everything”.

Sanam looks him sternly.

Sanam – “ Yes , I know “.

Aahil – “ Have you gone to college?”

Sanam (in low tone) –  “ No “.

Aahil keeps his hand near his ear and pretends as if he didn’t heard her answer.

Aahil – “ I couldn’t hear.. say louder “.

Sanam gets angry seeing his drama but controls her anger. Aahil smiles.

They don’t see each other’s reaction as Aahil is not facing her.

Sanam – “ No , I haven’t gone to college… b.. “ .

Aahil interrupts- “ Enough. Do you know to do any office related works ?”

Sanam – “ I don’t know , I haven’t worked in any office “.

Aahil – “ Okay , decided “.

Aahil turns towards Sanam . Sanam waits for his answer.

Aahil – “ You are appointed as my Personal Assistant, you will do all the works that I ask you to do. Your work place is were I ask you to work. Mostly it will be office work “.

Sanam gets shocked.

Sanam – “ I said I don’t know any office work .. I hope you heard it , right. Then ?”

Aahil – “ You were keen to teach me how to behave , as you thought I don’t know that. So I will teach the work that you don’t know “.

They look each other. Aahil smiles. Sanam gets worried.

Rehaan is watching all this from a side. He is totally shocked hearing their conversation.

Rehaan thinks – “ What happened to Aahil bhai ? Why is he so obsessed with this girl ?  Even she doesn’t give up her stand , I haven’t seen anyone standing against him so confidently. She do have something in her “.

Aahil turns , he get to see Rehaan. Rehaan is smiling thinking about Aahil and Sanam. Aahil finds it strange seeing him smiling.

Aahil – “ Rehaan, is everything okay ?”

Rehaan comes back from his thoughts.

Rehaan – “ Yes , Aahil Bhai”.

Aahil – “ Okay , Rehaan bring that agreement papers “.

Rehaan nods and goes in . He brings the papers. Sanam is standing there but she is looking somewhere else. Aahil looks her . Rehaan notices.

Rehaan – “ Paper .. “.

Aahil – “ Read it to her , so that she can know what is written in the agreement “.

Sanam – “ I haven’t gone to college but Iam not illiterate. I can read it myself “.

Aahil – “ Okay fine . Rehaan give it  to her. And you Ms. P.A read it carefully before signing. Don’t tell after that I did any fraud in it “.

Rehaan gives it to her . Sanam reads it. Rehaan looks her as she reads it.  Aahil is checking his phone and looks her in between.  Sanam looks him angrily while reading the clauses in the agreement. Rehaan see both of their expressions and reactions.

Rehaan thinks – “ Oho my god ! What will happen when she starts to work under him? Will they get time to do anything after their fights ?”

Sanam reads a clause and widens her eyes to re read it. She looks Aahil .

Sanam – “ What Clause is this ? I have to do your option 2 if I want to quit from the job before the contract ends ! Seriously? “.

Aahil – “ Everything is serious which is written on that agreement. You have to be polite and respectful to me , you can’t shout at me as you does always . That is the last clause”.

Sanam – “ I doesn’t to it for fun , but you tempt me to do that with your behavior “.

Aahil – “ You can’t talk to me like that . Iam your Boss “.

Sanam – “ Only after I sign this agreement “.

She reads everything again.

Sanam thinks – “ I have to do this , I can’t take anything from this man for free . I won’t let his any crooked plans work “.

Aahil thinks – “ I know you will sign it . Your self respect is on your head . Once you begin to work, I will show that you messed up with a wrong person “.

Sanam ask for pen. Rehaan gives it to her. Sanam signs it. Aahil smirks.

Aahil – “ So now your are my P.A. and Iam your Boss. You can leave , you can start to work from tomorrow. Come here at sharp 7am and I will tell your works “.

Sanam – “Okay “.

Aahil  – “ Okay .. What ? How will you address me ?”

Sanam – “ Okay Sir !”

Aahil – “ So you are not so bad at giving respect, good ! Tomorrow 7am , here got it “.

Sanam – “ Yes Sir. My memory is really good, I can remember things after hearing it for once. You need not waste your energy by repeating it “.

Aahil – “ You need to give me any suggestions, just obey my orders . So you need not speak up infront of me “.

Sanam nods ‘Yes’.

Sanam turns and walks off. Aahil looks her going. Rehaan looks him. After Sanam left, Rehaan goes near to Aahil.

Rehaan – “ You haven’t got her fired from her old job … but why didn’t you told her the truth? “

Aahil – “ Because it doesn’t affect what she thinks about me . Iam sure she got fired because of her short tempered nature . Maybe she messed with someone else too “.

Rehaan – “ You don’t like her but still helped her when she was in need of money. You gave her a job when she is in need of job. You really did this to torture her or did you.., “.

Aahil gets shocked upon Rehaan’s talk . Aahil – “ What else can be the reason? I just want to show her , which her right place … she messed up with me and I will leave her so easily !! Iam Aahil Raza Ibrahim… I will do anything to win. By the way , your version of story is nice , you can tell that to Nazia when she get to know about this”.

Aahil walks off. Rehaan looks him with a smile.

Rehaan – “ I wish both of your story will turn more interesting than my version . If one is Air , other is fire . Terrific combination!! “.

Sanam goes back to home . But she doesn’t tell anything much to Haya and Dilshad. Haya notice that Sanam is in a tension. While Dilshad is taking rest , Haya goes near to Sanam who is sitting in the hall.

Haya (through Signs)- “ What happened?”

Sanam – “ Nothing  “.

By evening, Afeeza comes back. Sanam makes tea for Afeeza. Haya tells Afeeza that Sanam is not in a good mood. Afeeza goes to her with Haya .

Afeeza – “ Sanam , What happened? Haya is saying that you seems to be lost in your thoughts after you came back from Aahil’s house … tell us .. “.

Sanam – “ I just don’t know what the hell is happening ?”

Afeeza – “ Don’t tell me that you are in … “.

Sanam close her mouth with her hand. Sanam looks her sternly .

Sanam – “ Before you think something unimaginable… I will tell you what happened!”

She tells them about the whole incident.

Afeeza – “ So that’s the problem… so you have work under the personal who you don’t like “.

Sanam – “ Its not the matter… but he is doing all this to take revenge from me . I don’t want to lose infront of that man! I just can’t imagine that ! “.

Afeeza – “ Oho! Mmmmm… “.

Haya smiles.

Sanam – “You can laugh. Iam the one who is trapped here. And I don’t get idea behind that stupid agreement. But I won’t give up… Iam Sanam Asad Ahmed Khan …  I won’t let him win “.

Afeeza – “ That’s How our Sanam should be … don’t worry let Seher come back we will together find some solution for this problem. Did you told Seher about everything?“.

Sanam – “ I told her about Badi Ammi when she called me when she got inside the train . She was sad but I consoled her that everything is fine now. I didn’t told about this mess … it’s not fair to make her worry with many things altogether “.

Afeeza – “ Yeah.. that true . So the war between you and Aahil begins tomorrow! “.

Sanam – “ I don’t why this man came to my life … everything got messed up after his entry . But I will be thankful to him for saving my Badi Ammi’s life”.

Next day , Morning.

Sanam reach Aahil’s house before time. Lateef is looks her with surprise seeing her coming there so early . She ask Sanam to waits and goes inside. Sanam stands there. Lateef comes there with a list.

Sanam – “ Where is he?”

Lateef – “ Aahil baba won’t wake up before 9am “.

Sanam – “ What ? So what should I do now ? He told me that he will tell my work“.

Lateef – “ Don’t worry about it . Here is the list of work for you till he wake up “.

Lateef handover the list. Sanam takes and reads it.

The list reads – ‘ 1. Clean and arrange study room  2.Iron shirts  3. Check my schedule ( ask about it to Rehaan ) 4. Check whether car is clean or not  5. Bring bed coffee to my bedroom. ‘

Sanam thinks- “ Is this the job of a P.A. ? I know that you just want to trouble me… I won’t give up… try hard !”

Sanam – “ Can you tell me where is his study room ? “.

Lateef take her to his study room and provide her with essentials. Lateef leaves.

Sanam looks around.

Sanam – “ Is this a study room or junk disposal place ? What a mess!! Err.. “.

Sanam cleans up the whole room and arrange everything. She looks around and smiles.

Sanam – “ Now this looks like a study room. Clean up is necessary for the owner of room …  “.

Lateef comes there and looks the room in surprise.

Lateef – “ Ya Allah ! This room is shining… which magic stick you used to make this like this ?”

Sanam – “ My hands are better than any magic stick !”

Lateef – “ I will give you his shirts to iron “.

Lateef gives her his shirts and goes . Sanam irons it very well. She keeps it properly.

She then ask Lateef for Rehaan’s number . She calls Rehan.

Rehaan  – “ Hello, Who is this ?”

Sanam – “ Rehaan ji ?”

Rehaan – “ Yes .. are you ?”

Sanam – “ Iam Sanam “.

Rehaan- “ Hai .. so you started you work ?”

Sanam – “ Yeah … I called you to know his today’s schedule “.

Rehaan – “ Okay … please hold on . Let me check “.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

Sanam waits . Rehaan checks it .

Rehaan – “ Haa.. Sanam . I will tell you … please note it somewhere for now .. I will give the schedule diary when you come to office . Is that fine? “.

Sanam – “ Okay .., that’s fine . Let me take a pen and paper “.

Sanam looks for pen and paper and she gets one .  She keeps the phone between her left ear and shoulder and keeps the paper on the table . She takes the pen and get ready to note down .

Sanam – “ Okay , now tell me “.

Rehaan tells her and she notes it down.

Rehaan – “ So that’s it “.

Sanam – “ Thank you so much .. Rehaan ji“.

Rehaan – “ That’s too formal , Sanam. Leave that ‘ji’ and call me Rehaan . Afterall we are all staff working in same company “.

Sanam – “ Okay …, Rehaan . That’s so sweet of you “.

Rehaan – “ All the best .. Save my number and call me if you need any help in handling Aahil Bhai “.

Rehaan chuckles . Sanam smiles.

Sanam – “ Okay “.

Sanam hangs up.

Sanam thinks – “ How sweet is Rehaan! Good behavior and well mannered. And here there is someone who doesn’t know the ‘ ABCD ‘ of good behavior and manners. What am I  thinking ?  Don’t waste your energy and concentrate! “.

She then goes to car porch and checks whether Aahil’s car is cleaned up properly. She checks it and finds a some dust between the wipers. She takes a cloth for there and cleans it up.

Sanam  – “ Now it’s perfect “.

She then checks the list and her watch . It’s 8.50am , she rushes to Lateef . She accidentally collided with Shazia , who was checking messages on her phone.

Sanam – “ Iam So Sorry “.

Shazia – “Are you blind ? Can’t you see while walking? What if my phone fell down ? “.

Sanam – “ Iam sorry.. I will take of it next time”.

Sanam walks off . Shazia couldn’t recognize her.

Shazia – “ Hey you .. stop there “.

Sanam stops . Shazia looks her. Sanam turns towards her.

Shazia – “ By the way , who are you ? By your dressing you don’t seem like Bhaijaan’s any girlfriend or client … “.

Sanam – “ Iam Sanam … Iam Aahil Sir’s new P.A. “.

Shazia – “ Seriously… Oho ! What did he saw in you to make you his P.A … no dressing sense no style “.

Sanam feels irritated by her taunt . But controls it.

Sanam – “ Why don’t you ask it your brother directly? For now I have some work complete .. so excuse me “.

Shazia gets shocked by her stern reply .

Sanam walks off.

Shazia – “ She has a ton of attitude! How dare she speak like that to me ? I will get a chance then I will give you reply for this behavior “.

Sanam goes to kitchen. Lateef has made coffee and placed it on a tray. Lateef gives it Sanam .

Sanam – “ By the way, where is his room?”

Lateef – “ The room near the pool “.

Sanam – “ Which side ?”

Lateef – “ Right side “.

Sanam – “ When you go from here .. right ?”

Lateef – “ Right is always .. and do the left “.

Sanam – “Sides change according to the way like right side from here will be left from entrance point of view . So is it left or right from this point of view ? “.

Lateef gets into thought and gets confused. Sanam sees the the watch it is about be 9am.

Lateef- “ The side where the study room is .. okay “.

Sanam nods and leaves with the tray.

Lateef- “ What a confusing question! If I think hard .. I will have hypertension… Mein toh huyi Chui Mui ( Afterall Iam  sensitive ) “.

Sanam reaches near to Aahil’s room. She takes a deep breath. She tried to relax.

Sanam thinks- “ I have to stay calm ! Don’t mind any of his stupidity or irritating talks .. control !”

Sanam checks her watch and knocks on the door.

Since there is no response, she knocks again.

Aahil gets disturbed by the knocks and takes out the blanket from his head. He tries to open his eyes. He should his head.

Aahil ( shouts )  – “ Come in !”

Sanam opens the door and gets in . Aahil is still on his bed and is trying to get up. Sanam looks him with pity.

Sanam – “ Where should I keep this ?”

Aahil looks her . Sanam looks him back.

Aahil – “ Come here and keep it my head “.

Sanam looks him with wonder.

Aahil – “ Asking stupid questions.., what else ..  Just bring it here .. “.

Sanam gets angry but controls it . She walks towards him. He gets up. She shows the tray towards him. She doesn’t look him but Aahil looks her while taking the coffee mug. She stands properly and continues to stay silent. She looks somewhere else. He notice it and thinks. He sips it. He pretends to not liking it.

Aahil (shouts ) – “ What the hell ! This is how you make coffee?”

Sanam looks him with shock .

Sanam – “ What happened?”

Aahil – “ Where is the sugar in it ?”

Sanam – “ I don’t know .. I didn’t prepare it .. Lateef prepare  it “.

Aahil looks her . Sanam is standing like an innocent child . He controls hard not to laugh seeing her like that . Since he  has always seen her like angry lioness.

Aahil – “ That’s Why Its Okay ! Even I wondered you made it good “.

Sanam widens her eyes hearing his statement. Aahil looks her while sipping the coffee.

Sanam – “ Excuse me … What did you mean by that ? See , I use run a Dhabba at Punjab … you can say that Iam not good any other work except cooking! How you be so judgemental ?”

Aahil looks her seeing her coming back to her original form.

Aahil (sarcastically) – “ Don’t talk about it … I know about your so called cooking skill. I haven’t forget it yet ! By the way , you can’t question me … Iam your Boss . Hope you remember the clause “.

Sanam turns her head angrily to other side. Aahil sits like a winner and looks her .

Aahil – “ Give the biscuits “.

Sanam shows him the tray without looking him. He takes it with a naughty smile. He looks her while having it. Sanam feels disgusting.

Sanam thinks – “ Err.. how can someone eat or drink anything without brushing !! Stupid and unhygienic ways of a rich and spoilt brat !”

He keeps the mug back on the tray .

Aahil – “ Don’t stand here like a statue now .. I have to do my work out and has to freshen up . Leave “.

Sanam walks off with the tray . But Aahil stops her .

Aahil – “ Stop there … I didn’t thought that you will come on time , that too early! “.

She stops but doesn’t turn back.

Sanam – “ I gets up early in the morning… so it’s not tough for me to come at 7am . By the way, it can be early for people who wakes up at 9am “.

She walks out. He looks on .

Aahil – “ Did she just taunt me for waking up at 9 ? How could she ? “

Aahil is doing his daily work out. Sanam comes back.

Aahil – “ Tell me , have completed all the works ?”

Sanam – “ Yes “

Aahil – “ What is the schedule for today ?”

Sanam – “ One second.. “.

Sanam takes out the paper and looks it. Aahil looks her.

Aahil – “Will you tell me ?”

Sanam – “ 10.30am – meeting with Mr. Mehra  ,  12pm – Garments factory visit , Then back to office …

That’s it “.

Aahil looks her paper. Sanam checks her paper to see if there any problem with it . She doesn’t find any problem. She looks him back .

Aahil – “ This How you keep my schedules ? Don’t you have any professionalism ?”

Sanam – “ I already told you I don’t these office works … Iam trying to do it as possible… He has told me that he will give me the diary to note your schedules once I reach office “.

Aahil – “ Who told that ?”

Sanam  – “ Rehaan “.

Aahil – “ Oho ! By the way , you take his name so sweetly… why do speak to me harshly ? “

Sanam  – “ I talked to you properly now .. then what ? “.

Aahil – “ I know it’s just because you signed that agreement “.

Sanam – “ Now what should I do next ? “

Aahil  – “ Bring me ironed shirts after 15 minutes “.

Sanam nods . Sanam walks out from his room.

Aahil goes to take shower.

He comes back after taking shower and he is shirtless but wearing a pant. He throws his towel to the bed.

Sanam comes there with shirts and knocks on the door.

Aahil – “ Come in “.

Sanam comes in and gets shocked seeing him shirtless. She suddenly close her eyes and turn back. Aahil wonders seeing her reaction.

Sanam – “ Che… Why can’t you wear some T-shirt ? “

Aahil smiles hearing her .

(Junoon Tere Ishq Ka song played)

He walks towards her. Sanam is standing there still looking at door. He bend his neck to a side and look her.

Sanam’s some hair strands are flying and touches her face. He tries to keep a serious face and clears his throat.

Aahil – “ What is this drama , now ? Give my shirt and leave “.

Sanam just open her eyes and see him near her. She closes her eyes again and forwards his shirts towards him without looking. He takes it without touching her hand. He keeps it on the couch.

Aahil – “ I have taken it from you … you can leave “.

Sanam tries to walk out without looking anywhere and close her eyes with her hands. But her leg hits on the door and she slips. Aahil hold her on time and she falls into his arms.

(Junoon Tere Ishq Ka song played)

For a moment, Aahil feels like while world has stopped. Sanam slowly opens her eyes . They have an eyelock.

Sanam suddenly stands on her own and turns her head . Aahil also turns his head to other side. She goes out . Aahil looks on.

Precap :- Aahil makes Sanam to do many jobs on her first day like bringing him food , sending emails and asking her to check files. Sanam gets troubled by his tasks .

Evening, Seher with a back pack is looking at her empty purse. Then Rehaan see her . Rehaan gets surprised seeing her . He waves hand at her and Seher thinks and remembers. She suddenly turn to other side.

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