Qurbaan Hua 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat seeing the Lantern runs to find her father

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Chahat sees that Neil is not leaving and wonders why he is not leaving, he also thinks that she should stop otherwise he would not be able to show his face to anyone just then they hear a child crying, both of them get behind and wonder why the child is crying, they both run and find that everyone including Jamuna are present and are trying to calm her down but she has no effect.
Neil asks Jamuna what has happened, Baleq mentions that they have tried everything but it has no effect and the child is still crying, jamuna explains that they all will take care of the child while Neil and Chahat should go as it is the most important day of their life, Chahat refuses to leave then seeks permission from Baleq to try and calm the child, she gets the permission then taking the child she sits while starting to tightly tie a knot, which makes Baleq curious and he asks what she is doing, Chahat responds that if they tie a knot like this the child will feel as if she is with her mother and will calm down she then starts singing a song for the child who finally cams down and starts sleeping.
Viyas jee also comes inquiring who is singing the song, to which jamuna asks that he stop talking as it is Chahat who is singing the song, she is finally able to make the child sleep and then everyone is crying while hearing to her song, jamuna takes the child exclaiming that he knew that there was something in Chahat which they did not know, she is about to leave when Viyas stops her then giving her the blessings says that she has sung the same song which his daughter used to sing to calm down Neil.
He is standing in front of her photo of Saraswati and says that he cannot understand if it is something like a sign that Chahat is singing the same song which his daughter used to sing.
Neil is standing beside the door and thanks Chahat for helping them all in calming down the child, she cannot understand what he is doing outside and talking to her, he mentions that he cannot trust her hormones and so must stand outside, she explains that she was only doing this because she thought that he was trying to make a video of her, Neil comes in mentioning that he acted of being romantic with her because Godambari was standing outside. Chahat sits back on the bed then Neil stops her mentioning that it Is dangerous. He takes out the bedsheet and underneath it are tortilla, she is not able to comprehend what has happened, he asks if she has seen the movie but she nods in disagreement, he is not able to explain then finally is able to do it with the help of the roses, she is not able to understand then sits back in disgust, he mentions that she should never speak in Urdu as it will be the end of her time in their house. They both take out the tortilla after which Neil forces Chahat to go on the other side, she is not happy and goes angrily, then when he is about to sleep she asks if there is something to eat as they would stay awake all night in the collage and study while also keep eating. He mentions that there is nothing and she should sleep.
She seeing the tortilla asks if she can get the iron, he advises that she search for it by herself, she irons the tortilla however it is sweet, she thinks of the spice which Neil has in his pocket, she is about to take it out however he wakes up and is worried she is trying to come closer but she takes out the bottle then pouring it on the tortilla starts eating it, he again sleeps.
Chahat once again starts teasing Neil with a stick and when he sits up she mentions that she needs to come closer to him as her hormones have once again activated, he wakes up with a loud exclamation of her name, he realizes that it was just a dream, he sees that there are red ants on the bed, he realizes that Chahat would not have cleaned the bed then he runs to the roof where he would sleep after locking the door.
Chahat is already on the roof talking with her mother by saying that she could not share a bed with him as he is a boy then she sleeps, Neil also comes and seeing her thinks that it is Jamuna as Godambari would have once again sent him out, Neil after setting the alarm at 5 am sleeps, he puts his hand on Chahat which wakes her up, she exclaims how pathetic a person he is then is about to pour water on him when she sees the lantern and realizes what she and her father promised that they would light the lanterns whenever they are not around each other, she wonders if her father is searching for her and she runs away while Neil is sleeping.
In the morning, Godambari wonders if Baleq is true as the girl she saw was Chahat but how can the girl in the truck also be Chahat, she thinks that it would mean that she is loosing her eyesight and so would pour ganga Jal for her eyesight then she heads on the roof top and sees Neil, she thinks that she might be true then takes a photo of Neil, she also heads to the room where Chahat would be sleeping but instead finds a pile of pillows, then she plans to do what she can as it is the most opportune moment for her, she starts screaming that Chahat has run away from the house on her first night, Neil hearing her screams also wakes up, he is shocked to hear that Chahat has run away from the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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