Qurbaan Hua 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update:Neil gifts Chahat a mobile phone

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Qurbaan Hua 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Viyas jee sits for the pooja and starts performing it, while everyone is standing behind him, he starts performing the Mantar but his health starts deteoriating, Chahat prays to Allah that he do something as otherwise Viyas jee would not be able to bear it, Godambari exclaims that he doesnot listen to anyone and this might cause trouble for him.
Baleq thinks that now everyone would see that Viyas jee would not be able to fulfil the duties of the Mant so he would become the next Mant, Viyas jee starts coughing badly which forces Jamuna to come and help him, they then hear the voice of Neil reciting the Mantar, to everyone’s amazement he comes from behind and reciting the Mantar sits beside Viyas jee holding his and, Viyas jee is shocked to see him, his eyes fill with tears seeing his son sitting beside him in the pooja, they both start the pooja, Baleq gets frustrated as he desired to be the one to sit beside Viyas jee in the Yaghia.
Jamuna is happy saying that they were able to see the day when both Neil and Viyas jee are performing the Yagiah together. Viyas jee starts coughing seeing which Neil holds him close to his heart.
Baleq goes around them and seeing them both says that he would be the death of both of them and also seeing Saraswati says that she would see how he would kill them both, Chahat comes from behind saying that she lied to Neil about the letter but it made him sit with Viyas jee in the Yaghia, also says that she will make sure that she is able to fulfil the gap that exists between them both.
Chahat enters the room thinking that she was lucky to perform the duties in the kitchen as otherwise she would have to do the pooja, she turns the bed to find that it is pillows and when she walks to see him, she hits him and asks why he is sleeping on the floor and he mentions that his back got stiff which is why he is sleeping on the floor, she asks why did he not use the bottle, he explains that he gave it to Viyas jee.
Jamuna gives Viyas jee the bottle asking that he rest as it would make him feel better, he mentions that he got emotional when Neil came to perform the Yagiah with him. Baleq also says that he got emotional, but Neil would not perform them each and every day, Viyas jee says that he has a feeling that Neil would some day perform the duties of the Mant, Baleq hearing his exclamation gets angry and drops the bottle, Viyas jee asks why he did so, jamuna stops him saying that it is a lucky omen then leaves to get something to clean it with.
Chahat is massaging the back of Neil mentioning that it has a soothing effect and if there was any way that she could the do the same with his head she would really do it, then she mentions that he should be thinking about the person who stole the mobile of Naveli and she should have reported it to the police as that person might have some agenda against him or his family and she has a really awful feeling. She mentions that the person might be the killer of Saraswati, he looks at her and she explains that she knows he would start blaming her father but should just consider that it might be someone else, he turns to the other side and sleeps, she also sleeps.
In the morning she wakes up and is happy that she got to sleep on the entire bed, she runs to get dressed and finds a new set of utensils in the bathroom, she finds a note where Neil apologizes for destroying her pervious one, she also opens a drawer to find a new phone with a sim card and is overly joyed to see it. She runs downstairs where everyone is waiting for her. Godambari asks her to serve everyone.
She starts serving Neil asking him some question but he doesnot respond and she keeps pouring him more food, Viyas jee asks if she would serve him the entire food and seeing what she has done they get amazed, she pours some of it back and starts serving everyone else.
Chahat tries to get the attention of Neil however he is not listening to her and so she tires to get his attention by whistling, Jamuna mentions that there might be a white bird in their courtyard which has been coming for quite some time. Everyone leaves to see it but Godambari stops Chahat ordering that she should make tea for everyone.
Neil is preparing the ingredients when Bopho is eating the pickle, Neil says that he feels that Bopho is on a maternal leave but Bopho says that he is tensed, and it is called stressed eating.
Neil says that he only gave her the phone because what she said clicked and he was forced to agree, so when he asks Bopho to call Chahat he says that Neil should do it himself.
Neil reaches the room and finds Godambari searching the cupboard, he asks what she needs to which she says that she is searching for the dirty clothes, he explains that he will give it to her, he gives it to her when he is not able to find the clothes of Chahat, he thinks that she might have run away, she also sees the rental taxi webpage but chooses to trust her as she pleaded for one percent of the trust.
Bopho asks where Chahat is as the show is about to start, he says that he will take care of it as she has gone somewhere, he has some bad ideas but is not able to convince himself and makes a lot of mistakes, the director calls and Neil apologizes to him saying that he will have to cancel the show.
Neil says that he cannot make any decision as Chahat has requested for one percent of the trust.
Chahat is on the road thinking that she would never go back to the house or would meet the members of the family, she is joyed that she brought all her belongings.

Precap: Chahat is walking when jamuna calls her, she asks him to not follow her and runs away, Jamuna calls Neil exclaiming that he saw Chahat in the market and she ran away after seeing him, Neil gets angry saying that what they feared has happened.

Update Credit to: Sona

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