Qurbaan Hua 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil covers for Chahat after Viyas jee comes to know the truth

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The nurse explains the situation to Chahat however she mentions that they are short on the stock and have not enough medicines, they are also short on the staff, Neil says that she must give him the name and he will bring the medicine however when she gives him the name he gets confused as he cannot remember them.
Bopho is in the room and is trying to correct the sarree but then Godambari comes mentioning that Neil left to get soap but has not yet returned and so she must come down to help her as she cannot do all the work by herself so needs her help.
Neil reaches the medicine shop but forgets the names of the medicines and then he thinks of an idea where he can help Chahat with her quest to save the patients.
Bopho is with Godambari in the kitchen and she orders him to do all the chores as he would have to make the food as she is ill, he is not able to bear it, he decides to call Neil informing him that he cannot bear her so must leave the house then he gets something in his eyes and so starts cleaning it, Godambari sees him and is shocked of what is happening.
Neil is arguing with the nurse who is not letting him take the wardrobe in the hospital, then Chahat sees him and asks what is happening, Neil mentions that he forgot the name of the medicines so brought the entire cupboard, he asks Chahat to take the medicines that she wants but then when she is about to leave he also gives her a medicine which she should apply on the blisters on her feet, she leaves but is not perplexed that he is so sweet and is taking care of her.
Baleq is with Godambari and is worried about what has happened so says that she will inform Viyas jee about the game that Neil is playing, Baleq stops her saying that Chahat caused him disgrace in front of everyone so he would take revenge from her for what she has done.
Viyas jee and Neil come to the house and are both sanitizing their hands, he asks why did Neil come to the hospital, and is amazed to hear that it was Chahat , Viyas jee responds that his sister is as stubborn as him and has sent someone else to take care of him.
When they reach the house everyone is preparing the house, they explains that they desires to keep the naming ceremony of Gollu as she is of three months now, Godambari exclaims that she wants that Chahat be the one to give gollu her name which makes Neil nervous as he thinks that even though the duty of Chahat would have ended she would still not be able to come inside the house.
Chahat and Neil are talking, she says that she wanted to be present at the naming ceremony of golly because she loves her a lot and he must do something to make sure that is also present at the ceremony and he must do something to make sure that it is postponed.
Neil goes to Viyas jee pleading with him to postpone the naming ceremony however he refuses to do so after everyone convinces him that they have seen Saraswati in their dreams and so the ceremony would happen the same day.
Neil plans by which Chahat would be able to see the ceremony then when they are ready Neil brings Bopho giving him instruction on how he would sit. When they reach the ceremony Bopho sits with everyone and Godambari pulls the veil and they are able to see that it is Bopho which makes everyone result in shock asking why is Bopho dressed as Chahat and where is she. Neil calms down the situation explaining that he made a bet with Bopho as he got an offer that he would take part in an act where he was supposed to dress as a lady. Viyas jee says that why did he have to do it at the naming ceremony. He asks about Chahat, Neil takes them outside where Chahat is standing,
Neil answers to the question saying to Viyas jee that she was preparing food at the corona centre for the patients as there was no cook, Godambari and Naveli exclaim that this means she was lying about the vow for Viyas jee, however he says that he lied to them but she was right about the vow as she is still standing barefoot even after having blisters in her feet.
Viyas jee says that she did something great for the patients for which he is proud of her but lying to them is not right and no matter how big the lies become they are always smaller in front of the truth.

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