Qurbaan Hua 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Baleq finds Ghazala in the room of Dr Baig

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The ward boy asks Ghazala what the matter is, she explains that her husband has just recovered from corona so she was called by doctor purri for plasma donation as if someone recovers from the virus because of their donation, it would be a matter of pride for them, he asks them to wait in the lobby as she will come after her work is done.
Ghazala takes Mr Baig down the hallway and explain that he must not say anything s they are able to finally get what they desire. Ghazala takes his hand after finding the locker and opening it is perplexed to see the amount of money that is in it. She opens it and starts taking the jewellery as they can sell it for money,
Chahat is explaining all the precautions that the nurse should take in order to make sure that the patients re healthy and feel better as it is the best thing for them which would happen for them.
Dr Baig is in his cabin and remembers how he had prepared each and everything so that she would be able to run the hospital and he can leave to perform Hajj but then he remembers how it all changed in that night when he was forced to run for his life along with his family.
Neil finalizes the program when Bopho shows him all the comments where they are asking for Chahat, but Neil says that he must not say her name ever again otherwise he would make him stand after wearing the veil.
Mr Baig drops his mask in the hall and someone after giving it to him realizes how similar they both are so he calls Neil informing him that he has seen someone who is just like Dr Baig, Neil immediately runs for the covid centre as that is where he was spotted.
Chahat is with the nurse who asks ger from where did she learn about the flowers, Chahat explains that she learned it from her father who informed her that they should also take care of the livelihood of the patients as it helps them recover faster, and she even witnessed it herself, Chahat doesnot know that her father is right beside her in the hospital, she heads to take a round with the nurse and heading into the ward room finds that there are flowers then when she asks about them, the patient explains that he did not see it. Then she remembers that it might be her father and so runs to find him however she is not able to find him anywhere in the hospital.
Viyas jee asks Godambari who placed the medicines in the tiffin, she mentions that she forgot as she ahs been suffering from severe headaches. Viyas jee asks if she has sent food for her but Godambari says that she did not send anything as she felt it is not right to send the tiffin of their house there, however Viyas jee mentions that Chahat is learned enough and can take care of herself so she must send it tomorrow.
Neil bumps into Chahat and they both are worried if either of them knows about her father being here and they run to find him before the other finds Dr Baig but they are worried, Ghazala is amazed to see all the jewels but she is not able to find Dr Baig when she turns back.
Jamuna comes to Viyas jee saying that he has ordered Godambari to send the food which means he has forgiven Chahat but Viyas jee says that he has not forgiven her but cares for her. Jamuna explains that he stood by her in each and every decision then how can he remain angry with her, Viyas jee explains that his daughter also lived her life with her own choices but she never lied to him and he thought that Chahat was also like Saraswati but she broke his trust so must now face the consequence as she has gotten the punishment and he will not talk to her.
Chahat sees the flower in the hand of some man so thinks that he is her father however the man explains that someone gave him the flower explaining that it will give him the strength to fight with the virus, Chahat asks about the whereabouts of the man, she again starts her search. Neil is not able to find Dr Baig so pleads with everyone to take off their masks for just a second but it is not Dr Baig, Neil also gets scolded by the ward boy who mentions that he should never ask anyone to off their masks.
Naveli and Baleq enter the hospital, he sends her away to get herself tested as she readily goes shopping, he thinks that he should search for his Rudraksh near the cabin of Dr Baig but when he is about to go near it he hears someone saying that someone is in the cabin of Dr Baig and it cannot happen as only Dr Baig has the key, Baleq thinks that he ahs gotten another chance to hide the truth of the death of Saraswati.
Ghazala is about to leave when Baleq enters the room, she knows who it is, he asks her who she is and where is Dr Baig, he starts questioning her but Neil sees him so stops Baleq explaining that he got a phone call that Dr Baig so he came searching for him, Baleq also says that he found that someone opened his room and so came searching, Neil asks her if she knows about the whereabouts of Dr Baig, but Ghazala is not able to answer their questions.

Precap: Baleq says that she would have to say anything in front of Viyas jee, he threatens to call the lady inspector, when they are in front of Viyas jee Godambari lifts the veil and they are able to see that it is Ghazala.

Update Credit to: Sona

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