Qurbaan Hua 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat exposes the fraud of Baleq

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Qurbaan Hua 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Chahat remembers that the locket is revered in the religion of Neil so she wonders why would anyone leave it in the store room, she is thinking when Neil comes seeking help, She inquires why is he like this to which he mentions that there is no water in the house so he should come with her, she takes him leaving the locker.
Baleq enters the storeroom and is about to trip over because of the basket but he finds the locket placed and thanks that no one was able to find it before him.
Neil comes with Chahat outside the house asking that she open the water line as his eyes is burning, then she explains that she only hugged him so that she could also be dirty and not have to clean the Mandir, he says that she has also gotten clever then he tries to congratulate her but is not able to as she keeps dodging and then tips on the barn and he also falls over her, jamuna comes and when he sees he asks that they should not be romantic in the open, they both explain that it happened because Neil feel however jamuna exclaims that he has also made a lot of excuses when he was young.
Baleq is in the room when Godambari comes to dry the Diya’s, she asks Baleq what he is doing to which he mentions that he is trying to hide the malla as it broke and no Pandit in their house can even sit in the Pooja without wearing it, so he is trying to hide as without it Viyas jee would scold him, she asks who did it to which he mentions that it was Saraswati who tore it during the struggle, she mentions that then it would be Saraswati who would help them, she takes out a malla from the wardrobe saying that he can wear it as Saraswati had it prepared for Neil but he has no interest in the seat of the Mant.
Chahat is trying to take the coat from Neil however he is not giving it to her, she pleads with him however he takes the coat and puts it in mud as he believes that her father is a murderer, she explains that there is something in the pocket so he should check it however he puts it on the wall high up where she cannot reach with her hands. She exclaims that he cannot torture her like this as it is not correct.
Baleq is still worried, Godambari asks what has happened to which he replies that he cannot find the pendent that was with it and si worried that someone else might find it, Godambari asks that he not worry so much and focus on Viyas jee as when he becomes the Mant her daughter will be the Mantian.
Neil brings a knife exclaiming that the heart is on their left side, Chahat asks him to not do it however he throws it on the coat, she gets mad exclaiming that she cannot tolerate such humiliation of her father, she mentions that he can think whatever he like of him but her father means the world to her as he is the one to teach her how to walk, Neil exclaims that he might have been a good father but is still a murderer, he orders her to come with him inside the house however she refuses, he forcefully takes her inside.
Naveli is feeding Baleq grapes with her hand, he stops her exclaiming that they do not taste the same as before, she gets mad and is about to leave to which he explains that the real feeling is in the girl, they both hear the voice of Viyas jee after which she leaves.
Viyas jee is surprised to see Baleq, he mentions that he was trying to purify his soul before the pooja, Viyas jee exclaims that those who try to purify their soul are already purified, he asks Chahat is she cleaned the Mandir, Godambari says that she could not as she was covered in dirt and so Godambari herself cleaned the Mandir.
Chahat seeks apology from Viyas jee assuring him that it would never happen again, she is about to leave when she sees the malla and asks Baleq if it is his as she saw it in the store room, Viyas jee inquires what is she saying as how did the Malla got into the store room, Godambari says that she might be mistaken as Baleq takes care of his things and orders Chahat to go into the kitchen, but Viyas jee asks her if she is sure that she saw the same malla in the store room, he calls Baleq and seeing the malla pulls it from his neck mentioning that his character is filed with lies as to satisfy Viyas jee he wore the malla of Neil.
Viyas jee exclaims that when Saraswati had ordered the malla he inquired why was she trying to make it for Neil as he knew that Neil would not sit in the pooja but she said that he would sit when he would have the knowledge and blessing and it is a bit lighter then their family malla so he cannot forget it.
Viyas jee comes to Chahat saying that it si not her fault as they are just the same for anyone who doesnot their family, he also asks that she not take the vow of her father as he can see the truth in her eyes even when she doesnot say anything.
Baleq assures that he will take revenge from Chahat for what she has done to him.

Precap: Neil is waiting for Chahat as the show is about to be live, Jamuna asks why is he worried as she has gone to the market to buy groceries as Godambari sent her, there is a knock on the door and they find that the police have come to arrest Neil in a domestic violence case registered against him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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