Qurbaan Hua 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ghazala is questioned by the Dhiani family

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Neil asks Ghazala about the whereabouts of Dr Baig she explains that he was with her but got a phone call so left her hearing which Neil gets angry. Baleq exclaims that this mean Dr Baig is still in the hospital so they both run to find him in the hospital.
Ghazala thinks of where he might have gone as she would have to find him and leave the hospital however when she is not able to find him she thinks that she would have to run away as cannot risk her own life, she calls the driver ordering that eh take Dr Baig back to the lounge however she refuses but she explains that she will talk to his owner.
Neil and Baleq are both tensed as they cannot understand how he always manages to run away then he spots Ghazala and calls her asking how she knows Dr Baig however when she is about to explain, Baleq mentions that she should explain herself in front of Viyas jee, when she tries to refuse he threatens that he would otherwise call the police and she would be sent to jail, Ghazala worries that she would have to face Mant Viyas and if they all start taking out the grudge they have with Dr Baig on her.
Ghazala is standing in front of Mant Viyas who is really angry, Godambari exclaims that she is the women who is helping Baig as he knows that if he came to their village would not leave alive so that is why he is standing behind a women to get the money, Baleq asks her how she knows Dr Baig, Godambari also asks her to take out the veil but Ghazala refuses to take it out, Baleq comes forward saying that he would make her tell the truth however she pleads mentioning that she doesnot know anything. Neil tries to support her by saying that she is a woman however Baleq explains that she would not say anything like this and so takes off the veil.
Viyas jee comes saying that Baleq should not have done this as he misbehaved with a women, he explains that what is the point of praying in front of the gods, he also says to Godambari that she should have respected her when she is herself a women, Viyas jee himself apologizes for the wrongful acts of his family members but mentions that he cannot forgive Dr Baig as he is the killer of his daughter so if she doesnot tell him he would have to sent her to the police.
Chahat sees the man standing beside the isolation ward as it is restricted then a ward boy comes calling her but till that time Dr Baig is pulled inside and the taxi driver explains that he would never take their ride. The ward boy explains to Chahat that he was taught by his senior doctor then Chahat says that he should pray for his senior doctor. Chahat prays that why does Allah raises her hopes as she was sure that her father was near her.
Viyas jee asks her the reason she did not answer his question, she makes up a story explaining that she is a widow and found Dr Baig on the doorsteps of her house so she helped him and he said that he ahs to take some things from the office so she must help him but now she is scared to even go back to her house as she fears that he might be waiting for her. Then Jamuna advises that they should keep her as a guardian of Kripa but Viyas jee says that there is no need since there are already three women in their house so they would arrange for her to stay in the orphanage.
Baleq assures that he would take her and when eh is about to, she takes the bag to which Neil asks her the reason she mentions that she ahs some clothes in it, Jamuna hands her the clothes and takes bad, Viyas jee advises that they would distribute it to the needy and the poor however Ghazala is adamant to not leave without taking the money, she pretends that she is dizzy and falls on the ground, Viyas jee orders that they take her to the guestroom.
Ghazala comes out wondering that she should do all that she can to get back her money but seeing Godambari and Naveli playing with her money she wonders how she would be able to take back her money.
Neil reaches the hospital and sees Chahat playing with someone, he goes and is shocked to see that she is with a dog, Chahat explains that he has been in their hospital since his birth and has never left the hospital. Neil explains that there is a ceremony for Kripa, and they must leave for the house, she exclaims that both the religions are similar and different at the same time.
She exclaims that she felt that her father was with her in the hospital but she knows that it is her mind, Neil orders her to get her clothes as they have to go back, Neil says to the dog that she doesnot know that her father has left with the money so her dreams are not something worthwhile for them.

Precap: Chahat asks Neil what is in the bag, Neil worries as if she opens it would recognize the jewellery so he takes it from her, Ghazala plans to steal the bag from the room of Neil not knowing that his daughter in law is Chahat when she is about to leave, Chahat calls her that makes her feel really nervous.

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