Qurbaan Hua 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil finds the sack of eggs

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Qurbaan Hua 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Chahat thinks that there are eggs close by as she is allergic to them, Chahat refuses to accept it mentioning that this is the house of a Brahman and there cannot be eggs in their house.
Viyas jee is preparing for the pooja, then Godambari brings the thali from the back explaining that it is better as she would not have to take the arti of Chahat, Naveli also refuses to take it but is forced by the orders of her mother.
She takes the thali to Viyas jee meanwhile Baleq also brings Kripa and asks Bopho is he has checked the camera as the recording would be shown in the entire village so there should be nothing to worry about.
Jamuna is ordered to call Chahat and she comes with him, then sitting on the scales is given Kripa by Baleq, Chahat is still feeling irritated and so thinks of where the eggs are as she cannot stop scratching, she sees a bag on which there are broken eggs so gets really worried, Neil notices it but is not able to understand what she meant.
Viyas jee exclaims that he would be the first one to donate the grains as he is the elder of the house so starts walking towards the grains, Chahat tirelessly tries to make Neil aware of the situation and he understands so runs to the grains and makes Viyas jee take out another bag, when Viyas jee leaves Neil wonders what could be the reason that Chahat asked him to go after Viyas jee, he starts searching then sees the eggs filled with eggs, he gets angry wondering who could be one to bring eggs into their house.
Viyas jee asks Baleq to bring all the bags of grains for the ritual, Baleq calls Ghazala saying that she was ordered by Viyas jee to fulfil the ritual so must go, Ghazala takes the bag and is about to weigh it but cannot understand who the daughter in law is, but Viyas jee stops her mentioning that he only wanted her to touch it but cannot weight the bag as he doesnot want that Kripa is weighted with the belongings of that monster, Chahat wonders who Viyas jee is calling the monster.
Ghazala turns back and thinks that he has donated such expensive jewellery to the poor which she cannot see, Baleq says that he has held a meeting and she would be allowed to go to the house for the widow.
Viyas jee orders that jamuna gives Neil the Panchrimant which he made as Neil saw the face after a long time so he must be the one to do it.
Ghazala thinks that she would take revenge from Neil as because of him she is not able to take her belongings, she goes into the house to search for the Panchrimant but hides when Godambari comes inside, she immediately hides, Godambari thinks that she is the one who made all the arrangements and she was not allowed to come into he function so she will no longer do the work as she is not the made.
She exclaims that even the Panchrimant is on the table but she will not do anything, Ghazala goes to see it thinking that she brought the poison for herself as she thought that if they catch her she would eat it but she cannot walk against the orders of God as if she can kill her enemies then what can be said, she is about to mix the poison then hears some tune, she goes to Neil’s room and seeing the jewel of Chahat thinks that she might be with the Brahmans, but is worried that it cannot be as otherwise she would be dead. Ghazala thinks of taking revenge from the family.
Chahat is sitting thinking that something wrong would happen as her mother is saying something to her.
Naveli comes to Chahat asking that she make imprints of the hands of Kripa on the plate as it would also be donated, Viyas jee ends the rituals, Chahat sees that someone is mixing the poison in the glass is worried about what would happen as Neil is supposed to be the one to drink it.

Precap: Chahat asks who is inside her room, Ghazala turns off the lights before hiding, she is shocked to see that Chahat is the daughter in law of Mant Viyas. Chahat finds her hiding behind the pillar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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