Qurbaan Hua 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Viyas jee refuses to believe Chahat

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Chahat sees someone in their room, Ghazala goes to stand in front of Neil’s photo wondering that the glass filled with poison should reach Neil, Chahat tries to call Neil however he doesnot listen so she hands Kripa to Naveli and jumps from the scales, everyone is left amazed at what she has done and are left startled, Chahat goes to her room and is trying to open the door however it is locked from the inside, Ghazala turns off the lights and hides in the room,
Godambari comes running asking what kind of a sound it was, she is left startled and asks how the scales fell, Baleq exclaims that he cannot understand why Chahat left the ritual like this even when she knows that the entire village is watching.
Ghazala wonders how the daughter in law of Viyas jee knew that she was in the room, Ghazala is left startled to see that Chahat is the daughter in law of Mant Viyas, Chahat exclaims that she saw that Ghazala has mixed something in the drink so she should come outside, she sees that someone is hiding behind the pillar and just as she is about to see her, Ghazala pushes her away and runs away and she falls, Baleq exclaims that he cannot understand why she ruined the ritual like this, Viyas jee calls Chahat so goes into he room.
Chahat gets up and turns on the lights, Viyas jee enters the room asking why did she leave the ritual like this as she knows that the reputation of their family was linked with the ritual, Chahat responds that she did not had any other reason but saw the someone was in the room and was trying to ruin their family, Chahat takes them outside then asks them to not come ahead as there was a bag filled with eggs and so someone was trying to ruin their reputation so brought a sack filled with eggs and this would have caused their religion to become void, Viyas jee asks Jamuna t check it and when he does there are grains in the sack. Chahat pleads with them to believe her because she is telling the truth, however she is not able to prove it, Viyas jee mentions that she ahs once again lied to them and ruined their family’s ritual. Neil tries to defend her mentioning that he also smelled eggs and was the one who placed the sack there. Viyas jee mentions that the one who takes the side of a liar is also guilty.
Viyas jee refuses to listen to any explanation, he asks Godambari to bring the drink so that they can end the ritual, when she brings it Chahat tries to mention that he should not ask Neil to have the drink because someone has mixed something in it so it is not safe to drink, Godambari mentions that she is blaming her for mixing something and has just become a member of their family so how can she blame her, Viyas jee says that he has made a mistake by comparing her to Saraswati because she always tried to protect the family bu7t she on the other hand is trying to ruin it, Chahat starts crying exclaiming that she doesnot know how to make them understand what is happening.
Viyas jee asks Neil to drink however this makes Chahat really nervous as she doesnot know how to make them believe she calls him however the doesnot stop, she pleads with him to not drink it if he cares for her but he instead takes the glass, Viyas jee then takes the glass mentioning that he has no reason to believe that she is saying the truth and she wants to say that there is poison mixed in the drink so he would drink it to prove her wrong, she takes the glass from him and drinks it herself, while everyone is left to see in shock what she has done. Viyas jee cannot believe what she has done, she mentions that she cannot let him risk his life for what she believes so she will be the one to drink it. Viyas jee mentions that he doesnot have to time to believe her and leaves with the entire family. Neil asks Chahat why she did all of that, she mentions that he should believe her because he also saw the bag of eggs, Neil walks ahead exclaiming that he believes someone might be trying to ruin their families reputation but it can also be because of her father as he might be trying to take revenge from them. He is talking and doesnot see that she has fallen on the ground, Neil is shocked to see that she is unconscious and there is also liquid coming from her mouth.

Precap: Chahat asks Neil to give her the injection of the antidote, Neil takes her to the hospital on a cart asking her to keep her eyes open, she mentions that she is about to die so he must believe her that her father is not the killer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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