Qurbaan Hua 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil is relieved when Chahat wakes up in the clinic

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Qurbaan Hua 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Neil goes into shock after realizing that Chahaht has no pulse so he thinks that she has died, he looks at her body in denial and even starts crying thinking of what has happened because of him, he remembers how they first met and he used to bump into Chahat and how they would always start fighting.
He thinks how she used to tease him but also cared for him when he was drunk or not well and even when there was some situation which he could not overcome by himself, he ecclaims that this cannot happen so starts praying to god.
Baleq along with the family are performing the pooja, Chahat starts breathing again and coughs which shocks Neil as she has come back to life, then just Azzan is exclaimed in the mosque, Neil mentions that this means that the antidote has worked but he is worried about the worsening situation of her health, she mentions that it is because the poison is coming out, Neil mentions that he will go and tell Viyas jee that she is in this situation because of him, Chahat however stops him exclaiming that if he goes to tell him that there was actually poison in the drink then he would start cursing himself which she cannot bear as they have already lied a lot to him, Chahat makes him promise that he will not say anything to Viyas jee.
She advises that they should go back to the house otherwise everyone would start questioning, she is not able to stay awake and gets unconscious in Neil’s arms, he seeing her condition thinks of what he can do so brings some tissue for her to help her clean her face, she thinks of how she did the same when Neil was drunk, she once again leans against his chest, he makes her stand then holding her closely to his body they both start walking for their house.
Ghazala thinks of how Chahat is living in the house of Mant Viyas as a daughter in law, she thinks that her plan would have worked so she has to see the situation that is now prevailing in his house.
Chahat is walking when she stops exclaiming that she is once again not feeling well because of the antidote.
Ghazala walks near the house but is shocked to see that Neil is still alive, Chahat comes back mentioning that she is feeling much better, Neil explains that she has a stain of blood on her face so can he help her.
Ghazala thinks that Chahat is the one to drink the juice instead of Neil, she mentions that she was able to cure herself but now her plan cannot be ruined she cuts her hand, running to Neil exclaims that she was followed by the people of Baig who tried to harm her, she came running to their house, the family also comes running outside, Ghazala mentions that she came running to them so they should not let her leave the house and she will do all the chores of the family, Viyas jee agrees to the proposal before leaving.
When the family is in the hall, Viyas jee is distributing the Parshad to everyone however he doesnot give Chahat any, she is left shocked, Neil asks him why he did not give Chahat any Parshad, Viyas jee explains that she ruined the ritual when she caused the scales to fall so he will not give her any Parshad, Neil is about to inform the truth however Chahat stops them, she apologizes to Viyas jee for the wrongs which she done but exclaims that she cannot bear his being angry with her. Viyas jee mentions that she wants to serve the punishment so she will make flour from the grains using a hand mixer, Neil exclaims that she cannot fulfil the punishment as the grains weigh a lot but Chahat is adamant to do it.
Baleq brings the mixer for Chahat mentioning that Viyas jee has ordered that she mix the grains in that same mixer, Chahat tries lifting the mixer but is not able to, she wonders how they can use it as it is not possible, Neil brings the electric mixer mentioning that if she would grind it by hand it would take a lot of time, Chahat stand mentioning that she would then tell him that she did it by her hand but she doesnot have the strength to lie to him anymore, she asks him to teach her how to use the mixer. He exclaims that he doesnot know who is more stubborn her or his father.
He sits with her showing her how to use the mixer, she thanks him for his help, Chahat exclaims that if he really wants to help her then should go and search for the person who was behind the poisoning, Neil stands up thinking that even he doesnot have the strength to tell her that her father was behind the poisoning.

Precap: Ghazala thinks that there is something behind the marriage of Chahat and Neil, she thinks of trying to find some evidence and after searching thinks that Chahat might be hiding her religion so now she will inform everyone of her tryuth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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