Qurbaan Hua 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Godambari and Naveli purposefully ruin the flour

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Qurbaan Hua 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Neil is helping Chahat is mixing the grains before leaving, he looks back at her before leaving, Chahat doesnot have the strength to do such practice so sits back holding her head.
Godambari brings some tea for Naveli and Baleq, she asks why is Naveli like this as Viyas jee has already punished her, Naveli mentions he has still accepted her gift, Baleq mentions that Godambari should not worry as Naveli is always like this and Chahat was the reason he was not able to sit in the Yaghia so she would have to pay for what she did to him, then Godambari comes with Naveli and they start cleaning, Naveli purposefully drops it in the flour they both seek apology and say that they would bring the sacks of grains, they both start making excuses so Chahat is forced to take them even when she is in pain, she takes the sacks with her but keeps falling, Naveli is not able to control herself and goes back, Godambari ask what the matter is, Naveli mentions that she would come after some time, Chahat hears that Naveli not feeling well, she goes to see that Naveli is vomiting and asks what has happened she mentions that Naveli is not feeling well, Chahat tries seeing her pulse however Naveli doesnot let her, Chahat exclaims that she should not worry as there is nothing to be afraid because it is only to check pulse and her heartbeat is fine, Naveli exclaims that she got worried however then she again start vomiting, Godambari comes from behind and puts the entire blame on Chahat as she was the one to drop the scales, Godambari takes her inside and mentions that she only lied so that Chahat should not be suspicious but knows that she is pregnant even when she warned her to not meet Baleq until he marries her.
Neil is walking in the house when Godambari exclaims that she knows that Baleq would do all that he can for the seat of the Mant, she gets worried mentioning that he might do the same with her what he did to Saraswati as he is a very dangerous person, Neil comes asking who they are talking off, both of them are worried, Neil demands that they tell him who the person is, Godambari exclaims that she was telling Naveli that she should not go to the tailor because he came from jail for violence, he leaves after explaining that she should go to the market with him.
Godambari warns Naveli to look after herself when she is with Baleq as he doesnot care for anyone other than himself, she should always be one step ahead of him.
Chahat is looking at her hands that have strains from mixing the grains, Neil comes and is amazed to see the dedication of Chahat because she mixed all the grains by her hand so he asks her to take a break and drink some juice however Chahat refuses mentioning that she would not eat or drink anything until her punishment is fulfilled, he sees the strains then asks her to use the electrical grinder because she is not well, he brings the grinder and starts setting it.
Ghazala sees the photo and is amazed to see how Chahat can become the member of a family of Brahmans as she is a Muslim so how can she wear the Mangal and Sutur and Kumkum, she feels that she might a look alike but remembers that she saw the chain of Zenith, she thinks that the marriage would have some issue so thinks of finding some clue in the room of Neil and goes there.
Chahat exclaims that she doesnot want to lie to Viyas jee, Neil explains that she has done a lot with her hands so using it would not count as cheating, Chahat mentions that she has an idea and so brings a rope and ties it to her waist then turns around the mixer, Neil is worried about her strength as she is feeling dizzy, he mentions that it is a stupid idea as she would get strains on her break however she doesnot listen to him, he gets frustrated then asks her to drink the juice however when she is about to drink it she sits back and gets unconscious.
Neil thinks of how she does so much work the n picks her up exclaiming to his sister that she is ready to fulfil her punishment and he doesnot think who is more stubborn Chahat or Viyas jee.
Neil brings her in the room, Viyas jee asks what has happened to her, Neil explains that he has got what he wanted and can see what his punishment has done to Chahat as it can be witnessed by the strains on her hand, before it was his sister and now he has Chahat who fulfils all his punishment without question, then he takes her to the room.
Ghazala is searching the room where she finds a bag behind the bed and is left amazed to see that the belongings are of Chahat, she cannot understand how he let his son get married to a women who is a Muslim when he doesnot want to be treated by a Muslim, she finds a locket which has some Ayah, she wonders why Chahat is hiding the locket and it might be that she is hiding her religion and if that is the case she would reveal the truth.

Precap: Ghazala exclaims that she found the locket with some Muslim writings when she was cleaning the room of Chahat, Godambari asks how it came to their house, both Neil and Chahat are worried about what would happen next.

Update Credit to: Sona

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