Qurbaan Hua 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil searches for Dr Baig as he enters the village

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Chahat is in the storeroom wondering how can he leave her in the store like this as it is really dirty and there is also darkness.
Viyas jee asks Jamuna where Neil is and how can he leave the function like this, Jamuna is not able to find him then he tries to call Neil but it is with Bophandar who exclaims that Neil left it in the room so he kept it in his pocket, Viyas jee orders that he call the wife of Neil to come to the Mandap as soon as possible then he goes outside wondering that he even doesnot know the name of the girl. Then Viyas comes asking what is the matter and why is it taking so long so he places the phone on speaker and the girl is about to inform them all about their relation when Neil snatches the phone, Viyas asks where he was and were is his wife, he explains that she is at the parlor but when Godambari says that he should not have sent her there as there is a virus but then Viyas stops her by saying that she should get dressed as this is what Saraswathi would have wanted.
Baleq is with Godambari and explains about the situation where if he marries Chahat then they would stay in this house which would mean that he would not be able to get the seat of the head so this angers him and he plans that if this marriage means that he would not be able to get the seat of the head then he would make sure that this does not happen.
Bophar asks Neil who Chahat is as this means that he is marrying someone else, then Jamuna comes and is about to say that he is marrying someone else, then Neil explains that he can get it framed for his room.
Then Dr Baig gets restless and wakes up thinking that if his daughter is not alive then he will also take his life, Akram is playing the game when he leaves the room and is about to take his life when he sees Chahat who informs him that he should leave and inform Viyas about the truth because he believed that they should not run and keep fighting.
He runs to inform Viyas about the truth when Ghazala comes back saying that he was in charge of keeping an eye on him so why does he not know where Dr Baig is, she thinks that he would have gone to inform Viyas about the truth.
Chahat is restlessly trying to open the window when Dr Baig is also running, Ghazala thinks that he would do something that would harm them all if he finds that Chahat is alive, Dr Baig also sees a window and wonders if someone is locked inside, he helps them open it and they both are calling for help.
Neil along with his friend are searching for Baig when he wonders where Chahat might have gone as the back door is open, he runs in to the store room, Neil thinks that Baig would have helped her escape, they both hear that she is reciting a Naat, they both go to her and he asks if she has gone mad because if someone hears her then it would create a lot of problem, he inquires why she broke the back door, Chahat mentions that she saw the baby goat and was trying to calm him down because this s what Saraswathi would do, he asks her to keep reciting it because she would need it as he has found her father Dr Baig.
Bophar inquires if she is the daughter of Dr Baig, he gets a call from someone who explains that it was a wrong sign, then Bophar asks why is he with Chahat who is the daughter of Dr Baig, then Chahat mentions that he is not a killer, Neil asks that she should go back inside and then Bophar along with them both plan what they would tell the members of the house as they are waiting for Chahat and what should they do. All of them are in complete distress.
Viyas is with the child when he calls Baleq because the child is not able to hold the toys, they all explains that it is because there is something that is harming their house and that started when Neil and Chahat got married in the Mandir as that is when Saraswathi died and now his child is also in harms way so he should make sure that the marriage does not happen, Neil also comes back with Chahat and hearing that they are requesting Viyas jee to stop the wedding he feels that they have fulfilled his desires, which would make it easy for him.

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