Qurbaan Hua 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Viyas jee finds a solution to the fault in the Kundali

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Qurbaan Hua 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Baleq is pleading with Viyas jee to stop the marriage as it is the only and best choice for their family, Jamuna asks Neil and Chahat to come in the house, then Baleq goes to Neil informing him that they both cannot get married as the baby is giving the price for their marriage, Jamuna asks why they are blaming the children, Godambari asks him if he knows what has happened then shows that the child is not able to hold the toy, they all get worried but then Chahat remembers how her father explained that if there is a fracture in the womb of the mother than it leads to the fracture that the baby has to suffer, she exclaims that she has found the proof, then Viyas mentions that he was following the acts which her daughter wanted so she must give him some sign, then when Neil is about to leave after mentioning that they cannot get married when his family is in danger so they both will leave.
Jamuna stops them and shows the dress which Saraswati had ordered but Neil has made up his mind then Neil seeks a sign an the dupatta flies to Chahat which makes Viyas confident that they both should get married and he explains that he will find the solution to the problem and until then will ever come out.
Akram along with Ghazala bring Dr Baig to the room trying to explain that he must not go out of the house as he has to go to Viyas and prove that he is not the killer of his daughter then both Akram and Ghazala threaten him with their lives if he doesn’t stop them he gets electrocuted and she wakes up, Neil asks if she saw him killing her father then he presents a gift because he says that her life would be like hell after marrying him, she throws the sanitizer on his face and mentions that she has to do all that she can to prove her father is innocent, she explains that the fracture in the child proves her father is innocent.
He gets angry mentioning that she should stop as he has gotten really frustrated with her, but she says that she is the one who has gotten frustrated because she has been kept as a hostage in this house and has also suffered because she did not knew if her father was even alive so he must never are do anything of the sort, because she knows her father is innocent and so she throws him out of the room.
In the morning Chahat is sitting in front of the dressing when she hears that Neil is talking to his friend mentioning that they wedding would not happen because Viyas has still not found the solution so he also orders Chahat to not be hopeful because Viyas jee has still not found anything, she gets ready then thinking of how her father prepared the dress for her wedding se wears it thinking that she has to stay in the house to prove that her father is innocent she heads downstairs where Godambari is with Baleq and Naveli they all explain that she should not have worn the wedding dress as Viyas jee has not found any solution, then Baleq mentions that he would never let them both get married as there is a problem with their kundali, Neil is also shocked to see her in the wedding dress.
Godambari exclaims that he should teach something to his girlfriend as she should realize what is opportune for them, he explains that they would not have to get married as they are not meant for each other, Viyas comes from behind mentioning that they both are meant for each other and will get married because Saraswati could never be wrong and he has also found a solution to the problem with her kundali. Everyone is in shock but have no other option but to accept his order.

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