Qurbaan Hua 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat reaches the police station to save Neil and Viyas jee

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Baleq is on the room talking with Viyas jee saying that he is with him and they cannot sent Neil to jail on the charges if domestic violence, he ends the call and is happy that Godambari has taken all the steps to charge Neil with this act.
Neil is standing in the police station mentioning that he knows his rights and they have mistaken to arrest him, Viyas jee along with Jamuna also enter the police station mentioning that they might have been mistaken as in their house they respect the daughter in law of their family.
Godambari starts throwing flowers on Baleq and then he also starts throwing them on her mentioning that she has done an awesome thing get him arrested, she mentions that she thought he was the one to get Neil arrested, they both say that they have not done it and are confused about who would hold a grudge to get Neil behind bars, they both are happy and then Baleq says that he will never let Neil come out of the jail.
Chahat enters the house and Godambari hearing her voice. Pretends that she is meditating and so Chahat is forced to leave the money on the table, she seeing the time runs to prepare everything for the show,
The inspector says that he has proof against Neil and shows the video where Chahat is begging, Viyas jee asks what is happening but neil doesnot know anything, Neil thinks that she might have gotten the chance to run away as she warned him of revenge, Baleq comes mentioning that the women of their household do not come into the police station, he says that he ahs called the most reputed lawyer and Neil will get bail within a day or two, Jamuna says that when Neil is innocent he will not stay in jail, Viyas orders Baleq to call in the house as Chahat would have to come and say that there is nothing of the sort.
Chahat is preparing the ingredients for the show she mentions that she was not able to find the yellow cauliflower and when Neil will come he will shout at her for not bringing the correct ingredients, she also sees the time and decides to call Neil however the phone is not working and she gets restless, then she sees Neil’s phone and calls Bopho however the phone disconnects as Baleq doesnot let him attend the call, then he opens the video call, Chahat is not able to understand what is happening and why they are arresting Neil, she sees that Viyas jee is forcing the police to arrest him with Neil as he cannot see that Neil is behind bars, they come to arrest Viyas which angers Neil and he pushes the constable away, Viyas says that how can he be so angry as they donot fight in their religion, Viyas is shocked and sits with pain saying that it is because of his upbringing that Neil did this act, then when Neil tries to stop Viyas from being arrested he gets angry ordering Jamuna to make sure Neil doesnot say anything else.
Baleq says that he cannot see this and they arrest him instead however Viyas jee says that he should go back as he will not leave until Neil is proven innocent, Baleq thinks that he would have to go into jail as until it happens he would not be able to become the Mant of their village.
Viyas pleads with the inspector to arrest him along with Neil. Chahat is running towards the police station, Naveli comes from behind the cars thinking that she made sure Neil went to jail but now she doesnot know what she can do to prevent Chahat from reaching the police station, however Chahat reaches saying that they should tell her the charges upon which they have arrested Neil, she explains that she is kept like a princess and has no problem, so all the allegations are false, they ask her the name which she had before her marriage, she mentions that all her belongings were lost when they were coming from Delhi, the inspector mentions that they can take her print and get the identity. Chahat refuses however is forced to agree when Viyas jee orders her.

Precap: The iD card of Chahat is loading and she thinks that if they all come to know she is the daughter of Dr Baig then they would all use her to get to him, she doesnot know what should do to prevent it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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