Qurbaan Hua 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat and Neil are finally married

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In the house Viyas has mentioned that he has the never in his life seen such a difficult Kundali and the solution for it in this Kundali is simple as they both will get married and it would not be on the ground and also that the rays of the sun should not hit them directly, Godambari asks then what he means is that they would be married in the air, Baleq asks her to not say things like this because this is not what he would mean as it could never happen, Viyas mentions that it would happen like this as he shows them the mandap which is on the truck, then orders everyone to get ready as only Chahat was the one to have faith in him.
Godambari takes Chahat out when jamuna is happy to see how everyone is ready, Neil also comes asking why is she so worried as they both are to be married, then he gives her the necklace, when the Pandit comes Viyas jee asks who has called, him as in the house of Pandits he is a guest as because of the severity of their Kundali the Mantar would be different so he would be the one to finalize their wedding ceremonies.
Godambari asks Naveli to bring the gold Diya’s as they would sell them and be able to buy a house because now everything is in ruins, they would not be able to take control of the house, she also feels that Baleq would not be able to be the Mant if the wedding happens, Baleq gets frustrated asking Godambari to stop because he would never let anything like this to happen, Godambari feels that she has done the right thing to instigate Baleq.
Chahat is sitting wondering if what she si doing is right as her father had a lot of plans for her wedding, but she is about to marry someone with whom the relation will be based on hatred rather than love which might not be acceptable, seeing Neil she feels that he might be talking to his girlfriend as they both are in love.
Viyas comes to her informing that she knows the tension which they both are facing at the present and that is because of the problem in the Kundali some harm might come to them in the future but they must rest assured as the solution which he has derived would mean that nothing wrong would happen to them, they all head into the truck where Viyas jee stops anyone beside the three of them from entering as he mentions that it is not right because of the problem in the Kundali, Baleq also enters the truck with a can of kerosene.
Chahat goes to Neil asking why he is doing this as it would mean nothing if he had informed everyone that Saraswati was pushed, she mentions that he should not ruin his relation with Meera. Then he turns mentioning that he is ready for the ceremony, she also assures of her preparedness, then they move forward and continue with the ceremony.
Viyas takes the photo of Saraswati mentioning that he has not slept the entire night while trying to find a solution in order to get them both married. They both are asked by Viyas to stand up for the final ceremony , when Viyas jee lights and Chahat sees the fire she is not able to bear it and gets restless, Neil asks her to not worry as it is the holy fire and nothing would never happen to them, when Viyas jee asks Chahat to come in front she is not able to do it then Neil picks her up and they start performing the circling.
Godambari goes to Baleq asking what would happen with circling like this, he exclaims that he cannot do anything because Jamuna has ruined his plan then she mentions that he must only pull the rope as it is connected to the brake of the tuck, when he pulls it the truck moves forward but it stops, Godambari and Baleq pressurizing him that he should stop the wedding however he is insisting that it would happen no matter the harm that comes, as he has found the solution but the problems are because of the problem in the kundali. They again start the circling and are finally married. Neil says that no one can stop what is bound to happen.

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