Qurbaan Hua 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat punishes herself for lying to Viyas jee

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Neil exclaims that they have found out who was the one behind the call, Viyas jee asks who it was, Neil says that it was Naveli, Jamuna asks if he is talking of their own daughter, Jamuna mentions that he will be the one to inquire why did she do such a thing, they all hear the cries of Naveli as Godambari is hitting her with a wooden bat, they all head into the house, Viyas jee stops her saying that she also knew that Naveli was the one behind it. Godambari says that it is not the case as Naveli had lost her phone for which they had arranged a lot of money, jamuna stops her saying that she should not hit her so hard, then Baleq orders that the inspector whatever he can to find the real culprit behind it as because of the robber Neil was about to go in jail.
Viyas jee asks Chahat was she was standing at the chowk, hearing this Godambari is nervous as Chahat might take her name, she therefor hides her face, Chahat mentions that it is a ritual in their family member as they have to beg on the third Tuesday and then the money is sent for the Mandir, Viyas jee says that he has no issue with the rituals of her family but she is now a member of their family so should not do anything of the sort as it Is not accepted in their family.
When everyone leaves Chahat goes to Naveli asking who could have taken her phone, Naveli says that she is no longer with her boyfriend and so Chahat should never talk of him again, Neil also comes down then forcefully takes her to the room.
He asks her why did she do such a heinous act as she was begging, he is not ready to hear to anything that she is saying, Godambari comes mentioning that she is not the one to blame as Godambari sent her to beg ion the chowk, she explains that it was because she realized what Saraswati said so she wanted to make her do something that was difficult and she did not said anything to Viyas jee even after she suffered so much she refused to say anything to Viyas jee, she exclaims that he could not get a more trustworthy wife, she tries to touch her feet, Chahat says that she should not as otherwise she would get scolded.
Neil is not able to understand what she did then Chahat says that she thought that it was the ritual of his family so she could not say no and also thought that she would have to stay away from the Mandir which would also not lead to disrespect of his religion.
Neil stops her saying that she should not feel worried as he knows that she has no direct relation with his family and it is the truth that she is trying to do a lot for his family and Viyas jee always wanted a daughter in law who would be like a sister, she leaves the room and Neil seeks forgives from her mother saying that she was right and he is the one who thought that she was trying to run away.
Chahat is sitting outside eating spices, she thinks of all the times she lied to Viyas jee as she is not right for lying to Viyas jee, Neil seeing her is not able to understand how she can bear such a thing, He brings some liquid for her but she is not able to drink it, he also acts of eating the spice but is not able to bear it and asks how can she eat it, se says that it is because she has a lot of guilt and feels that she is lying to her father whenever she lies to Viyas jee. He also sits on the feet apologizing, she says that she doesnot need his apology but if he truly desires to do something nice so should consider that her father is innocent, he says that it can never happen.
Chahat enters the house and seeing that Viyas jee is still awake gets worried, he thinks that she is Jamuna so orders that he bring him some book, she is not able to recognize it so gives him the wrong book, he gets angry to which she replies that it has gotten really late so he should sleep which is why she has handed him the wrong book, he makes her sit down mentioning that she is just like his daughter and always looks after the entire family, he remembers how she used to defend Neil whenever he made a mistake. Viyas jee says that she is saying the right thing she should then take out the cloth which he would use to sleep on, Viyas jee is not able to walk properly when she asks what it is as she thinks he is not well, he answers that it is all the prayers of the god Viyas jee then stumbles on the stars and she cries baba and is preplaced not being able to move.

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