Qurbaan Hua 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat bumps into Baleq during the Aushra possession

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The doctor Is inspecting the health of Viyas je, Baleq asks Godambari is she is the one behind the deteriorating health of Viyas jee, she responds that she has done nothing wrong and in his age his health would deteriorate. Chahat comes asking the doctor if his oxygen is saturated to which he asks her is she is a doctor, Neil responds that her father is a doctor, he explains that there is some problem with his ECG so they would have to take care of him otherwise he might experience an heart attack, Godambari tries to act as if she is really concerned for his health.
Baleq asks Neil then how would they do the pooja when Viyas jee is not healthy, Chahat then says that there is nothing of that concern and Neil should do it, he however says that he would not be able to do it and Baleq should be able to do it as he is the one who knows the entire matters of the Mandir after Viyas jee, Chahat then says that they can also postpone it however Neil pressurizes Baleq to perform the Yagiah to which he obliges, both Neil and Chahat send everyone to their rooms after assuring them that they would be the ones to take care of the health of Viyas jee.
Neil exclaims that they have to focus that Viyas jee doesnot feel any kind of stress, Chahat explains that the only way to avoid it is that he should be the one to perform the Yagiah as |Baleq has been prohibited by Viyas jee so if he sees him performing the Yagiah then he would not be able to remain calm, Neil advises that they should check for a date so that they might perform the Yagiah at a later date, he asks Chahat to look for it, when she takes up her phone she realizes that Ashura is on the very next day, she thinks that she would keep a fast on that day, Neil takes the phone to check the date for himself.
Chahat is taking care of Viyas jee she sees that it is 4 am and the time for Sehri, she after covering Neil leaves for her meal, meanwhile Viyas jee is not feeling well and so starts coughing, he thi9nks that he should give him another dose but doesnot find Chahat with him, he starts looking for her.
Chahat is in her room with the meal, she hears the voice of her father and exclaims that he would be very proud as she has gotten up by herself.
Neil thinks of where Chahat might be as he told her to stay with him, he calls the doctor asking about the medicine and then finally gives him after which he realizes that Viyas jee has a fever, Neil wonders how Chahat can be so irresponsible. Chahat is meanwhile in her room preparing for the meal before the fast, she prays for the health of Viyas jee mentioning that whenever he is with her she feels that her father is with her.
She is about to have the meal when Neil stops her from behind saying that he trusted her with the health of his father but she is busy in eating, he warns her mentioning that she is his prisoner and she would be the one to make the meal for them all and if she is not able to maintain the ratio of Salt, he would light the coat of her father on fire, jamuna also comes asking why they are fighting, Neil says that Chahat would cook breakfast for them all, when he leaves with her food, she sits down thinking how she would be able to taste it as she would be on a fast.
In the morning Neil is talking with the doctor explaining the entire situation of the night also pleading with the him to come and check Viyas jee himself, he hears Godambari yelling on Chahat, he goes inside mentioning that she is making the food for him, Godambari mentions that she could not eat anything then takes the fruit for Viyas jee.
Neil orders that Chahat be the one to serve him the breakfast, he is sitting on the table when Bopho comes mentioning that he was not able to wake up in the morning, he mentions that it is the 10th of Moharram and Muslims wake up to keep a fast as they have to eat something before sunrise. Neil realizes that Chahat was trying to eat to keep her fast, he feels guilty knowing that he stopped her from performing her religious rituals, then asks for her apology, she says that she has no hard feelings and he should eat the breakfast when he has asked her to make it, after tasting it Neil exclaims that it is perfect, he thinks that she might have broken her fast in order to make breakfast for him, she says that he threatened to light the coat of her father on fire so she was forced to, she says to Bopho that she will let Neil sit in guilt for some time, he once again apologizes to her but she hands him the medicine for Viyas jee saying that he should take care of his father instead of worrying for her.
Chahat is walking with the bottle of juice when Bopho comes with the Burqa and the cloth she had asked him to bring, Bopho mentions that she can now celebrate her ritual, Chahat answers that Muharram is a holy month but there is no celebration as on the 10th of the month, Muslims commemorate the day of Ashura when the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was martyred on the plains of Karbala so they commemorate it as a grief for the entire Muslim ummah. He realizes then runs back to his shop as he left it open.
Chahat starts distributing the juice, Baleq and Naveli are walking with the pile of wood on their head, they both change their routes after seeing that Muslims are standing on the road, Baleq bumps into Chahat unknowingly and asks her what she is doing on the road, then a man comes asking her to give him a juice of Muharram for his brother. She gives it to him, Baleq asks her why she is giving juice on the religious day of the Muslims, her bag also drops, and they see the Burqa asking her why she has these things with her.

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