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Chahat exclaims that she cannot understand how Naveli was able to change the recording at the last moment, she is sure that someone tipped her off but does not know who that person was, Neil asks her to stop blaming Naveli as he has had enough of it, She still is angered that he left her mobile in the kitchen because could have otherwise heard the recording further. She would then be able to find out the identity of the boyfriend.
Godambari asks Naveli who helped her change the recording, She exclaims that it was the worker Sunita mentioning that she is really clever. Sunita mentions that it was her because she heard Chahat talking with Neil and so made a plan that she would do anything to ruin the reputation of Chahat that is why she informed Naveli who quickly took the phone out and assured that she would teach her a lesson, which is why she asked Sunita to help her make a recording as a friend, Sunita mentions that she doesnot know why Chahat Is jealous of Naveli, Godambari answers that it is because Viyas jee praised her but she would make sure Chahat knows who she really is. Godambari then sends her away.
Godambari answers that she should not trust the workers so much because if she gets more money from them then will side with Chahat. She also warns Naveli that no one should about her relation with Baleq, Naveli is worried about those people who are coming to see her, Godambari assures her that they would end the relation after thinking some excuse but she must move on with the plan.
Chahat is crying when Viyas jee calls her, she tries to leave however Neil pulls her hand, she tries to leave as she is angry with him but he pulls her so she falls on him, they both are not able to say anything and are just looking at each other, he wipes off the tears from her face whole also cleaning her face, she is not able to believe it, he answers that she is a stubborn girl who doesnot even clean her face, she gets off when Viyas jee calls her but she doesnot come and then is once again called, she comes down when Viyas jee orders her to make sure that everything is done right as she has to manage the house, Jamuna asks her to tell him if she cannot fulfil the task as then he would himself do it, Viyas jee then orders him to call the relatives asking the time they will come.
Jamuna leaves and Viyas jee goes into the kitchen then seeing the cutlery asks Chahat to take them from the upper shelf as he doesnot want her to use the cups that they use in the house, he orders Chahat to take them from the upper shelf but realizing that she has strains on her hand orders Sunita to take them down then clean them, Sunita asks Chahat as she is really Ghazala and worried that if Chahat comes to know who she is will ruin her entire plan, she gets on the stool and Chahat orders her to give her the pot of sugar, when Sunita takes off the set she purposefully throws her and the entire set breaks. Chahat is then forced to go to the market and bring the new set, she is happy that she has found the same set which Saraswati brought but then taunts Neil who would have criticized her if he was with her, she sees a girl struggling with her shoes so helps her, she realizes that it is Nisha who asks Chahat the reason she is wearing a saree, Chahat makes an excuse by saying that there was a pooja at her friend’s house. Nisha mentions that she is preparing for the exams and also that Chahat would not need it before she leaves explaining that she has to be somewhere.
Chahat hears the call for the Azzan so hurries to reach the house, she is perplexed to see that the sandals are of Nisha, when she sees inside there is Nisha, Chahat prays that why does Nisha have to be the sister of the groom.
Viyas jee and Jamuna are having a conversation with the family members, Jamuna mentions that their government has assured that a vaccine would be made public by the end of this year. Viyas jee asks the father if her daughter has completed the education, he mentions that she passed the exam just two days before, Viyas jee is also in favour of the girls getting higher education, Nisha answers that many girls from their village are also getting the higher education and she even met a friend who got the doctors degree.

Precap: Chahat hears that Naveli is planning to run away from the house while also threatening to reveal the truth about Shriwatri, Chahat realizes that it was the same night Saraswati died, she is adamant to find the person responsible as because of him her father was blamed, Bale throws Chahat in a well, Neil yells to save her.

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