Qurbaan Hua 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat celebrates the birthday of Saraswati

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Naveli questions Chahat about the Burqa, but she is not able to answer any of the questions, he asks if she is really the Brahman, Neil sees her and asks if she has done the shopping. Neil mentions that it was their laundry who gave them the Burqa when he came to return their clothes, so he thought of returning it, they still ask why she was handing the juices to Muslims. They explain that she did it was because of the blood camp as she learned that those who donate blood should be given juice to reconcile their health. Baleq and Naveli leave them explaining that there were mistaken and leave them both as Baleq says that it was because of Naveli that he came to suspect Chahat of the wrongdoing.
Chahat leaves with out even letting Neil apologize he tries stopping her but she doesnot listen to anything then he exclaims that will she forgive him if he sits on his knee, and when he does it she forgives him saying that he only seeks forgiveness for one mistake after making ten but she will make sure that eh doesnot do anything wrong, Neil gets a call and immediately rushes back home without telling anything to Chahat who also follows him.
Jamuna is trying to convince Viyas jee to not perform the Yagiah as he is not well but he insists of doing it and then feels dizzy, Neil holds him and makes him sit mentioning that he should not think of the Yagiah as he has asked Baleq to do it, Viyas jee gets angry mentioning that he is still the Mant of the Mandir and it is his decision, Neil gets angry mentioning that he is his son and only did this because he cares for him. they both get into a heated argument.
Chahat pulls Neil aside advising that he not talk like this to Viyas jee as the doctor told them that he should not experience any kind of stress however Neil mentions that Viyas jee should also listen to those who care for him, she mentions that they can also talk with a calm mind and sends Neil away.
She explains to Viyas jee that those people who get mad over small things are the ones who care for them the most and Neil was right and if he doesnot take care of his health then it would be really problematic, she explains that she knows he prohibited Baleq from doing it but they can also postpone it for some time, Viyas jee refuses saying that he should be the one to perform the Yagiah, he thinks that he cannot tell anyone that tomorrow is the birthday of Saraswati as it would cause Neil to blame himself, he gets up thinking of taking a bath to which Chahat says that he must not strain himself as she has another way.
She brings the basket mentioning that they can take a bubble bath when they are not well, Jamuna says that she is right and he will give her the bubble bath, Godambari comes with Gollu who is still crying, she takes her from Godambari, Viyas jee says that she should take out the toys from the wardrobe which belong to Saraswati, she asks him how can he keep them with so much care. She takes the toys with golly who calms down as soon as they reach downstairs, then she thinks of how she would remove the fight between both Neil and Viyas jee.
In the night when Neil comes, he is really angry and is not ready to talk with her. Chahat thinks of a plan so pleads with him to make some pudding for her as she has not broken her fast because in their family they always eat the first from someone else so she desires that he make the pudding for her.
When the pudding is made, she takes it all out and decorates it with the name of Saraswati, Neil comes and is shocked to see that she remembered the birthday of Saraswati, he starts weeping and cuts the cake and also makes her eat but when she tries to do the same he refuses to eat it saying that he doesnot deserve it.
She stops him saying that he should not be angry so much as it is anger which burns a person from the inside, he remembers that his sister would say the same thing to him, he still refuses to accept that he is worthy of sitting with Viyas jee in the Yaghia.
She mentions that she found a letter in the box which mami gave to her and it is from Saraswati, she reads it and it mentions that Neil should take care of their father because he is getting old, Chahat once again pleads with him to sit with Viyas jee in the Yaghia, he however leaves the hall.
In the morning both Naveli and Godambari are preparing Baleq for the pooja mentioning that he would look really well doing the pooja and it is time for the entire village to know that he would the next Mant as Viyas jee has gotten old and would not be able to perform the duties, when they reach the hall and Baleq is about to sit for the pooja, Viyas jee stops him mentioning that he has not gotten that old and can still fulfil his religious duties.

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