Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update

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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Scene 1
Ram recalls what Koyal said. A girl goes towards the Ram Pyaree beauty parlour. Kaha Suni stop her and say our salon is the best. Patang comes to meet Ram. He says di was so upset when she heard I would leave. She asked me to stay. Ram says if you don’t have the ticket, I can book it for you. He says I can’t break my sister’s heart. He says if Dulari is happy I am happy. Patang says you’re the best.

Dulari starts the book. She says this book has confused me even more. I don’t know what to do. Show me a way. Patang says hide this book. No one should know that you’re reading it.

The customer leaves. She says thank you Ram. You made ma bijli. Ram thinks it’s Dulari singing. But it’s Koyal. He sings with her. Ram says sorry I thought it’s Dulari. She says you welcomed me with open arms. Koyal says I came to apologize. I also had to show you this picture. This is when we got engaged. I thought to frame it and keep it in my room. At least you would stay with me in my room. Ram takes it. She says I have soft copy of it. But you think if Patang or didi find it, what will you do?

Patang and Dulari hide the book. They hide it under the bed. Ram comes. They hide there. Patang says hide it in your closet.

Ram looks for the photo. It fell from his hand. Ram is scared. He looks around. Dulari says how could you? You can’t hide from me. He says what did I hide? She says this photo. Ram is scared. He says what photo? She says of this friend. He ran away with your money. He says I thought you were talking about the other photo. Kaha Suni text Ram that we have your photo. If you wanna save it come to us.

Scene 2
Ram comes to Kaha suni. He says I got you cookies. Kaha suni says you will only open your parlour for three days only or we will put this photo in the street. It’s the same engagement photo. Ram is scared. Kaha says don’t be over smart. Koyal comes and says there will be another photo in the chowk bazar as well. It’s of Kaha Suni mixing chemicals in the products. koyal says I will tell everyone you mix chemicals in products and then make more money in the name of treatment. Kaha suni says no one will believe it. Koyal says yeah just your parlour will close. Think about it. Kaha Suni are dazed. Koyal says let’s go Ram ji.

Ram says thank you. She says no thanks. Patang sees them together. He says something is wrong. Dulari recalls Patang asked her not to tell anyone about the book. Ram comes. He says Dulru.. She says how? My heart is like a government channel. I don’t know what’s happening. He says Patang told me. She says he told you? I hid it in the store. He says how can you hide Patang in store? She says you were talking about Patang. I thought book. He says what? Dulari says nothing Ram says I am glad Patang came. Our parents would start coming too and our families would be happy with our love marriage. Dulari says be like that always. Ram says get ready for the special paan with lots of love.

Dulari tickles Patang and wakes him up. She says I am asking you to leave. Leave this house. You were proving me against Ram. He says Santoshi also asked her brother to leave. Then he saved her house.

Precap-Patang asks Dulari to test Ram. She asks him to give the lunchbox to Koyal. Koyal locks Ram. Dulari is watching.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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