Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari tests Ram

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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Scene 1
Dulari says who Santoshi? He says my friend’s sister. She also trusted her husband more than her brother. He says I am going. Dulari says it’s late. Go in the morning. and I will prove that my Ram is innocent. I will take his test. Dulari says I hope I am doing nothing wrong. Patang brings a box. He says this box will test him. Dulari says how? He says let me tell you a plan. Dulari says I will have to do it.

Ram comes home. He says my cutie. She says box. He says what is this? I will do lunch with you. She says this is for Koyal. Give this lunch box to her. Ram says I won’t go there, I have work. She says it’s okay I will give. Patang looks at her. Dulari says no I have to arrange things for pooja. He says you can send Radha. She says you’re right. Dulari says no you should give it to her. She says don’t open it. She goes inside.

Scene 2
Irfan says this story is about a box. Hero is taking it while hiding from the heroin. A guy says like Ram. Ram says why is he walking so slow. Ram rings Koyal’s bell. He says Dulari sent this for you. She says did got to know my heart and sent you to me. Come in. Ram says I have to open the salon. She pulls him and says I made parsad for the pooja. Patang is outside. Dulari is looking there. Koyal holds his hand and gives him pooja.

Dulari says I hope everything is right there. Patang is making a video. Koyal says Ram ji will you accept? She says I will. She says give it to Sehtan Dewta as well. Ram says I have work. He goes out. Patang hides.

Dulari is waiting for Patang. Dulari says I trust my Ram completely. He can never cheat on me. Patang comes. He says nothing is left to see. He says you were right. She says what happened to your hand? He says don’t ask jiji, I recorded everything. Will you sntach it to see it? Dulari takes the phone. She says there’s no sound in the video. There’s no sound in the video. Patang says they were talking about lovey dovey things. Koyal comes and says what happened to your hand Patang? Did someone give it in the door? Dulari says he is fine. Koyal says the khayali pulao you sent was very tasty. Dulari says what? Koyal says the box was empty. Dulari says it was full of trust. Koyal says I filled it with love. I put parsad in it. I was giving him parsad but he said he will eat with Dulari only. You better keep evil eye off your love. She looks at Patang. Koyal leaves.

Dulari kicks Ram out. Dulari says don’t come here if you doubt Ram again. He didn’t even open the box. She kicks him out. Patang says in heart jiji you didn’t do right. You will recall your brother when you see your husband with another woman.

Precap-Koyal comes dressed as a bride to Ram’s house. She says I came to take you with me Ram.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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