Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Koyal to live with Dulari and Ram

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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Scene 1
Koyal says Dulari must be thinking so many things. I am here to ask for your sindur. Dulari says how can she ask my sindur. I will teach her a lesson once my warath is over. Ram says neighbors are okay until they ask for shampoos how can you ask for sindur. Do you understand? It’s not sugar. Koyal says I am asking for sindur, she isn’t saying anything why are you saying? Are you a woman? Ram says she can’t give her sindur to you. You are trying to get her husband from her? Koyal says Dulari do you think the same? I thought you understand me. But you broke my heart. Ram says if she isn’t speaking that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. You are the one asking for her sindur and blaming my Dulru? Dulari says heart Ram can fight for me. Koyal says I became bride for photoshoot. They will use it for their catalog. So I asked it for the photoshoot. Ram says oh we thought.. You can get it from the table. Dulari says in heart I smell something else. Ram says you are getting late. You can leave. Koyal says Dulari lost her voice, how can I leave her alone? Ram says I have to speak to you.

Ram says to Koyal why are you doing all this? Why have you ruined my life? She says you’re acting like she lost her voice because of me. He says I saw a dream in which you were wearing ths same dress. You forced me to fill your hearline and Dulari lost her voice in shock. She says if you think I took her voice, I will bring it back. She says I will help you try as a good neighbor. Give me a chance.

Koyal comes back in with ram. Koyal says Sati can bring your voice. Ram and I will bring your voice back. Ram says Dulriu your voice will come back. Koyal says I have decided until your voice is back, I will stay here. Ram says yes. Dulari says in heart how can he ask her to stay here.

All men are outside Ram’s house looking for Koyal. Chacha imagines being a groom. Ram says Ms. Koyal.. What are you doing. Dulari asks Koyal to leave. Koyal says she’s asking me to bring her stuff back. Koyal says I won’t go anywhere Dulari. Don’t worry. Dulari says in heart this is becoming a trouble for me.

Ram says Dulru please explain what are you trying to say? Dulari goes out of the house to show her to leave. Koyal says I got it now. She closes the door. dulari knocks. Irfan says Koyal should have been out but Dulari is out now. Ram opens th door and hugs Dulari. He says sorry. Koyal says she was asking me to stay inside the house. She says don’t worry Dulari, I have told her everything. Ram says what is happening? Ram says Irfan bhai Dulari is trying to say something. Please understand. Irfan says dulari is asking Koyal to leave. Koyal says Irfan if you understood women, you won’t have been single. A woman understands woman. A guy says ask her to text. She can write.

Dulari writes on phone, Koyal jao naa (Koyal go). Koyal says she’s asking me not to go. Let me bring my stuff.

Scene 2
Patang eats pani poori. He says it’s so good. He says add more potatoes. I was kidding. A girl comes there and says give me poori pani. Patang imagines dancing with her on tu ne mari entry. She says oh hello, give me poori pani. He gives her poori pani. She says give me more spicy. He says I can bring spice for ou. She says how much? Patang says free for you. She gets a call and says I live in chowk bazzar. Is my parcel here? I am coming.

Patang follows her but he loses her. Patang gets a call from Dulari. He says yes jiji? Dulari can’t speak. He says are you fasting? Dulari throws a glass. He says I get it, I am coming.

Scene 3
Patang comes home. Dulari throws stuff at him. He says calm down jiji. You will break my head. It’s okay. Koyal will come to this house, it’s a good thing. You will keep an eye on her and use all tips on her. Don’t worry about it. You can make her weak. Dulari says in heart Patang is right. I will make cry. I will save my Ram and start this battle with you Koyal.

Precap-Koyal comes with her stuff to live with Dulari and Ram.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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