Relations…-Anika Singh Raizada, the only sister of 5 Brothers…living as a middle-class girl (Chapter 1)

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A girl is shown packing up her things as it was the last day of their internship, she is surrounded by all the staff even after working hours

Lady 1: I can’t believe the time has gone so fast I will miss you Anu…😢

Lady 2: Is there any way for you not to go Anu…😭

yes the girl is our own dear Anika staff call her Anu as they don’t know her real name and as you all have guessed the place is Raizada office

Anika: Guys I will try to get a job here itself even I will miss you guys

Anika(thinks): Now how will I say that I am Anika Singh Raizada and I will come here again but not as an intern😅

All: That’s a great idea anu, you can try to get a job here itself…🥳

all become happy while she got a msg on her phone,

Anika: guys I have to go now…bye…and don’t worry we will meet again here itself…Trust me!!!

by saying this she ran outside of the office to the parking and there she meets 4 boys, yes it’s her brothers…

Arv: Jaan,where were you?

Krt: We were so tensed….(with an angry frown)😠

Ank: sorry,bhaiyyas I was telling bye to my friends🥺

Mah: Jaan, You know it’s not your last day in office, right?

Ank: yeah, but they didn’t know right…

Arj: Yeah, how will they know when it was you who decided to hide your identity here…

Krt: well…it won’t take a long time for them to find out as you are going to enter in the business…

Ank: Yeah…anyways now take me to our home na…I miss my Bhabhis…I haven’t seen them for a long time…😢

Arj: Jaan, it’s only been 3 hours since you last saw them…😳

Ank: Hawww…Bhaiyaa…3 hours…it means its been 10800 seconds since I last saw them…

by saying this she got into the car leaving the 4 confused🤦🏻‍♂️

Arn: She is such a…..

Arj: Baby

Krt and Mah: Yeah

All 4: Aww…but she is our Baby…😘

In Raizada Mansion(RM),

Ank: Bhabhis…..

Shiv: Hai Baby…

Nar: We missed you, Baby…

Kar: Seriously Naira you saw her today morning

Nar: Yeah… what I missed her

Kar: you know what just go…

Nar:what….did I say something, wrong baby..?

Ank: no bhabhi …..they are like this from the morning anyway…. let’s have lunch I am hungry

Bel: ok baby come

In Oberoi Mansion(OM),

Someone is shouting on the phone, and yes you are right its Shivaay

Shiv: Mishra…now listen to me carefully…. I want mr.raizadas appointment by hook or crook…do you get that….good

by saying this go got out of the room,

Om: I am sure it was Mishra….Bechara Mishra….

Ru: Bechara Mishra….


Shiv: Mishra..where is Helen(his PA)

Mishra: She hasn’t reached, sir

Shiv: WHAT….you know I don’t like it when my employees are late

before Mishra could say something Helen came

Helen: Sorry Sir…

Shiv: you know I don’t like when someones late right

Mishra: It must be a mistake sir please forgive her

Helen: oh hello I don’t want your sympathy …..

Mishra: but beta I was just helping you…

Helen: You are just a middle-class old man..ok…just get lost I will speak to Shivaay sir

Shiv: Miss Helen you are FIRED!!!!

Helen: For being late…sorry sir I won’t be late…

Shiv: Helen…I would have forgiven you if it was for being late but you insulted Mishra,for me there is nothing like middle-class,lower-class…..

Helen: What…

Shiv: Now….Get Lost…and Mishra…I want a new PA

Mishra: Was it necessary to fire her sir

Shiv: I fired her because she called you middle class and old man…and you know i don’t like people judged based on their class…now go

Mishra went out Smiling at his boss who is rude and kind at the same time,

In RM,

Manish: Princess,I have decided to announce that you are the raizada princess

Ank: ok dad but I want to live as just Anika for 1 year

Dadi: What do you mean, beta?

Ank: Dadi…..

Suw:What happen Bachaa….Tell na…

Ank: I have to tell you something… I have decided that I want to live like a middle-class girl for 1 year

All Bro: What the……

All Bhabhis: NO…

Man: What are you saying, princess….

Ank: for 1 year I want to live alone in a city as just Anika with a simple job….

Arv: Jaan, but how can we let you live alone..

Khus: and how will we stay away from our baby

Ank: please bhabhi I will call you all everyday plz…

ALL: fine…but alone…

voice: We will go with her…

ALL: Gudi, too…

Its our very own gauri and bhavya raizadas call herGudi and Bhavu…..

Ank: Why will you come with me….

BOTH: because even we have decided to hide our identity….


Gauri: well…. I will be joining the film industry soon so I told papa that I want to live my life without the title as “Neetu and Rishi Raichands daughter”

Bhavya: and I have decided to freely before entering business……

Ank: GREAT… is it OK for you all..?

ALL BRO’S: But with one condition……..

Ank: What…?

ALL BHABHI’S: Only for 6 months and call us every day….

Anirivya: OKKK….

Neil: Jann, when do you plan to leave?

Ank: tomorrow,I have even applied for a job

Arj: as what….

Ank: Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s PA….

Arv:OHH…OHH…I know who he is…..he is actually Indias Best Businessman…….I am very impressed by him….

Kar: If bhaiyaa is praising someone that he must be special..

Neil: He is….He is even ready to die for his family…his family is very lucky to get him….

Anika was really impressed by hearing about him


Shivay: Who is She?

Anika: ….

Shivaay: What is she trying to do?

Shivaay(thinks): I am impressed miss….?


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