Relations…-Anika Singh Raizada, the only sister of 5 brothers…living as a middle-class girl… (Characters)

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Character Sketch of Raizada’s

Devyani Singh Raizada

She is the loving grandmother of Anika, Arnav, Neil, Arjun, Mahir and Kartik…She loves all her grandchildren equally……

Manish Singh Raizada and Suwarna Singh Raizada

They are the parents of 6 children(I don’t want anyone of the brothers to be Anika’s cousins so that’s why)…….Loves children equally and can go to any extent if anyone tries to harm his children especially his princess……He is a Businessman and She is a homemaker…..Call Anika “PRINCESS”

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Singh Raizada

The eldest of all…….He is a Businessman and She takes care of all the Raizda Restaurants all over the world…….

Arjun Singh Raizada and Shivanya Singh Raizada


Brother of Anika younger than Arnav…….He handles business with his brothers and father while she handles the Raizada Fashion House………

Mahir Singh Raizada and Bela Singh Raizada

Younger than Arnav and Arjun…..Both of them handles their family business together

Kartik Singh Raizada and Naira Singh Raizada

He is the twin brother of Neil…..he handles family business and she handles the Raizada Academy of Dance as she herself is a trained dancer…….

Neil Singh Raizada and Avni Singh Raizada

He is the twin brother of Kartik……he is a police officer he has also completed MBA and handles business whenever his brothers are busy or when he is free and she is a doctor, handles Raizada Hospital…….

Anika Singh Raizada

She is the only sister of 5 brothers and the only princess of the Raizada empire she is no less than a princess…She has completed her MBA and is currently working in Raizada company itself as an intern however her identity is hidden and so the employees don’t know that she is the Raizada princess………


They are Gauri Singh Raichand and Bhavya Singh Raichand, heirs of Raichand empire just like Raizadas one of the richest family of the world not only that their father is a big Bollywood star that is they are the Daughter of Neetu and Rishi Singh Raichand…….Gauri aspires to be an actress is going enter into film industry while Bhavya is interested in her gaming Company…..


#All brothers and their wives consider Anika as their daughter and is very protective of her.

#Suwarna and Neetu are Sisters…Making Anika and GauVya cousins

#Raizad’s and Raichand’s are 100 times richer than the Oberoi’s.

#Raizada’s and Raichand’s are considered as one of the worlds richest family while Oberoi’s are the Indias richest family.

#Raizada’s and Raichand’s are also a royal family as Suwarna and Neetu are the daughter of a king of Rajasthan(Its all my wild imagination please don’t mind).

#No one except Raizada family and Raichand family knows that Anika is the hidden raizada princess.

#Oberoi’s are the same all are positive and no NKK.

#All brothers call her “JAAN” and all bhabhi’s call ber “BABY”.

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