Rudra tells Maya that Rishi loves a girl and wants to marry her. He is convinced that the girl was present when Rishi committed suicide. The Maya asked if he thought the girl was at fault. Rudra refused, but MJ thought that the girl murdered Rishi and wanted to kill her. He didn’t know that Rishi’s brother was among them and would protect the girl. He had to find the girl and protect her. The Maya asked if Ananya knew he was here. He said he didn’t know he was going to come here.

On the other hand, MJ cried and said that he lost strength and wanted to cry, but couldn’t be in front of anyone. At this moment Diya hugged him and said that he was always with her. I need you to support him. I love you. She said Antara had anxiety again, so she gave her an injection and didn’t wake up until the morning. MJ cried and told Rudra that it was right to kill his son. Diya said he couldn’t think like that, he didn’t kill Rishi, she supported him in every step of life, no matter who killed Rishi, they would kill, her MJ couldn’t accept such failure, they would win.

Rudra thanked Maya for her support before leaving. She said she even lost her brother. He hugs her and apologizes for stroking her without her permission. She said he had not asked for permission in the garden. They all have in common, pain; 2 kinds of pain cannot be loved, but to be friends. He shook hands and thanked him. Ananya in the car looked at everything. The Maya went home and opened the door to listen to the bell. Rudra returned to her room and saw Ananya sitting there, asking what happened. Ananya said that no one can win in the game, but everyone has the money to participate, and she is his comfort. Rudela asked what she was talking about. She said he gave her a proposal to marry him but didn’t give it to her. She wanted to spend a lifetime with friends, but he gave her / Mayan best friend. He told himself that he could not cry, but wept before Maya. He shared sadness with Maya, not her. Rudra said the Maya had also lost her brother and knew his pain. Ananya said that even if she lost her brother Rishi, he still gave his friendship to the Maya, why. Not at all, but Maya did it. He walked away angrily.

Rajiv enters Maya’s house and asks if she is as expected, Rudra sees him hugging Rudra. Revenge, so she showed humanity and support for Rudra. Rajiv asked if she would regret killing Rishi. Maya stood quietly. Rajiv panicked and said it was true. He was supporting her to defeat MJ and get revenge, but he should support a murderer. The Maya said that unless she avenged Diya, Antara, Amir, Jogi, MJ, her revenge would not be completed; when MJ killed the baby At the time, Maya Jaysingh was born and became a writer, no one could see or see, trapped Rishi and collaborated with Rudra. She wanted to destroy MJ’s power, his life, his life in the hands of his sons, but one of his sons, Rudra, was still alive. Rajiv asked if her next goal was Rudra? Maya said lovingly, just as she likes Rishi; love is the weapon that killed her, and now it is Rudra’s turn.

In return from the mother of the Mayan temple, give people Prasad Draghi. Rajiv said that if someone shared prasad, they would establish a connection. Mom asked what they were discussing. Rajiv said he is telling the Maya that he will be her brother from now on and will protect her. The mother tied the holy thread to the Maya’s wrist and gave Ludela a wrist, saying that they had hope for the return of Manas and his fat man, and Ludela had no hope for the return of his brother. Rajiv said after leaving, the poor aunt did not know that Manas and his father were dead, but he was with Maya. The Maya said that because interpersonal relationships weakened a person, she didn’t need him, but she didn’t need it; her next goal was Rudra.