Weekend plot
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He said that these prisoners kept confusing others in the fight and we did not know who was poking at whom. Himesh Reshamiya enters the house and sees what happened.

In the house:
Day 119
When the prisoner woke up, he saw Himmy. Aashiqui mein teri plays. Himesh sings and greets everyone. Shimesh said I’m promoting my movie here.
Himesh asked Mahira to make tea for him. Mahira said I couldn’t find tea. Himesh asks Rashami to give her hidden tea. Did Mahalla say she was hiding? Shefali said Rashami has always done this. Rashami brings tea. Why did Sid say Rashami?

Sana tells Himesh that Shefali is the lion here.
Himesh told the prisoners, let’s try my singing. They hold their noses and sing. Himesh said let’s do the laughing exercise and they will all laugh. Himesh said let’s play the game. One team has Asim, Arti, Paras and Sana. Team B will have Sid, Shefali, Mahila and Vishal. Asim and Sid will remove the juice from the machine. Team members will collect sugar cane for them. They both got some sugarcane and used machines to make juice. Paras helps his team. Shimesh said that Team A made four glasses of juice.
Sid’s team began to work. When Vishal held the machine for him, Sid rolled the wheel. They have 5 cups. Himesh said Team B won the mission, so they will get jalebis. Himesh thanked them and left.

Sid asked Asim why Rashami had to steal tea? Rashami said I want to save it, and that’s no big deal. Asim said she didn’t steal.
Shefali said that Sana was laughing at me and calling me a lion. Sid says all she does is p. Sana said I didn’t say anything wrong to her. Sid had to laugh at me. Sid asked her to keep restrictions. Sana said I didn’t want to fight with you, so don’t talk to me. Sid said, even if you bring your father here, I won’t come to you. Sid left. Sana’a told Asim that he asked a question for no reason. Asim asked Shefali to move the table. Sid laughed at him. West Germany told Shefali that Asim would be happy when Parag met him. He wants to have fun, and once we quit the show, we will take everything from him. Asim sat in front of him and said the dog could bark all the time.

Asim said there was too much Sid and I would take him outside the house and we would meet. I will catch you. Sid said yes. Pallas said he was doing it for the camera. Sana told Paras that your people thought no one could do anything after going out.

On stage:
Salman welcomes Himesh on stage. He sang with him. Salman says Himesh is a fan of Bigg Boss. Shimesh said that I was going to drink tea wrong. Salman said that now I must endure them. Salman said that when you came to me as a producer, you were only 14 years old and we used it. Himesh asked him to sing with him. He sings. Salman sang with him. Himesh greets him and leaves.

Salman sat on a horse and said he also rejected two missions this week. Salman said, let’s talk to prisoners about these little issues. Salman connected the phone to the house. He sat on the horse. All prisoners laughed. Salman joked that Vishal ate sooji. Salman asked Vishal, did you fall off the horse? Vishal said I did. Asim said that Vishal did get up from the horse, but he was touching it. I didn’t see him leave the horse. Salman said, but when people told you he stood down. Asim said I asked Vishal and he said he hadn’t come down. Salman said you are not watching him, but Vishal should tell him the truth. Wishal said I didn’t know you couldn’t get rid of the horse. Sid asked me, I said I didn’t come down, I lied because it didn’t matter, and Rasamy gave me her place. Salman said, what if you tell the truth? Vishal said I don’t want to lose this place.

Salman said that the play started with you lying, and then your personality appeared in the spider mission. You can’t stick to your decision, and lies have surfaced. Why do you lie so openly Do you think we are not looking at you? If you want immunity, then why don’t you care? If you don’t think you are weak, why ask your friends to save you? Rashami said, I don’t think Vishal has a strong foundation because he later participated in the show. Salman asked against you? Rashami said he was weaker than me. What did Salman say about Vishal? Vishal said she was strong. What did Salman say between you and Asim? Vishal said it must be a draw. Asim said he was a strong player. Salman said, let me tell you the latest news. Vishal is safe. Applaud him. Salman said that Vishal got more votes than Rasami, and this is not a lie. This is a wake-up call for Rashami. He asked Vishal to change his habits and we saw you washing your hands in the swimming pool. Vishal said no, I never did it. All laughed. Pallas said, I saw you washing your hands. Salman said don’t be unhygienic. He said if Vishal was there, don’t go to the swimming pool.

Salman told the prisoners that the two prisoners were desperately leaving the house. They keep asking to meet outside, we can’t have violence here, so we will open the door, go out and beat each other, and you can come back. Salman said, I want to open the door for these macho men. Sid said, calm down … calm down … Salman said that if I were in your position, I would go out. The door opened. Sid got up and asked Asim to come. Asim said I didn’t want to fight him. Sid said you’ve always wanted to do this. Salman told Asim that you have been fighting him and I give you both a chance. Asim said he had been threatening me. He didn’t care about his profession, but I would. Salman said you two are talking about a villainous conversation. You two vomit medicine to each other.

Asim says he can use his fist to fall Sid, so why don’t you go? Sid said I wanted to fight, so come with me. Salman asked Sid to sit down. Sid said I had told him not to talk to me here, we would meet outside but he kept poking and he was annoying. Asim said he also laughed at my father and cursed my father. Salman asked Sid what do you say to Asim’s father? You said your father gave birth to you and your brother, and made two mistakes, and then he had to kick you out. Sid said no, let me explain. Salman said without any explanation, you look like a fool, you reach that level, he is a 25-year-old guy, who are you talking about his father doing wrong? Pallas said, I just want to say that Asim is laughing at my sister and laughing at her. Asim said I just told him I didn’t want to be as rich as he was. Salman said Asim had mocked Palas’s family. Salman told them that if you both do it again, I will kick you out of the house.

Asim said I wouldn’t talk to this guy. Sid says there is not even Palas. Salman told West Germany that if you look at yourself from the outside, you will be shocked. If you want to beat each other, I ask all prisoners to challenge them so they can fight and go out. Sid said I had a fight with Palas and Vishal. Asim annoys you. he came. He said so much garbage. Asim said I was controlling myself. Salman asked Asim if he wanted to work like this? Are you showing shoes to others? You poke others, is this your talent? Asim said they called me a coward. Shefari laughed at me like that. Salman said, if they laugh at you, do you laugh at their family? Salman asked Shefali if she wanted to be seen in this capacity? Shefali said he had been poking at me. Salman said, you are all wrong here. I cannot reach this level, your people can fight as they please. Salman told Asim that if I say something here, then the topic is over. If this happens again, then I will not be here. Except for Artie, everything was wrong here, she did it right. Salman told Asim that it was not fun to poke others. You keep asking her to bring a table. Salman told Rashami that Asim mocked Shefali, calling her a girl of this type, but you didn’t stop him. Assim said that Shefali had been poking at me, and I’m sorry I wouldn’t do it again. Salman said you said you were going to the show and then fighting them. What is Salman asking for fixed deposits? Asim said they were friends of Sid, so we called them. Sid said Sana started to taunt. Shefali said that Arhaan and Rashami began calling Arti and Sana fixed deposits. I don’t want to talk about it, so I never mention it. Salman said Asim called Shefali a fixed deposit in front of Sana’a. Rashami said Vishal has started using the word.

Salman said, why do you misunderstand it? Wishal said that meant Artie was loyal to Sid. Sana said, Paras said, “I escaped from home. I am a dummy and a flipper.” What can Palas say to me? Pallas said she was laughing at my personal relationship. Sana said he started. Sid hinted that Asim would come out. Salman asked Sid what he was doing? Asim said he poke me in front of you. Sid said he was giving points to Sanaa. Paras said Asim would not let Sana speak. Sid says time deposits mean you invest and use it when you need it. Salman said the time deposits here mean you will use them when you nominate. Sid said they laughed at me for having a relationship with Artie and I was using her for my game. Sana said, I just asked whether Arti had a relationship with Sid. Arti said she was asking me, but then I knew the word. Salman said the meaning of the word was not wrong. Salman told Asim that when you speak in this manner, it looks wrong. Asim said Sid poked me endlessly. Salman said, I don’t care if I show these personalities. You don’t respect girls, nobody thinks before speaking here. He ended the call.

Arti told Rashami, I told Shefali that I would clean up in front of Salman. Shefali and Paras said it was a wrong woman, so I reacted.
Mahira embraced Vishal and said you got more votes than Rashami.
Sana told Rashami that I never thought Sid would object to me like that. Rashami says you are a player, so he will do it. Sana also said that don’t fake the problem now.
Sid told Vishal that I don’t have time deposits here. Sana said Sid, I didn’t say that word. Sid said I’m not talking to you, I’m a bitch, you must tell them that I play games with you. Your friends must have told you that I am playing games with you, and you can now show your games. I will be a villain now. I am the loser, I am the gutter. Sana said that I never thought you would oppose me. Sid said you don’t need to know what I have to do with being outside. Sana said I found something wrong and I’ll talk about it again. I’m not here to team up. Sid said your eyes are open now? You know me now and you know everything Sana said I am ashamed of myself. Sid said yes, I have already shown my reality. Sana leaves from there.
Sana’a said that my expectations no longer exist.

Sid told Palas that I want Asim to go out. My mother said that everything was fine outside, she said that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about. I hope she didn’t get the ******, hope my sister is all right. They talk about their struggle. I was there when I was 26 years old. Shefali said he was scolded.
Asim told Vishal they always called me a follower and they couldn’t stand me standing here alone.

On stage:
Salman said, we have a player Pooja Bedi. Her daughters Alaya and Saif Ali Khan are coming soon. He is here to welcome Saif and Alaya. They promote movies. Salman connected the phone to the house. Salman showed them Saif and Alaya. Saif talks about his movie. Mahira said Kareena was my inspiration and I wanted to do what she did. What did Salman say you were doing? Kareena has done Saif, but you are doing Paras. Laughed
Saif said Asim and Sid must drink lassi bottles. They both started drinking it. Asim couldn’t drink any more. Salman said that the honest Vishal will decide who won the task. He will now change his decision 15 times. Both laughed and said that it was a draw.
Alaya told the prisoners that they must use hair spray. Salman praised Arti for cutting his hair. They spray colored hair spray on their hair. Saif said it was another tie. Salman ends the call.

Weekly caller:
Saif and Alaya left the stage. Salman connected the phone to the house. He said that we will talk to callers of the week. The caller asked Sana, when they stabbed Sid so, did you support Asim and Vishal in the Captain’s mission? Why do you want Sid to be with you? Sana said our game is different and we have never discussed it. He chose Arti for the pawn mission. Asim saved me in that game, so I want to return my favor. Now it is clear that I have always represented Sid. The caller said Sid was always by your side. Sana said I was close to him, so I did get hurt and he could play. The caller says that you are playing a game with him and you go to him when the task is completed. Sana said I’m happy with Asim’s group. I’m with Sid, no matter what the game is. The caller says love you Sid and ends the call.
Salman said Mahira and Asim were safe. Applaud them.

Sana told Rashami to stop using Sid’s name from now on. Rashami said we were not talking about him and I was angry.
Shefali tells Sid they like you. Sid says emotions have nothing to do with games.

Sana told Arti and Shefali that I was concerned about Shefali and Rashami. Arti says Rashami has a lot of fans. Arti says, but Bhau has a lot of fans. Shefali says Bigg Boss’s followers are different.
Palas told Mahela that I might go because of last week. I want to leave before you, otherwise it will be difficult for me.
Sana asks Shefali and Arti, is her answer clear? Shefali said no. Sana said the caller was right, but I resonate very strongly with Sid, I love him very much, I have an attachment to him, but I have to stay in this house, I like to chat with Rashami, she makes me happy, so I sat down with them. Shefali said that this is not a problem, you have been sitting with them all the time. Sana said I told Sid they might have faked it, but they did save me from the nomination, so I will complete the task with them. Then Arty mistakenly added eggs to my basket, so Sid gave birth to her, which hurt me. Arti says, because our strategy is different. Sana said that if Sid participates in the mission, then I will support him. Shefali says you are supporting Rashami, so why should Sid consider you?

Mahira told Paras that I have hope for Sana. She made a good friend and was disloyal.
Sana is talking to Arti and Shefali. Sid went there and asked Artie why she was here? Sana’a said I was going. Arti said he was just asking. Sana said Arti doesn’t talk to me and people don’t like it. She left. Sid asked Artie what happened to her? Artie said she came to me.

Salman signed from the show.