Sarab told Meher I .. Sanjana and the donor leave. Sarab said, I want to tell you. But I can’t. Meher sat on the floor and cried. She is named after God. Sarab sat with Meher. Meher recalled her time in Param. Sarab was also crying. Meher reached out and Sarab took her hand. Meher said nothing will happen to our Param.

Lana told Juve, leave the pizza here. Yuvi said, yes, I’m leaving. Yuvi said never touch me again. Rana said Jitto picked up your emem leaf and then did what you wanted to do. Yuvi said Jitto chahchi is here. He said that’s how you talk. Courvant is reading the newspaper. She said it worked. Courvant said the fire had all been destroyed. Kulwant instead of Indian em leaves. She said the whole village would hear your cry. Jagga came there. Courvant started to be a yogi. He said what happened to mommy. Jitto said Mommy Ji, because you did it so fast, the house became dull. Courvant entered.

Sanjana meets Sarab. She said it was because of your prayers that we found Sima. Her blood type is AB- and she can donate her liver. Meher said that I am also AB-. I can donate my liver. Sanjana said not even thinking about it. you are pregnant. I may be very risky. Seema said we have been married for 8 years, but we have no children. When we knew we could help a child, we decided to donate. His prayer may also give us a child. Mehe said, we will all pray for you.

Amrita said the mummy was going to take a bath. Put some Indian leaves in her bucket. She likes to take a shower from there. The rest is left to Jitto to change his face. Lana’s hand was itchy. Does he say I want money? Jitto picked the rest of the leaves.
Sarah said, thank God, we found the donor. We have to take care of Param. Param video calls them. Meher says he has a long life. Meher said hi, param. He said you went out alone. Param said, I saw in your dream that you were buying me a lot of ice cream. Mehe said, we will give you ice cream. Param said I love you, Mom and Dad.

Courwanat went to take a bath. Gito said the mask was ready. She is going to apply it. Amrita said Mumji didn’t talk to anyone. Bitto said we had to talk to her. Yuvi said she was Don. Lana said that we should complete her treatment. Jagga said shut up. Bitow said that I wish she could start speaking. Courvant screamed where everyone was? Courvant’s scream. She’s itchy. Everyone came to her. Courvant said I was itchy.

Meher and Sarab went home on ice cream. Param said my mom and dad were the best. When I was a big boy, I would also give you ice cream. Meher said, what kind of ice cream do you want? But first, you have to pay. Param said, but I was small. Meher said that you must pay for each taste with a smile and kiss, and promise that you will always love mom and dad. Param needs chocolate ice cream. Meher plays with Sarab and Param. Param sneezes. Meher said Param, how are you doing? Parameters cry. Param said I was fine. Param said go. I have to prepare for a picnic. Have a picnic at my school tomorrow. Sarab said you wouldn’t go. Param said mom, you promised me to go for a picnic. Harlem said they cancelled the picnic. Param said not to lie. Yuvi called to say he was preparing for a picnic. I will go. Meher papa assured me. Mehe said you go for a picnic.