scene 1
Sarab holds a press conference. He said I have a father here instead of a politician. My Param has a tumor in his liver. Harlem said she was in a critical state. Everyone is praying for Param. Sanjana tests everyone. Jagga said, please hurry up. Sanjana said the report will take some time. Meher recalled what Sanjana said.

“We need AB-negative donors,” Sarab said. You can save the life of my Param. I beg you, please help him. Help this helpless father. Yuvi said dadi, please please Param. Long live Kulwant Kaur. Courvant was crying. Courant said, if I could, I would give my life to save him. God won’t let our Param make any mistakes. Meher recalls what Seema said, can you risk one child after another? The doctor reported to Sanjana. Where does Sanjana say Sarab? We don’t have much time.

Harleen said that every moment is making our Param go to bad things. Please rescue him. If you have AB negative blood type, please rescue him. Meher recalled her time in Param. She watches TV. Harleen said, please save our Param. Meher came to the doctor. She said sorry. None of your family’s bloodlines match. Only miracles can save Param now. People call each other and demand AB-negative blood. Sarab and Harleen stood before the people and begged them.

Sarab also goes to the radio. The landlord said what our Sarabujit said here. Sarah said, “I am here to ask all of you to save my son. Sarah cried. The owner gave him water. Sarab said that my son, Param, had a tumor in his liver. We need a donor who can donate a portion of the liver. Please contact us and we can save our child if your AB blood type is negative. Please help us save lives. The host said that 12 AB-positive and negative people in the hospital wanted to donate. Through further testing, we will know if they can help Param. Entire cities and nations are praying for Param. Everyone sends a message to Param. The host said we were with Param and his parents. We hope he will get better. 35 people were eligible but did not pass further tests.

Scene 2
Sarab distressed. Meher came to him and said we found a donor. Please sign these documents. hurry up. Does Sara really mean it? Mehe said yes, everything matched. Just sign these documents. Sara said I knew God would listen to us. I know our Param will be saved. He signed immediately without reading. Paper dropped on the floor. Sarab picked them and read them. It says Meher’s name as a donor. What does Sarab say? Sarab was shocked. What did he say? Are you crazy? Do you know that you are pregnant? I cannot risk my life with Param. Meher, please, we don’t have time. Give me the paper. Nothing will happen to me. Sarab said, are you God? did you see it yet? It says you have almost no chance of survival. Did you lie to me? What should you do? Mehe said, if I tell you, will you sign it? Meher said that you provide me with 100 times more care than Param. Give me the paper. Sarab said I wouldn’t. How did Sanjana even give you these papers? I told her Meher said I had talked to her. What does Sarab say?

Meher told Sanjana that she wanted to donate. Sanjana says your chances of survival are only one percent. I don’t allow it. Meher said it was not impossible. I read on the internet. The woman donated her liver to her child while pregnant. She survived with the baby. In rare cases, it is allowed. Sanjana said don’t teach me science. Mehe said, I just told your mom’s location. She saw a picture of her daughter. Meher said, if your daughter is in Param and you are in my shoes? What is your decision? Meher said Sanjana, this is not just a medical case. Please also look at this case from the mother’s perspective. Sanjana said, please try to understand. Mehe said the operation should be performed as a mother, not a doctor. God will handle everything. Sanjana said I can’t hide it from your family. I must tell them that you have little chance of survival. I’m sure Sarab will not allow you. Meher said it wasn’t about explaining to someone this time. Sanjana said I have a condition. You must get these consents signed by Sarab. Then I’m ready I won’t do it without his consent.

Sarab said, I will never allow it. I am like you, this child has the same life as Param. Only 1% chance. do you understand? Meher said you said that the donor is a blessing from God. Give me the paper. Sarab said, why don’t you understand. Mehe said he called my mother. As his mother. Meher said that as his mother, I have the right to make decisions for my son. I know we have no blood relationship. After the operation, we will at least be related to the liver.