Review Serial Ishq Subhan Allah 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Star Plus Written Update

scene 1
Zara told Kabir that I couldn’t find a suggestion that worked for me, and I was not satisfied with it. Kabir said what is my commitment to the Islamic Commission. Zara said that my happiness is not in this, I will not marry, you cannot force me. Kabir says you are destroying your life, so I will let you get married. Zara said that even my parents can’t force me to get married, who are you? God gives me the right to reject anyone. You are just selfish. She left from there.

Shah Abbas told Jalali that Zara said no to Kabir and he would have to leave the chair when Kabir could not fulfill his promise. Jalali said that this meant that Zara’s love for him would not end and Kabir protected her, so he might marry Zara. Shabaz said, I will never allow that mean girl to be my daughter woman.

Salma tells Irfan to talk to Kabir.

Kabir es said in a bag that I was not selfish. Irfan came there, and Saya Zara said all this because of her love for the children.

Zara told Salma that Kabir asked me to leave the children. Does he not see my love for him? If I didn’t get Carbil, then I would not accept anyone else.

Kabir told Irfan that Zara must get married at all costs. Irfan said she has no right to reject the marriage, but you can’t force yourself, so don’t fight and find a solution.

Zara told Salma that I would not say sorry to Kabir, he was wrong. Salma said, I pray that your solidarity with Kabir will not break.

Scene 2
Kabir didn’t sit on Zara, eating himself. Firdous said you don’t want to eat Parathas made by Zara? Zara said he was rude. She offered him an umbrella, but he asked her to stay away. He asked the children to go to school. he is gone. Zaid asks if Zara is fighting Kabir? Firdous said they were smart and kind people, so they wouldn’t fight.

Zara came to Kabir and said I didn’t want to learn to ride a bike. Kabir asked her to wear a helmet. Zara says you want to fulfill my wish and then let me get married? Kabir said I promised you to marry, and I’ll make it happen. Zara says I won’t go with you and you can force me if you want. Kabir approached her to pick her up, but stopped after receiving the call. He said they are closing the school? The children came back and asked Kabir if they were going to ride a bike? Kabir said yes, but Zara said no. Zara thought the kids would think we were fighting, so she said no, I’ll go with you. She went with Kabir.

Kabir and Zara started to leave by bike. Ruksaar saw them and thought I had another chance to kill Zara.

Zara stood by the bike and said I would not go with you. Kabir asked her to just learn to ride a bicycle. Zara said, I don’t need you. Kabir got off the bicycle and asked her to recite prayers. He prayed for her. A truck drove towards them.

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