Kabir talks about Zara’s picture and says your criminal is very scared, I like it, Zara looks at him and smiles as he talks with the picture of the dead Zara. Kabir talked about his time with Zara and prayed for her, and he said that I would be nothing without you. Zara came to cry from there. She said he loved her so much, what kind of person was he? He still loves her deceased wife so much, how can I not love him? I know you love your Zara, but I can never replace her, but you have a place in my heart, you cannot stop me from falling in love with you, my happiness is with you. My mission is also to punish Zara’s killer.

Shahbaz tried to fall asleep, but was afraid. He thought I did hear Zara’s voice.

Kashan found someone in the blanket in the house and beat her. Zeenat stopped him, saying it was Ruksaar. Zeenat asked why she was in their room? Luxal said I was scared.

Zeenat saw Kashan disappear and called him, but he did not answer. Imran made Kashan fall from the balcony. He tried to ask for help. Zeenat and Ruksaar came here. Zeenat asked Kashan to get up. Kabir and Zara hide. Kabir says they deserve this pain. Ruksaar was scared to see the window moving. Zeenat screamed. Here comes Carbil. Kashan said you want to scare us? Kabir said yes, you are with someone who killed my Zara, so you have to attend class. He left Zara and Imran.

Kabir told Zara that I would understand their crimes. I won’t until Shahbaz accepts his crime. He cooks food and goes on strike with Zara. She blushed. Kabir asked Zara not to help with cooking. Zara was angry and said I was a stranger to you. Kabir said no, I was like Ayesha and my Zara food. Zara is so delicious. Zara thinks I will learn to cook from Salma and try to provide you with the best food.

Zeenat told Kashan that we should not participate in the battle between Kabir and Shahbaz. We should leave here. Luxal said I would go with you.

Zara and Kabir bring food to Imran. Imran said, did all this give me? Zara says we did it for you. Kabir says you have to eat it all. They made him eat a lot of food. Imran ran from there. Carbil laughed. Zara admires him and thinks I want to see him so happy.