scene 1
Shahbaz asked Kabir what he wanted? Kabir says you are going to Amaan and telling him that you are going abroad, then you have to confess to Ruksaar and Zeenat. Then you will cry and pent to God that you have sinned, maybe God will give you life. You have destroyed the lives of Irfan and Salma, apologize to them, and then you will go to the police station. Shahbaz came to Irfan and said I couldn’t change my mistake, sorry. Shabaz began to leave. Zara said he might escape. Kabir said that if he tried to escape, then I would tell the media that my father was a killer. Shahbaz heard it.

Ruksaar and Zeenat were pleaded guilty. Luxal said I couldn’t go to jail. Shabaz said that Kabir had done everything to send me to prison, but I would commit suicide. Zeenat took a gun from his hand and said you couldn’t do it. Shabaz said I lost my respect and everything. I can’t go to prison Zeenat said you don’t have to do this, I have a way to save you. Shabaz said no, nothing will happen now. Zeenat said I will get you out of trouble.

Scene 2
Salma provides food for all. She told Kabir that you made Biryani like Zara. Firdous said that I also know how to cook. Kabir receives a call from Shahbaz. Shabaz said I would not go to the police station. I know I have committed a crime, but if you want me to be arrested, you must take the police. Kabir said I tried to give you a chance to pay tribute, but now I will call the police.

Police came to Shahbaz’s home. Kabir showed them Shahbaz’s confession. The inspector began to take him away. Shahbaz looked at Ruksaar and she gave her thumbs up. Carbil looked.

The inspector asked Shabazz to speak out. This is your video. Was it edited to trick you? Kabir said the video was clear and he had accepted the crime. The inspector said that we are doing our job and you do not tell me what to do. Kabir said you are the one who proves that I have thought. He asked Shahbaz to speak up.

Kabir told the judge in court that Shahbaz had accepted his crime and was therefore punished. Zeenat went there and said I want to show you something. She played a video of Ruksaar that said I killed Zara Siddiqui and Shahbaz wanted to save me. Zara and her father trapped Kabir so that he had to marry her, and I lost Kabir, so I killed her. I am the culprit here, please punish me. Kabir was shocked and said the video was a lie that they were trying to rescue Shahbaz. Zeenat said Kabir was right, and the film was a lie like Kabir’s. Let me show you something. In a video, she threatened Ruksaar to make a false confession, claiming that she had killed Zara. Shabaz said that Kabir forced me to admit that I killed Zara, but I did not. Kabir said it was a lie. Shabaz said they had taken my money and now he threatened to send me to prison for no reason. Kabir said he was lying.